A Guide to the Best Place to Live in Tampa in 2023

Florida is a fantastic place to live and raise a family, between the sunny weather and pristine beaches. Nearly 400,000 people moved to Florida between July 2021 and 2022, and there’s plenty of time to join the ranks and find your dream home in the Sunshine State. There are several amazing cities to consider, though none can offer what living in Tampa will for your family.

The challenge is narrowing your options to find the best place to live in Tampa. You’ll find many excellent and safe neighborhoods with different vibes and lifestyles. There’s no shortage of incredible places to live when you commit to living in Florida.

The good news is you’ve found the perfect guide to exploring the best places to shop for homes in Tampa. Continue reading to make the move to your dream home come true!

Port Tampa

Port Tampa is a neighborhood on the rise, with redevelopment occurring across the area. It’s the perfect place to look at Tampa houses if you want to live in the metro area without depleting your finances. You won’t be driven away by unaffordable real estate when shopping for a home in the Port Tampa area.

You’ll find various home options with a wide assortment of architecture, making finding your dream home a breeze. It’s also within walking distance of Picnic Island Park, so your family will enjoy life in Port Tampa. The only drawback to this rising community is the proximity to an Air Force base.

Channel District

The Channel District has improved by leaps and bounds over the past decade. What was once a dangerous area of Tampa is now a thriving entertainment hub. It’s one of the best places to consider moving to if your heart is set on living in Tampa, especially if you’re a younger professional.

You’ll find plenty of savory restaurants and exciting bars within walking distance of your new home. It’s also the best place to live in Tampa if you’re a die-hard hockey fan. The Tampa Bay Lightning’s stadium is a short walk away to catch every home game.

Shop around for luxury lofts and apartments that overlook the ocean. You’ll live a comfortable and exciting life if you call the Channel District home.

Old Seminole Heights

Old Seminole Heights is the perfect neighborhood if you have refined tastes and a love for art. There are several art galleries you can check out with your partner and family after you move and settle into life in this neighborhood. It’s also a perfect neighborhood for foodies and individuals who love nightlife.

The neighborhood is a nice balance of young professionals and families, so you can trust that you’re moving to a safe area. Property values are rising in Old Seminole Heights, so it’s best to move before you get priced out. You can also check out this Master-planned community near Tampa for comfortable living and fun in the sun.

Tampa Heights

Tampa Heights is the perfect fit if you want to balance excitement and tranquility. You’ll be close to all the action in downtown Tampa, but you’ll have a buffer between you and the party scene in town. You’ll find several restaurants and bars you’ll love, but you can avoid the rambunctious college kids and partiers.

It’s an area that many expect to continue growing in the coming years. You can watch your property value soar by investing in a home in Tampa Heights sooner than later. Tampa Heights is the best place to live in Tampa if you want plenty of entertainment options and a safe place to raise a family.

Ybor City

Ybor City is an excellent choice to look for Tampa homes since it’s one of the oldest neighborhoods in the metro area. It was abandoned in the 1980s but has come back with a vengeance. Artists flocked to this area and brought it back to prominence.

Consider moving to Ybor City if you’re an artist or young professional. You’ll fall in love with the art scene and laid-back way of life in this part of the Tampa metro area. There’s plenty of fun during the evening and thousands of exciting and interesting people to meet.

South Howard

Another neighborhood worth exploring as a young professional is the South Howard, or SoHo, neighborhood. There’s always something going on in SoHo, with tons of bars and restaurants to try when you move to live in Tampa. You’ll find plenty of parties, but the scene is geared more toward young professionals in their mid-20s than college students.

South Howard is the place to be if you want to get in with the cool crowd in the Tampa area. It’s a neighborhood with sophistication and plenty of fun. You can’t go wrong with buying Tampa homes in SoHo.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is the gold standard of neighborhoods when seeking the best place to live in Tampa. It has numerous homes filled with historic charm and exquisite architecture. Hyde Park is located in the city’s center, so you’re always conveniently located to do anything in the metro area.

Young families love this area, though there is a nice balance of young professionals and college students in the area. The real estate options are also fantastic in Hyde Park. Choose between luxurious penthouses, Victorian mansions, and cute townhouses.

The demand for housing in this neighborhood is high, so prepare to spend a chunk of your savings. Still, the sense of community is strong, and it’s a safe area to start and raise a family. Take advantage of the chance to move to Hyde Park.

Find the Best Place to Live in Tampa Today

Moving to Florida appeals to millions of people, and Tampa is one of the best towns to consider when moving to the Sunshine State. Hyde Park is the go-to neighborhood to consider, though Old Seminole Heights offers many similar benefits at a lower price. SoHo is the place for young professionals, while Port Tampa is the most affordable place for Tampa homes.

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