5 Most Popular All-in-One Marketing Platforms—Ranked!

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Looking for a new all-in-one marketing platform? If you’re still using different platforms for your CRMs, SEO, and landing pages, you’re behind the times. Nowadays you can find all the tools you need to cover every stage of your customer’s sales journey in a single, digital marketing strategy consultant to use platform.

Now all you need to do is track down the one that best suits your needs. Fortunately, we’ve listed the cream of the crop below. When you’re ready to discover which all-in-one is right for you, read on.

What You’ll Find in an All-In-One Marketing Platform

Consumers have certain expectations for the modern all-in-one marketing platform for small businesses. Nowadays, such platforms must include templates and tools to help small business owners with all the following:

  • Customer relationship management (CRM) software
  • Search engine optimization
  • Email marketing tactics
  • Content management systems
  • Social media marketing
  • Landing page templates

Many modern platforms also have additional features to create personalized customer journeys and launch stellar campaigns personally tailored for each customer. That includes things such as event management, website analytics, and even multi-channel marketing campaigns.

1. HubSpot

Why HubSpot? Simple. HubSpot has done for the all-in-one digital marketing platform what Google has done for the digital search engine.

It’s the best all-in-one marketing platform available today. So, what makes it so great?

First, HubSpot delivers all the tools you need for marketing, sales, and CRMs. But what’s so impressive is their seamless integration. Their grade-A customer service is also hard to beat.

And they’re serious about teaching visitors how to become a digital marketing beast. They run their own tests on the latest marketing strategies and publish their results. They have thousands of articles explaining how to turn your small business website into a money-making giant.

2. MailChimp

MailChimp started as an email marketing and landing page platform. It’s grown into so much more. Now it covers CRMs, SEOs, CMS, and social media marketing.

If you run many email marketing campaigns, MailChimp is your best bet. They also offer a free account, so you can try it out. The account covers up to 500 subscribers or 3000 emails.

3. Keap

Keap is one of the less-known platforms, but it’s excellent for small business owners who’re still new to marketing campaigns. It offers basic contact management and marketing automation. And don’t forget the CRM and e-commerce bells and whistles all tied up in a subscription-based SaaS.

4. SharpSpring

SharpSpring is one of the types of marketing platforms that helps small and mid-size businesses capture leads and improve their ROI. They offer simple, drag-and-drop designer templates for your email marketing with no need for coding. They also offer some webmaster tools to help you keep track of your client’s online behaviors.

  • Pages visited
  • Webinar signups
  • Bounce rates
  • Etc.

They also offer powerful automation workflows. That way, you can nurture your prospects through your funnel until you convert. You can even send targeted messages to customers who abandon their digital shopping carts.

5. Marketo

If your strategy focuses on account-based marketing, then Marketo should be on the top of your marketing platforms list. This platform helps both B2C and B2B marketers design and execute personalized campaigns for their clients. Moreover, you can run campaigns across multiple channels.

You can view each customer across multiple channels, at a glance. For example, think email, social media, mobile and web channels. Best of all, it happens in real-time.

What’s Next?

Now, which all-in-one marketing platform is right for you? Are you looking for a seamless experience, like HubSpot offers? Or are you all about Marketo and its account-based marketing?

Did you discover what you were seeking? Great, then further your education. Hop over to our enormous library and browse the rest of our tech and lifestyle articles, today.

Written by Frederick Jace

A passionate Blogger and a Full time Tech writer. SEO and Content Writer Expert since 2015.

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