4 Ways to Boost Your Job Search Efforts

Job Search

Searching for a job does take effort, but it doesn’t have to all feel like hard work. While it can sometimes feel tough to find employment – especially if you’ve been out of a job for a spell – there are things you can do and help you can seek to make the road to gainful employment smoother.

This article will be offering some tips to boost your job search efforts so you can find the job you want sooner rather than later.

#1 – Work on Building Your Personal Brand

Everything is about branding these days, in a world where attention spans seem to be growing shorter in a “now” generation. This applies to job seeking as well. Often, you’ll only have a very short time to get someone’s attention or make a good impression.

So, how do you create a brand around yourself as it pertains to finding work?

Social media can play a major role in the modern world, so you always want to project a professional image when posting on these platforms, especially a platform like LinkedIn. Speaking about professionalism, ensure your resume is neat, organised and well worded with zero mistakes. If you struggle with this, it might be a good idea to have your resume professionally done. Working on your communication skills for job interviews will also be a plus.

Your personal brand is all about portraying yourself in the best possible light.

#2 – Take Full Advantage of Your Relationships

Both offline and online, you will no doubt have forged relationships with family, close friends, acquaintances and friends of friends. One of the most effective ways to find a job is to either be informed about a position by someone you know or better yet, be personally recommended to an employer by someone you know.

Spread the word among your inner circle that you’re hunting for work, what type of work and that you’re keen to get a start. Go online and post about your desire to find a job on your social media accounts and see what comes back to you. It never hurts to put the word out. On the internet, your message can spread quickly, especially if you ask people to share or repost your message.

Jobs are always out there and you have more chance of a successful placement if you can get a hearing with an employer before they have to advertise a position.

#3 – Search Jobs Online but Refine Your Searches

These days, job seekers can do a lot of their job searching online. There are numerous websites in Australia where the latest positions vacant are advertised. Seek, CareerOne and Gumtree are just 3 of the possibilities.

The downside is it can take an enormous amount of time to search through all the available jobs. It’s best to look at least once or twice every day if you want to be one of the first to apply for a new job, but you don’t want to be frying your eyes and brain spending hours and hours on each internet job search session.

Take advantage of the filters these websites provide and refine your job search down to your area and jobs you’re actually qualified to apply for. On some sites you can even be emailed the latest listings as they’re listed, that match your predetermined criteria.

Search regularly, but do it the smart way and refine your searches.

#4 – Seek Professional Assistance from Employment Services

Your job hunting expedition doesn’t have to be travelled alone. You can enlist the help of an employment services provider. You might team up with a private firm who can help match you up with employers who have vacancies, but another option, if you’re unemployed and have been receiving a Centrelink payment, is to ask for help from a Jobactive provider.

These agencies are government initiatives and are designed to assist unemployed people to find work by giving them access to a support chain. This could include things like some free training to upgrade your skills, self-development courses and having job interviews arranged for you.

In Conclusion

It’s always wiser to work smarter and not just harder and this applies to your job hunting efforts as well.

Written by Addison Taylor

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