Best Anime Streaming Sites To Watch Anime Online for Free – 2020

Hello, Rockers! Yes, I know that you are desperate to watch anime online for free, and that is why you are here. Don’t worry; I’ll help you find the best in the market. The anime is derived from word animation and first appeared in 1917 and evolved a lot in recent years. They focus on broad concepts and entertain everyone who finds time for it. They are based on impressive graphic images and exciting themes and have received sufficient support from fans during these years. If you want to use your super-fast internet, watch anime online instead of downloading it. Here I have released the best websites to watch anime sites that can make you fun and entertain you.

Best Anime Streaming Sites To Watch Anime Online Free

Japanese anime is gaining more and more fans in American and European countries. But most series are only available online. To see the latest updates or to find the desired collection, it is therefore very important to have a high-quality anime website that can offer you various collections and has the latest news.

After years of selection by online fans, some of the anime websites stood out and became the reference website for western anime fans because they offer fans a pleasant viewing experience. The following are some of the best anime websites for your reference.

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Best Anime Streaming Sites to Watch Anime Online


If you have been continuously watching Japanese anime for many years, you should know High resolution, small ads, and a quick update are some of the reasons why fans choose. You can watch HD series and not interrupt advertisements before they are played. Either you can always wait for the last episode after the official release, or you can watch any other one. You can search for anime by rhythm, genre, or type, and comments and ratings from other viewers are available on the home page. But you cannot download the series, which means that you can only view it with a functioning internet.


Gogoanime Watch anime online, English anime online hd

Unlike Hulu, which is geographically limited, GoGoAnime is also available worldwide. Moreover, it is a well-organized website for different anime fans with tons of collection from the Manga series to anime films. The pleasant viewing experience includes dubbed episodes and cartoon clips available in English. If you learn Japanese, you can go to this website because some episodes are loaded with a version without subtitles. Incidentally, free downloading is possible on this website.


Crunchyroll Free Anime Streaming Site

It is another legal anime website that you must subscribe to as a premium member to access the series. But what you guarantee is that with anime updates that start almost every hour, you won’t miss the latest episode. It is also accessible in most countries of the world.


Kissanime Watch Anime Online

Some fans are satisfied with KissAnime. It has the largest number of fans and is hugely popular among anime fans. They say they don’t need another website because KissAnime has given them what they need and want. Also, a wide variety of anime episodes with different video resolution is loaded for each fan. Both the dubbed and the original versions are also available. You can easily download the episode too, but only after registering and logging in to the website.

5. Animeheaven


AnimeHeaven offers a premium viewing experience that requires attention. There is almost no advertising, while anime series are well organized in categories. The famous series that they have are One Piece, Hunter X Hunter, and Naruto. You can download what you want from this website when you find your favorite content. You can also enjoy anime series online and also download them to your local archives.



The homepage of Anime Freak really has the Japanese style, very bright and colourful. Also, you can find exclusive content here that cannot be found on another website. Both the folded and the original versions of the series are available in Anime Freak. The Android Anime Freak app is now available in the app store.



You cannot ignore Anime44 if you are looking for a different anime series with genres from drama to action. This website presents a well-arranged interface with a long list of anime series. There are even dubbed versions of anime available that are friendly to those who can’t understand Japanese. But downloading is impossible.



The most significant advantage that fans have to win is that the frequency of updating the series is super fast. The update speed of this website is ten times faster than other sites. You can also download the series on this site.

9. Funimation


With an impressive and massive collection of Japanese anime, Funianimation is another smart and well-managed company to challenge opportunities and offer the best legal anime streaming website. You can view the subtitled version, but you must purchase a premium version for the dubbed version. You may need a VPN because it is not accessible anywhere in the world.


Hulu Live TV

Hulu is another anime website that receives many good responses. If you just want high-quality videos and a wide selection of films or anime series, you can try Hulu. But unfortunately, Hulu is not yet available in all parts of the world. There are no access issues in the US. UU., UK, Europe, and some parts of Asia. Alternatively, you may need to use VPN services. It is also limited to downloading.

11. TubiTV

TubiTV - Anime Movies and TV Shows

Tubi TV is one of the best online movie streaming websites that you can use to stream anime movies online. There is a separate anime category on this website. This website offers great quality anime movies and shows.

Maybe they have less well-known animes in their list. But the shows hosted on the website are pretty good to watch. It has one of the best dark mode user interface.

12. JustDubs

JustDubs Watch English Anime Online

JustDubs is another online streaming website for watching and downloading the latest anime television series and movies for free. It has different categories, such as genres from horror, drama, comedy, action, romance, mystery, thriller, and more.

You can also search for your favorite anime shows here, and the interface of the website is also user-friendly.

13. Crackle Crackle

Crackle is another movie streaming website that offers free anime shows. If you are an anime watching person, you will surely find something new on this website.

