How To Choose The Right Mattress Size

Why are Memory Foam Mattresses Widely Used

Knowing the right size of your mattress is essential for a good night’s sleep. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or simply need a new mattress, you need to know this. You need to know the correct measurements since different sized mattresses are useful in various situations.

For example, a single mattress is an excellent option if you sleep alone. If you are a tall person who requires more space, you can opt for a king single instead of a standard single.

So, what are the different types based on mattress size?

Single Mattress

A single bed is the smallest of all mattress sizes and is a perfect option for small interiors. It is primarily suitable for toddlers and young teenagers and is a standard for bunk beds. If you happen to have a home office, then this is the best choice. Buy mattresses online at best prices.

Long Single Bed

Long single mattresses are as wide as a single mattress but are longer. You can enjoy the comfort of a king-sized bed by placing two single mattresses side by side. They are a perfect choice for couples or even taller individuals. If you do not have enough space to accommodate a king single, then simply use these to create your own adjustable split beds.

King Single Bed

If you have just relocated to a new apartment or renovated your old one, this might be the right option. This mattress is long enough for accommodating adults and can be an excellent option for the guest room. Even if you don’t have a budget for a double bed, you can go for the king single mattress.

Double Mattress

Double beds are also the same length as a single and are a great option for the guest room. If there are older children at home, then you need a double bed. Even for couples, it is a great choice. However, taller individuals may find a king or queen-sized bed more comfortable.

Queen Size

All couples, growing teenagers, and people, who enjoy more space while sleeping, will love the queen-sized mattresses. These are the ones that are put on display at most stores. Therefore, you can even try them out for the feel. These mattresses can easily accommodate two sleepers and make sleeping more comfortable even if you have pets.

King Size

King-sized mattresses are ideal if you sleep with a partner and have ample space in your room. These can even accommodate multiple larger pets, as they provide a lot of room to move freely. You can even create a king-size by combining two king singles, as mentioned earlier. This allows you to customise the firmness of the bed.

Super King Size

Super king-size mattresses are the largest option there is and are perfect for large families. These can accommodate everyone, from adults and couples to pets and children. If you have a large bedroom, then go for a super king-sized mattress for optimum comfort.


A lot of Australians tend to use mattresses that are more than 10 years old. This is unhealthy, and you should always go for new mattresses after a few years. This guide can help you decide what size of the mattress will be helpful in your situation.

So, go through these once more and choose your pick. You will certainly have a peaceful sleep throughout the night.

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