3 Dropshipping Supplier Google Extensions to Leverage in 2021

Dropshipping Supplier Google Extensions

If you own an eCommerce dropshipping store and the main browser you use is Google Chrome, this article is just for you.

Today I’m gonna tell you about top 3 dropshipping supplier Google extensions to leverage in 2021. Once you install these extensions, your productivity will never be the same for good. 

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, let’s explore these 3 best Google extensions for Shopify stores.

Oberlo – Perfect Extension for Your Shopify Store

Andrius Slimas and Tomas Slimas developed Oberlo around 2015 in Vilnius, where its headquarters is situated as of now. Nowadays, Oberlo is the most popular product sourcing app on the market.

To know everything about it, you can read this Oberlo Chrome Extension tutorial. 

Shop Master – The Perfect All-Rounder

Shop master is a worldwide supplier service for dropshipping. About 100,000 dropshippers leverage ShopMaster. And as per stats, it processes around 7,000,000 orders every year. 

Features of Shop Master Extension:

Shopmaster offers six main features that really make it stand out on the market:

  • Add products from more than 30 suppliers with just one click
  • Import up to 100 products in bulk
  • Tracking numbers get automatically updated to your store
  • Make bulk purchases from some of the biggest online megastores (like AliExpress)
  • Set special pricing rules for loyal customers
  • Set dropshipping prices of the products automatically

Pros and Cons of Shop Master 


  • Allows you to do dropshipping across multiple platforms such as Shopify, Wish, and eBay
  • Choose the best supplier as Shop Master comes with a huge list 


  • Expensive as well as recurring for long-term dropshipping

Use Shop Master to automate the everyday tasks you have to do as an eCommerce owner. The app is easy to integrate and has a free version available, making it great for startups.

Grabley- Amazon & eBay Products Importer

Grabely is an Amazon Chrome extension that is used for importing products from Amazon to your eCommerce store. Let’s have a look at all the features and pros & cons of Grabely.

Features of Grabley Extension:

Even though Grabley is a relatively unknown app, it still has features that everyone can benefit from:

  • Take a product from Amazon and find another store where it’s sold in a single click
  • Search for unavailable products and see what items are in high demand 
  • Hide Prime items on Amazon
  • Show bestseller ranks on both eBay and Amazon
  • See your ROI at all times on eBay

Pros and Cons of Grabley:


  • Quick and seamless integration with Amazon that lets you capture current trends and grab the lowest prices 


  • The outdated registration process and poor customer service

Use Grabley to capitalize on the most popular trends in the market. It’s a free application that has easy integration with Amazon and eBay which can help you generate significant profits.

The Best Dropshipping Supplier Google Extension to Leverage 

In 2021, Oberlo is still by far the best product sourcing Google Chrome extension. It has all the key features you need to import products to your Shopify store without any hassle. 


To know the right way to set up a Google Chrome extension, read this Oberlo Chrome Extension review

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