What are the benefits of children playing football?

benefits of children playing football

Football is not only about physical strength, skills, and tactics, but more importantly and at a higher level is the competition between intelligence and psychology. Football has strong continuity, strict teamwork, and high competitive requirements. Whether it is running with or without the ball, players need to have a broad vision, calm and clear mind, and always observe various changes. There are many uncertainties. It is unmatched by other sports. All of these are all-round quality exercises, so participating in football training and competitions is also a process of truly cultivating and developing the intelligence of young people.

1: Children playing football can improve the function of the respiratory system

Football is a combination of running and leg exercises and you can see ผลบอล. In the process of running, passing, shooting, etc., the depth of breathing will be strengthened, thereby inhaling more oxygen and expelling more carbon dioxide, thereby increasing lung capacity and strengthening lung function. Studies have pointed out that people who exercise regularly, because of their strong physical adaptability, their breathing appears steady, deep, and even, and the frequency is also slower.

2: Children’s football is good for strengthening the bones of the legs

In the process of continuous exercise of the legs, due to the promotion of metabolism, the blood supply of the bone has been improved, and the morphology and function of the bone have undergone good changes: the bone compaction thickens, the bone becomes thicker, and the trabecular bone The arrangement is more regular and regular according to the pressure and tension, and the protrusions attached to the muscles on the bone surface are more obvious. These changes make the bone stronger and stronger, thereby improving the bone’s flexural resistance, bending resistance, compression resistance and torsion resistance. Insist on physical exercise can also increase the strength around the joints, the joint capsule and ligaments are also thickened, thereby increasing the stability of the joint; at the same time, physical exercise can increase the flexibility of the joint capsule, ligaments and muscles around the joints, thereby improving the flexibility of the joints.

3: Children’s football is conducive to the grinding of will and quality

Beginners need to use tenacious perseverance to overcome various difficulties, such as using feet instead of hands to control the ball. Beginner’s movements are not coordinated and so on. Learning to play football cannot be done overnight. The process of young people participating in football training and games is the process of honing their will and quality.

4: children playing soccer is very conducive to a strong stomach

Children often have poor spleen and stomach, and playing football is also very beneficial to strengthen the spleen and stomach. Because playing football will speed up the metabolism in the body, speed up blood circulation, and strengthen the functions of the internal organs, and strengthen the functions of the liver, gallbladder, and intestines, thereby promoting digestion. A child with a good digestive system will have a good physique and will not be easy to get sick.

5: children playing football can relieve children’s learning pressure

Children will inevitably produce some stress in their study and life. Too much stress cannot be effectively released, which can easily lead to depression. And playing football is an effective way to relieve stress. Let go of the psychological burden, run on the green field to your heart’s content, sweating like rain, and happily playing a game with your golfers.

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