An Event Planner’s Guide to Outdoor Party Rentals

Hosting or planning an outdoor party or wedding is a massive undertaking, and ensuring you have all your needs accounted for is critical. Over two million weddings are held annually in the United States, and the wedding could be a disappointment if you don’t consider restroom trailers and other outdoor party rentals. One oversight could take your wedding from a dream to a nightmare.

Learning about the essentials for event planning will guide you toward hosting unforgettable events. You’ll have the best party rentals at your disposal to keep your guests comfortable and happy.

Fortunately, you’ve discovered this helpful guide to party planning for your next outdoor event. Continue reading to pick out your rentals for an incredible event today!

Rental Tents

Rental tents are a must-have item if you’re planning an outdoor party. The tents will protect guests from direct sunlight during the afternoon hours of your party. They’re also perfect for sheltering guests from rain and inclement weather during your party or wedding.

The best tents do more than merely provide shelter to your guests. You can find tents of all styles to create a unique atmosphere and impress your guests. When choosing the number and size of tents, account for the number of guests you expect.


A unique tent is an excellent start for planning and outdoor party rentals, but you need a light source when the sun goes down. Consider renting lighting to add to the atmosphere and ambiance of your outdoor event. Consider the time of day you’re holding your event and any walkways that should be illuminated for safety.

Dimmers are another option to consider when planning your party rentals. You can dim the lights to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere for your guests.

Restroom Trailers

Outdoor events are a fantastic way to unite people, but you must ensure they have a place to relieve themselves when nature calls. Renting luxury restroom trailers is a wonderful way to provide guests with a comfortable restroom to ensure a memorable party time.

Never forget a restroom trailer when event planning for an outdoor event. You’re setting your event up for disaster if you don’t provide a space for people to relieve themselves.

Power Supply

You’ll also need to ensure that you have the power to run your outdoor event, starting with a generator. The caterer, DJ, lighting, and heaters (if necessary) all require power. Generators are the best way to provide portable power you can depend on for a memorable event with friends and family.

Invest in Outdoor Party Rentals Today

Getting the proper equipment for outdoor party rentals is vital to ensure your event goes smoothly, and it starts with finding the best tents and lighting. Tents provide shade and shelter, and the lighting creates the desired atmosphere when the sun goes down. Remember to rent restroom trailers to provide a safe space for guests to relieve themselves during the event.

Making it big as an event planner is an uphill battle, but the right advice can tip the scales in your favor. Explore more of our Business and Tech blog articles for the best advice and guidance for your career!

Written by Francis Underwood

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