How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Ring

Managing a wedding isn’t easy. You need to tend to caterers, décor, and many other chores. Amongst all these tasks, the most crucial one is picking the right wedding jewelry. Especially the wedding bands for brides.

Without a ring, your day isn’t complete. Thus, buying an attractive ring that fits the budget should be on top of your to-do list. The average prices of wedding rings vary depending on the type and their stone. So you have to make sure that both parties agree on the price that fits them financially.

A wedding ring is also a way to express your love and commitment to the other person. That is why most couples get matching bands. Often brides already have an idea of what they want on their wedding day. 

However, if you seem to be confused over several rings, these tips will come in handy for you.

How to Select the Best Wedding Rings for Women?

Proposal rings carry much significance in the life of a couple. Each time you look at your wedding band, you remember the promises you made to one another. Thus, it is important to put a lot of thought into choosing the perfect ring for yourself and your spouse.

But how can you do that?

  • Choosing the Stone

In deciding which wedding band t get, picking the right stone is important. It is best to choose the one that you both have an attachment to. For example, if you both love emeralds or opals, you can go for that option.

Selecting one particular stone from dozens of beautiful designs can be intimidating. But it is important to note that having a diamond wedding band has become the standard.

However, don’t be afraid to mix and match. You can still incorporate emeralds or rubies in your wedding band. At the end of the day, you both must choose the stone that signifies your love.

  • Finding the Correct Ring Size

Size matters the most when buying a diamond wedding band. You should wear the ring to make sure it’s not loose-fitted. Try opting for a wedding band that is a bit tight but not too much. Wearing a tight ring prevents the chances of losing it.

Sometimes, bands fall off your fingers because they are not according to your finger size. So when you visit a jeweler, wear the ring and check whether it falls from your finger or not. Make a purchase only when you are sure that the ring sits perfectly on your finger.

If someone is proposing to their spouse, they could get help from a size chart. Measure the size of the ring finger and compare it with the correct size from the chart. Unlike wedding sets, you can’t experiment with the ring size. Wedding day diamonds have a special place in everyone’s heart, so choose the correct item from the start.

  • Choosing Between Modern and Traditional Designs

You will find multiple designs in diamond jewelry. Some are vintage, while others are according to the current trends. Many women choose to blend contemporary and traditional jewelry. It all depends on your personal preferences. Therefore, before going wedding ring shopping, choose the design you want.

You could buy something according to the design of your wedding gown. One can’t choose the perfect ring without deciding on a design. There is no harm in surfing the net for ideas or consulting your friends. However, several brides-to-be get a better idea of what they need for themselves when they visit the nearby store.

  • Opt for a Ring Matching Your Wedding Set

It’s better to opt for a ring that matches your wedding set. For example, if you are wearing an emerald necklace, prefer to buy an emerald ring or purchase something similar to your existing rings. Matching jewelry looks great on your wedding day and makes your day even more special.

  • Choose a Ring Setting Style

A great way to narrow down your search is by considering the ring setting. It determines how the diamond is placed on your ring. Usually, people prefer solitaires as they go well with everything. However, there are other options available. You could get a halo, split shank, or any setting.

If you plan to surprise your fiancé, then the safest option is the solitaire. No woman can dislike an exquisite solitaire mounted on an elegant ring.

  • Deciding on the Metal

After deciding on the style of the setting, you should focus on the type of metal you prefer. You might be wondering about the options. Well, you can choose:

  • Platinum
  • 18K gold
  • 14K gold

A perfect metal brings in the shine. Platinum is the best option because it lasts longer than any other metal. In fact, platinum is rarer than yellow gold. You can wear it on any occasion, and it won’t cause any discomfort. Unlike other metals, platinum causes no allergic reactions. However, it is an expensive choice.

Gold is also an ideal option. It’s great for everyday use and much more affordable than other metals. You can choose between 14 or 18K gold. It depends on your budget. 

  • Choosing the Right Weight or Size of the Diamond

A critical part of your ring is the diamond. You can’t find a perfect ring without deciding the cut, weight, and color of the diamond. Some buyers prefer colored diamonds, while others value colorless pieces. Experienced individuals advise people to never compromise on the cut of a diamond. The diamond won’t shine if it’s not accurately cut.

Similarly, an individual needs to find the right stone size. The bigger the diamond size, the higher the price. So decide wisely. Your perfect wedding band should fall into your budget. Remember these important points before you make a decision.

  • Understand Your Partner’s Preferences

Most of the time, both individuals get matching wedding bands. It is necessary to keep in mind the preference of each person. Maybe you like something shiny, but your partner prefers a simple band. In such a situation, you need to reach a middle ground.

  • Buying Certified Diamonds

Diamonds are expensive, and you shouldn’t decide on any matter related to them in haste. Before buying a diamond, make sure it’s certified. Sometimes, dealers offer attractive deals for poor-quality diamonds. Sadly several buyers end up purchasing the wrong item. Thus, always get your diamonds checked and ask for proof of certification.


Diamonds are the best wedding gift for every bride. It’s not just any ring, but rather a special gift that will reflect on your relationship. Follow these guidelines if you plan to surprise your partner with the perfect wedding ring.

Remember that a wedding ring has a lot of significance, so don’t go with just anything. Make sure you select an elegant ring for everyday use. The more time you invest into this task, the better the results.

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