This website has top-notch quality anime content on their website. Maybe you see less anime variety, but it’s worth watching. This website is not available in all countries, so you may have to use a VPN to access it.

14. AnimeBam


Ainmebam is also known as the anime directory. Because the content available on this website is in list form. As you can see in the image, all the anime related content is well organized. It is one of the best anime streaming websites.

You can quickly get the latest anime shows and series. There is a search option also available on this website so that you can search for your favorite anime content also. This website has good quality anime content and also having easy to use interface.

15. Anime-Planet

Anime-Planet - Watch Anime Recommendations Online

Anime-Planet is the whole new evolution place of anime. This website has top quality anime content. You will not get bored after visiting this website. It has plenty of content and has content diversity too.

It is one of the popular anime websites. This doesn’t have many advertisements on their website.

16. Discover Anime Online

This is a new anime website on our list. The best part about this website is that it features all the licensed U.S anime movies. So you will get quality content here. There is also an anime series section where you can find new anime series. It is a well-designed website with a beautiful interface.

The shows are also properly organized, which helps in finding different episodes. For better user experience, the website also offers a search option that can be used to find popular or new anime series.

17. Anilinkz Anilinkz

You can watch anime online with Anilinkz. This website offers ongoing anime series. You can find different amazing anime series on this website. On the homepage, you can see different types of anime series currently going on.

This website has easy to use interface which you can use to watch your favorite anime online. The only demerit of this website is the advertisement. You will have to be careful of ads. But the overall experience is excellent.

18. AnimeNova


AnimeNova is another best anime streaming website online. It is also called the dictionary of anime content. Because it has a ton of content available no the website. It has different categorized menus and drop-down lists.

It has an extensive list of latest and new episodes. You will be puzzled while scrolling because there will be much content that you will not be able to decide which one to watch first. This website uses text links rather than image or video ads.

19. Soul-Anime


One of the best anime websites that contain almost all popular anime shows like Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tale, etc. is the Soul-Anime. It has an easy to use interface. There are different links available on the homepage of the website.

This website also offers the latest Anime episodes for free. You can also watch your favorite anime episodes. However, this website doesn’t provide old anime movies or series.


The website has free and unlimited access to many anime series and movies. It has anime from different genres. The videos are in HD quality and are reasonable. The anime website also offers subtitles in Japanese and English languages.

It’s perfect for those who don’t want to opt for premium memberships on the best anime streaming sites online. The only problem is that you have to tolerate a lot of ads between episodes.

How to Watch Anime Online?

You can use any of the given websites to watch or stream anime online, but before that, there is one important thing to do. That important thing is to use a VPN. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network that allows you to connect to the internet more securely. It will protect your online privacy while visiting different websites.

Another reason behind using a VPN is that most of the Anime is not licensed outside Japan. So you have to use a VPN to watch your best anime online.

We recommend using Nord VPN because it is a secure VPN. You can quickly get Japanese IP from Nord VPN, and after that, you can access all of the anime streaming websites.

How to use Nord VPN?

It’s easy to use the Nord VPN. Just follow these simple steps below to create an account of Nord VPN so that you can connect to different countries available.

  1. Go to
  2. Choose a plan. We highly recommend you choose the 3-year plan to save 70%, which means you will have to pay only $3.49 a month instead of $11.95 per month. Nord VPN Package Plans
  3. All Nord-VPN plans come with a 30-days moneyback guarantee, so you will have much time to decide whether the Nord VPN is worthy of your money.
  4. Create an account using your e-mail address. We recommend using Gmail or some other email services.
  5. Select a Payment Method. NordVPN - Payment Method
  6. Download the NordVPN client according to your operating system. After downloading, install it properly. Download Nord VPN
  7. Launch the Nord VPN and open it. Log-in to your account and select an IP from the list to connect. After connection, you can easily watch anime online. Nord VPN Connecting


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”Is watching anime online illegal” answer-0=”If you are watching anime from a pirated website that steals copyrighted work without the consent of the owners, it’s illegal. But if you are watching anime online from a legal website then it is legal completely.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”How can I legally watch anime online for free?” answer-1=”You can legally watch anime online for free through different websites that provide anime content for free. These websites are Crunchyroll, Funimation, DAISUKI, Viewster, Tubi TV, Crackle, Viki, etc.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”Is KissAnime Illegal?” answer-2=”KissAnime is not legal, but it also is not illegal. This sounds confusing, but pirating is only illegal for the one hosting it. KissAnime is hosting the videos on Google and OpenLoad, meaning it is not hosting any illegal content.” image-2=”” count=”3″ html=”true” css_class=””]


Japanese anime is now really magical. You would also be impressed by the imagination and power it gives you when you tell the story in 2D and with the voice. You can find yourself in one of the characters and learn something from him. Moreover, it is a good and efficient way to experience Japanese culture if you love Japan. I think you may find some of the websites listed above good enough for your needs.

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