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Material handling equipment is a need if you want an efficient warehouse that is also profitable, and this means that you need to have the right tools. A lack of it could lead to issues like over-handling and incorrect shipments that could hinder your capacity to run a successful business.

Due to slow inventory movement, you could lose valuable time while also risking the safety of your staff due to the lack of suitable safety equipment. Warehouses should have certain material handling techniques to keep such situations at bay. Listed here are the five most important warehouse tools.

1. Storage Systems

Depending on how many pallets of product you have to store, you’ll need different equipment. If you want to purchase the right equipment, you must keep in mind the kinds of equipment you usually have. Pallet racks are excellent for storing palletized products, but you may also need industrial shelving to hold hand-stacked inventory. In the case of lengthy and bulky objects, cantilever racks are a good solution.

Hand-stacked stock can be moved to a pick-up place with the use of a flow rack. Specialty racks are available for storing various products that need to be kept safe and secure until they are sent.

2. Bins and Containers

An efficient warehouse uses bins and containers to keep both raw materials and finished goods in an order. To keep inventory and transport things, you can also use them to organize your inventory. You may buy bins and containers in a variety of sizes and quantities, making them a very flexible storage solution.

There are plastic and aluminum bins to choose from as well. Large parts can be stored in totes, which are collapsible containers that can be used for storage or shipping. Collapsible containers with holes drilled in the mesh that let the passage of light and air are called wire mesh baskets.

3. Packaging Equipment

Packaging equipment is a need in every warehouse if you want to distribute your goods quickly. Employees require such equipment to do their daily tasks and to limit the number of damaged goods, which can harm sales and your company’s reputation. Packaging and shipping products require industrial scales and strapping and banding equipment, which can be used to bundle things for storage or transportation.

Using a stretch wrap machine is a great way to keep your products safe until they are ready to be dispatched. Packing tables are used while sorting or packing objects.

4. Lifting Equipment

Having a way to safely and efficiently store and transport your products requires lifting equipment, but the type of lift equipment you need will depend on a variety of things like how high your shelves are piled and whether you are moving pallets or individual units of inventory. In contrast, forklift and pallet jacks, sometimes known as hand trucks, are effective for lifting and transporting pallets manually or electrically, respectively.

With service carts, workers can easily transfer entire shipments from the picking area to the shipping area, reducing the burden on their backs. Having the correct lifting equipment in your warehouse will lead to faster shipping, which in turn will lead to more revenue.

5. Conveyors

Inventory and products are transported to their final destinations safely and easily with the use of conveyors, increasing both efficiency and quality control. Because conveyors come in a variety of models, you can find the one that’s right for your application. You may conserve valuable storage space by using flexible conveyors that expand while in use and contract when not in use.

A gravity conveyor is a device that employs gravity to move things down a descending route. Conveyors that use motors, chains, and rollers to move heavier, more cumbersome objects are also available. These conveyors can be used for storage, shipment, and inventory reasons.

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