5 must-have email templates for your small business

5 must-have email templates for your small business

For the uninitiated, email marketing might seem a bit overwhelming. After all, business owners need to have a team to constantly come up with new dynamic email designs to attract the attention of their customers and engage with their subscribers. However, this may seem difficult for small businesses. But it is not the end of the road. You can begin your email marketing journey by only having a few essential email templates. Here’s a guide to help you learn more about the must-have email templates for your small business. 

5 must-have email templates for your small business

  • Welcome email

The open rate of Welcome emails has gone up to 82% from the previous 50%. Welcome emails allow a company to make its first impression on its email subscribers. The company can use their welcome emails to build their relationship with their customer and start a conversation. 

You can also use welcome emails to showcase your bestsellers and promote other offers. Or you can use a welcome email template to thank your customer for subscribing to your email list. The versatility of welcome email makes them a special instrument in the arsenal of an email marketer. 

The welcome email by Readdle thanks their customers for signing up for their email service. They use the opening few lines of the welcome email to thank their customers and describe the intent behind creating this specific product. Readdle has also included a list of features that they provide. They have also included a small video to showcase their product, which is a brilliant marketing strategy. 

  • Event email 

Event email is another vital template that every company should keep handy. Over 75% of email marketers say that email marketing is the most effective way to promote an event. However, you need a robust marketing strategy to squeeze the most out of your email campaigns. 

Unlike welcome emails, you can send multiple event emails to your customers. To begin with, you use the event email template to inform your subscribers about the upcoming event. In this email, you can also enter an early bird discount coupon. The next in the series should serve as reminders about the upcoming events. Finally, after the event is done, you can use this template to send highlights of the events. 

Litmus uses an event email template to promote their upcoming Email Design Conference. The email is filled with meaningful hyperlinks and CTA buttons. One of the hyperlinks redirects the customer to the live streaming website. At the same time, the other one shows the timing of the conference in the reader’s timezone. The CTA button is rather effective as it directly opens the calendar application and creates an automatic reminder.

  • Promotional Email

Promotional emails are the most common emails that people get in their inboxes. This is because they are incredibly effective and can drive up the sales of your company. While creating promotional templates, marketers will let their creativity flow. To win the promotional emails rat race, you need to come up with something unique. Use bright headers, colorful pictures, and compelling CTAs in your promotional email templates to increase the click-through rates. You can also select a promotional email design from hundreds of MailChimp templates

The promotional email template of Farfetch has a simple design, yet it covers all the basics of a promotional email. The email highlights the new arrivals. The pictures are also categorized according to their respective brands. To top it off, they have included two CTA buttons, one above the fold of the email and the other one at the end of the email.

  • Celebration Email

Celebration email template covers a wide variety of email campaigns. Most commonly, celebration emails celebrate certain personal achievements of the customers on the website of the brand. It can either be a repetitive action or the celebration of their loyalty to the brand. If you are feeling generous, you can add special offers to your celebration email templates. Such emails encourage customers and subscribers to continue engaging with your brand or your platform.

Tumblr sends small achievements emails such as these to their users. The CTA buttons are also specially designed to encourage the customers to continue browsing their website. By using such a simple celebration email, they have gamified their approach, which further entices their users. 

  • Digest Email

In simple words, digest emails are summary emails that are sent to all the email subscribers at a regular interval. Digest emails allow the brand to engage more with the customers and make them aware of all the new features and updates. They need not be flashy; they need to be simple with short descriptions. Email marketers will often use infographics and other interactive animations in their digest email templates.

Spotify uses a simple design for their monthly digest emails. They have listed down all the things they are involved in into different coloured sections. Each photo and item on the list is accompanied by short descriptions, which are hyperlinked to full-featured articles on their blog page.


The above-mentioned email templates should cover most bases if you are just starting. You can also use Mailchimp templates to create your first email campaigns. You should experiment with multiple templates as it will help you find the perfect email for your marketing campaign. As your business grows, you should focus on amassing more effective email templates in your marketing arsenal.

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