Get A New Oven for Your Kitchen Today

Get A New Oven for Your Kitchen Today

Every kitchen deserves an oven for baking and toasting. We all need energy and cost-effective cooking methods that take care of your meals while you relax or do something else. 

However, finding the right oven for your kitchen is not always the most straightforward task. You have thousands of options to choose from and a budget to follow.

 Since 1947, Kenwood has been developing new and innovative technologies in home appliances to make homes more wholesome.

 Designed and engineered by elite engineers, Kenwood electric ovens run efficiently and strive to make your meals crispy, uniformly cooked, and yummy.

 So, if you want to buy your first or subsequent kitchen machine, Kenwood Malaysia’s electric oven makes the choice simple for you.

 Why you need a Kenwood Electric Oven in your kitchen

 Millions of homes around the world have at least one Kenwood appliance. Whether it is a cooker, a sound system, or a blender.

 And if you have not tried the brand, then you are missing out big time. Kenwood electric ovens are the real deal for people looking to diversify their recipes while saving energy and cost.

 These labor-free cooking appliances are the perfect match for new and old homes with small or large spaces.

 So, what does Kenwood offer?

  1. Labor-free cooking

 In the wake of new technologies for automating kitchens, Kenwood plays its role by creating a reliable labor-free electric oven for your home. These stainless steel-bodied machines, with silver paint, made for countertop and wall insertion, make it possible to cook your meals without tossing and turning.

 If you need to turn the food, then the grill rotisserie takes care of that for you.

  1. Multi-functionality

 Let’s take the Kenwood mini electric oven as our reference. This compact bodied, multifunctional countertop oven can grill, roast, defrost, bake and toast foods in its non-stick oven cavity and behind its glass door.

  1. Wide range

 Kenwood makes a lot of effort to accommodate all types of clients. So, if you have a small kitchen, you can go for a small countertop electric oven. And if you have enough space, you can buy a 25-32 liter capacity oven for your new recipes.

 Whether you are looking for an inbuilt or a top-tier convection electric oven for your kitchen, then Kenwood Malaysia’s electric oven is the perfect fit for you.

  1. Energy and cost-saving

 Kenwood exists to make your life simpler and more comfortable. And in doing that, the developed efficient heat technology eliminates the need for a fan and calrod heating elements.

 As a result, you can try out hundreds of recipes at home using the evenly heated cooking chamber and save on cost and energy.

 The heating technology features consistently distributed radiant cables to provide uniform heat distribution for cooking your foods evenly. Also, the safety glass door has a tight air seal that reduces temperature fluctuations, thus lowering energy consumption in your kitchen.

 Kenwood’s award-winning kitchen appliances feature durable stainless steel front and outer covers with auto on-off timers. The audible signals included in their designs notify you that your food is ready. Also, Kenwood gives you 24/7 customer support and a quality guarantee.

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