Everything You Need To Know About Outdoor Beanbags

Outdoor bean bags have always been a popular seating option in homes, their styles and designs changing as trends have. In the last few years we’ve seen more bean bags being used in outdoor settings. This is most likely due to the increased value homeowners have of their outdoor spaces and its utilisation. If you’re looking for an outdoor area to fill and are considering a bean bag, continue reading. In this blog, we’ll be going over everything you’d need to know before buying your own.

Is the Beanbag for Indoor or Outdoor Use?

While looking for an outdoor beanbag, you might find yourself loving the design of one specified for indoor use. This doesn’t sound like that much of a deal breaker, but can mean quicker damage of its material in comparison to one intended for outdoor use.

These two types of bean bags are made of different materials so you can get the best life expectancy out of them. So, make sure you’re aware of which one you’ve got your eye on. You can also best and amazing prodcts here on COSIEST.


As you check the intended use of your beanbag, it’s also important to find out what material it’s made from. Most beanbags that are made from soft polyester are used indoors while those for outdoor use are made from artificial leather or harder materials. These softer materials aren’t suited for rain, strong UV or any other outdoor weather that could cause damage.

While most outdoor beanbags are made from nylon and polyesters they will almost always be coated in extra materials to make them last in the outdoors, if they don’t then stay away unless you don’t mind having to buy another in a few months’ time. These extra coatings will be in either PVC or a PU coating, these work on the materials water resistance and overall endurance. It’s important to note that these aren’t used for the protection against UV rays. For sun protection another coating specified for against UV rays will have to be done, most outdoor beanbags will have this extra coating, if not then it may not be intended for outdoor use.

Artificial leather is another material made for outdoor beanbags. It’s highly recommended for people with pets because leather is very easy to clean, and animal fur cannot stick on it. You should make sure the bean bag you want to purchase is made of strong materials that are the right choice for the setting you’re looking to decorate.

Styles and Uses for Outdoor Beanbags

Bean bags are no longer for kids or game rooms. They’ve quickly become a stylish and fashionable form of seating seen in magazines and show houses, to create a relaxed and inviting space. They’re a perfect way to provide extra seating that’s super comfortable.

Pool Bean Bags

Pool bean bags are great as they can function in and out of the water. You can slide it in the pool on a hot day and relax on a large surface, with no worries about tipping over. Once you’re done just remember to pull it out and allow it to completely drip dry, or else you might have mould issues. Once it’s all dry you can use the beanbag around the pool or anywhere you fancy. A great multi-use bean bag design.

Beanbags for Outdoor Entertainment

Bean bags can also be a great alternative for outdoor entertainment seating. As a bonus you can pretty easily hide them away if you need more space, much easier than a huge chair or heavy lounge set.

These beanbags come as individual chairs, different from normal bean bags as these ones have a nice back for support. You can also get these chairs with matching ottomans, to make your little beanbag seating area complete. As well as full lounges that can fit multiple people at once, these are great for outdoor areas with no cover from the rain and weather as the beanbags can act as a really durable option to keep it looking nice and styled all year round.

Commercial Bean Bags

Outdoor beanbags can also be a great option for commercial spaces, because they are made for outdoor areas and materials that are more durable then indoors ones, they can become a great cost effective solution for businesses and schools that want seating that can deal with vigorous use.

Any of these beanbags could be used in schools or universities as study or relaxing spaces. Even offices and businesses could use outdoor beanbags as a rest area for their workers, or another innovative place to work from, mixing it up from sitting in the same chair all day.

Outdoor beanbags are a great solution to outside life. They have low upkeep needs so can be a great option to metal or wooden furniture that can rust or wear with improper care. So, there’s no need to run out to move all the cushions when it starts to rain. They are also a great option for those who like to change their outdoor space around quite often as they are much lighter in comparison to other outdoor or garden furniture. If you think that an outdoor beanbag would be a great styling option for your home visit our website or contact us today to view our large range of designs available.

Written by Crystal Rae

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