How To Attract New Customers for Your Tour Business

Attracting new customers can be daunting, especially in the competitive tourism industry. Today’s customers compare two or three alternatives before settling on a final option. As a tour business, researching modern trends for improved lead generating and conversion efforts can never be a miss. If you’re already on this quest, you can check out these tips to attract new customers to your tour business.

Make it easy for customers to book.

Potential attendees will expect your tour business to know the latest events and festivals happening at unique venues. They trust your taste as an event industry insider and may jump at any recommendation you make. But you may need efficient event booking software solutions to make things easier for your event patrons.

Today’s customers have several expectations. They demand swift access to bookings and other essential information about your tour business. For this reason, making your booking process convenient using reliable software solutions is a great way to boost your ticket sales and sell out your event venues.

Ensure your event software has seamless integration across multiple payment processing vendors with a prime focus on popular options like PayPal. Your event software tool can also feature updates from successful events in your portfolio. Tour business owners with event management platform options that favor automation can enjoy significant cost-effective benefits. You can also send a patron’s bill from the platform and publish future events, cutting out more expenses in hiring an event coordinator.

Be active on your social media.

No doubt, a good social media marketing campaign can help improve attendee numbers; however, tour business owners need to make both their social media ads and channels attractive for customers. According to HubSpot, about 92 percent of marketers agree that consistently publishing on social media can improve your brand awareness metrics as a business. Beyond consistency, you need to create the right content to attract the right customers. For instance, if someone is in search of an interesting trip, what type of content can make them want to check out your forthcoming road trip to the Mississippi Blues Trail? Often, that’s where the trouble lies.

Research your audience and create campaigns that resonate well with customers. Using the Blues Trail as an example, you can publish valuable information like the destination’s relation with the Blues Museum, civil rights movement, history of the blues, and more. All these can ramp up people’s interests to join you on the road trip, especially if you have blues fans as social media mutuals.

Publish on your blog consistently.

It’s vital to keep publishing content on your website to improve the visibility of upcoming events and trips. Blog posts are a cost-effective way of scaling your lead management efforts for many online businesses. According to HubSpot, online businesses that blog consistently are 13 times more likely to enjoy positive returns on investment (ROI). Note that Google is also likely to rank frequently updated blogs higher than dormant ones.

Many SEO experts advise bloggers to post at least four to five times per week, but you’re the best person to know what your readers want and how often they want to read your content. So, create a content schedule that fits your capacity.

Personalize your marketing.

A personalization survey by Forbes revealed that about 71 percent of consumers feel frustrated when a company’s online experience is impersonal. What’s more, 80 percent of customers, especially millennials, are more likely to do business with a company that provides a tailored touring and event experience. Prioritizing the power of personalization can never be a miss if you’re a tour business. Personalizing your products and services has a lot to do with data, so a SaaS data analytics visualization tool is a great addition to your toolbox.

All in all, attracting new customers to your tour business may depend on how you treat existing ones. Therefore, complementing your customer attraction efforts with retention strategies can be an excellent choice for your tour business.

Written by Frederick Jace

A passionate Blogger and a Full time Tech writer. SEO and Content Writer Expert since 2015.

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