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Hair extensions: pose, result, maintenance

hair extensions

Whether you want to give you’re fine hair a little volume or wait until the regrowth of a bob that does not suit you that much, the application of hair extensions can be a good more or less temporary solution. If a pose by a professional will be recommended for novices in hairdressing, the most skilled among you can try a pose at home, especially thanks to the extension kits now available on the market.

Which extensions to choose from?

You will first have to choose the type of hair you want: Magic Sleek extensions for a rendering quite close to real hair, especially for good quality models, or extensions in natural hair-like Brazilian weaves, more expensive but necessarily stunning. Go for a shade close to that of your natural hair color so that the extensions blend in perfectly. Before applying, wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo, dry it, brush it thoroughly and straighten it. Brush the extensions as well. Surround yourself with mirrors to make your work easier. Part your hair into several sections depending on the desired result.

Clip-on extensions: this inexpensive extension, easy to apply yourself; will be ideal for a day or an evening, or to test the bangs for example. As the name suggests, all you have to do is clip the extension at the base of your hair. To make it easier for you to apply, you can choose an extension kit with 7 bands of different widths that will clip onto your entire hair for a more natural look.

Glue extensions: another temporary method, this pose requires the application of glue on the base of the wick that you will then put directly on the hair, a few centimeters from the scalp.

Adhesive extensions: for this type of extension, adhesive strips will allow each strand to adhere to your hair. Thanks to their specially adapted glue, you can reposition them until the perfect installation. You can then keep them for several weeks.

Fusion extensions: more complex to apply, fusion extensions can be applied cold using rings (silicone or not) in each of which you will insert a strand of your hair and an extension strand thanks to a pass- ring. Then all you have to do is pinch the keratin tip of the extension to your hair to secure it. This cold system is also available in an easy loop version with a ring and ring pass integrated into each bit to facilitate installation.

Fusion extensions can also be applied hot: the keratin tips of each strand are then heated on your hair using an iron. For these types of extensions, which you can keep for several months; it is strongly recommended to call on a hairdresser or at least a third person who can help you at home.

The banding technique

The bands with clips. No need to go to a living room to pose your clips. These hairbands to put at home and which attach with a clip-on our hair, however, require a certain length of hair (mid-length so at the shoulders) to prevent the extensions from being too showy. Useful especially for a night out or for a sudden desire for long hair; the clip bands can remove at night before going to bed to avoid tangling them. They can use for a long time for a larger and longer result.


Weaving. Hairbands woven, fixed by seam. Painful and violent for the hair; this technique can only be practiced on Afro and ethnic hair (it is real damage to European hair). The bands are also reusable when removing for new use.

Adhesive tapes. The strands used for this technique contain adhesive tape above and below the strand and will be placed at the root of the natural hair. The adhesive strips can reposition after 2 months (however, each time the sticker must be changed).

How to maintain them?

Most clients asked me how to maintain hair extension after treatment. So my reply is, for extensions made of natural hair; the maintenance will be the same as for your hair, while favoring a mild shampoo; sulfate-free, and silicone-free to preserve the fixings. Oil-based products should also be avoided.

For synthetic extensions; you will try as much as possible not to put too much stress on them in order to preserve them as long as possible. Also, prefer a cold brushing and a temperature not too high for the straightening iron.


How to remove them?

To remove glue or adhesive extensions, you can use hair oil or a specially adapted glue remover; in case of difficulty. a desire to transform your slightly flat hair into a mane that will make people envious? Natural Hair Extensions Or Clip In Hair Extensions Can Help! The price, installation or removal … We tell you everything.


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