How to Achieve That Summer Surfer Style

Are you ready to surf like a true surfer? You’re right to get ready because the best surfing conditions in decades are here, and they might last the whole year.

With the latest advances in virtual and augmented realities, you can surf from the couch. Still, there are some things you’ll need to know to look the part.

Read on for our surfer style guide and learn how you can nail surf clothing, gear, and lingo this summer.

Start With the Right Swimwear

In order to achieve that coveted surfer style, start with the right swimwear. Choose something that reflects a classic approach to beachwear but with a twist — something comfortable so that you can move freely and with plenty of colors and patterns.

Perhaps a modern take on a Hawaiian-style rash guard with plenty of sun protection, or pick a swimsuit with an original pattern. Then layer with a tank top worn over a long-sleeved shirt to keep warm on a cool evening.

Check for kid’s beanies as well.

Accessorize With Sunglasses and Hats

Achieving the surf-inspired summer style starts with accessorizing with sunglasses and hats. Sunglasses can be lightweight and have polarized lenses to reduce glare and make you look cool and mysterious.

Baseball caps and fedoras are great to pair with your sunglasses. You can choose a straw hat if you’re looking to have a beach-ready look. A beige, navy, or black sunhat with a wide brim is ideal for those long days at the beach.

When choosing a hat, make sure it is made of breathable fabrics to prevent sweat and discomfort. Hats should also be adjustable for a perfect fit. 

Whether you’re just hitting the beach for the day or living the true surfer life, the Trevor Aldridge style will have you winning the style game every time.

Get That Beachy Hair Texture

It’s no secret that beachy hair is one of the biggest trends for the summer. To achieve the surfer style, start by shampooing and conditioning your hair like you normally would. Consider using a surf spray or sea salt spray for texture and volume.

After shampooing, use a leave-in conditioner to add shine and nourish the hair. Divide your hair into manageable sections and blow dry with a diffuser, or let it air dry for a more natural wave.

Focus On Lightweight and Breezy Clothing

Go for cotton and linen materials for T-shirts, shorts, and pants that will keep you cool. Choose a variety of colors and patterns for a stylish yet relaxing look. For an ideal surfer style, add tank tops and muscle shirts for a comfortable, relaxed feel.

Add an oversized, lightweight button-down shirt as a coverup that can be worn on cooler days.  Layer different combinations to express your own sense of style and bring comfort and well-being to a day at the beach.

Get That Sun-Kissed Skin Glow

To achieve that summer surfer style, start by getting that sun-kissed skin glow. During the warmer months, spend a few hours out in the sunshine each week. Protect your skin with sunscreen and reapply as needed to avoid potential sunburns.

To add some sparkle to your skin, apply a light body shimmer after sunbathing or showering. 

Don’t Forget About Longboard Basics

To get that surfer style for summer, start with mastering longboard basics. Find a surfboard that fits your body size and weight, and make sure it is in good condition.

Take a few lessons to understand the basics, and practice in the shallow water until you are comfortable with your board. Don’t forget about safety gear: a wetsuit, sunscreen, and appropriate footwear are all necessary.

Once you have learned the essential basics, join a longboard class or go for a surf tour. This will take your skills to the next level and give you some new tricks to perfect. For fashion choices, look towards bright and bold colors mixed with neutrals. 

Embrace Tan Lines and Sunburns

Summer surfer style is all about embracing tan lines and sunburns for a laid-back, beach-inspired look. To achieve a tanned surfer look, don’t forget to spend ample time in the sun.

Make sure to apply sunscreen and reapply regularly so that you don’t get overly sunburned. Embrace your natural tan lines and sunburns, and they will be a fun reminder of your carefree summer surfer style.

From the beach to lounging in the backyard, you can stay looking chill and surfer-style all season long.

Accessorize With Jewelry

Summer surfer style can be achieved with a few key accessories. Jewelry is a great way to accessorize your surfer ensemble. Choose items like layered necklaces, friendship bracelets, and anklets to add a beachy feel.

Layer a few choker necklaces to maximize the surfer style. Try necklaces with beach-inspired designs such as a seashell or an anchor charm. Friendship bracelets are essential for that surfer look.

Experiment with colors and make bold patterns for a statement accessory. Anklets are also great for surf vibes. Look for anklets adorned with beads, shells, and feathers. As for materials, opt for trendy shell pieces or teensy gold-filled stars.

Lastly, add a few rings or hoop earrings to your look for a glamorous touch. Complete your surfer style with these perfect summer jewelry items.

Achieve the Surfer Style Now

Surfer style can make you look great on any summer day. With the right outfit and a couple of beach-friendly accessories, you can own the surfer look.

So don’t be afraid to experiment and find your own perfect summer-surfing style! So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and find your stylish summer look!

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