How to earn extra money with Linux Reseller Hosting?

Linux Reseller Hosting

Many companies have already considered Web Hosting as the easiest way to earn extra money from their business. Whereas, for others, it is an excellent choice for starting their own business with the least setup cost.


So, if you want to start and grow your business rapidly to earn extra money, Reseller Hosting Linux would be a great option because of less competition, the least setup cost, etc. Moreover, it allows you to provide powerful services with your own brand and constant marketing message to the potential customers and users.


For that, Linux Reseller Hosting is a perfect choice that enables you to rebrand and repackage your hosting. So, you can sell out the reliable services to the potential customers at a profitable price to earn extra money. Also go check out  Node35 for tips on managing Linux-based servers.


Through this guide, we will tell you how you can earn extra money with a Linux Reseller Web Hosting business efficiently. But first, you need to understand its definition. Let’s get started.


What is Linux Reseller Hosting?


Reseller Hosting is a type of web hosting in which basically two companies are involved: One is the web hosts that rent out it’s hard disk space, memory, storage devices, and primary resources to another company(small or large scale business), which then leases the webspace to third party customers (small or startups entrepreneurs). Simply, Reseller Hosting allows you to purchase an appropriate web hosting package, rebrand it, and resell it to your potential customers and clients at a profitable price.


Moreover, with your Reseller account, you are allowed to choose a user friendly operating system based on your hosting type. This means if you select the Linux based reseller hosting, it refers to the Linux Reseller Web Hosting, and if you choose the windows Based Reseller hosting, it is termed as Windows Reseller Hosting. Reseller Hosting Linux being an open source platform, ensures all-powerful resources at a low price and allows reselling additional services to third party customers. Before reselling, ensure to add some features, re-configure, and put your brand name with the hosting package. So, it attracts customers, indirectly increases your sales—increased sales results in generating high revenue.

How to earn money from the Linux reseller hosting business?

You may now be aware of the Linux Reseller Hosting. Next, let’s figure out how to turn your business into a profitable trade or an ultimately new business to earn extra money. Therefore, here we enlist the top 9 key aspects that help you to earn high revenue from your reseller hosting company.

#1. Find your Relevant Niche

Finding a niche is a challenging task. But you need to overcome the challenges that arise in today’s hosting market. For that, you should choose the trending, relevant, and unique niche. For that, you can also use popular software “Google trends” to find out relevant  niche and user interest on relevant keywords. It will also help you to examine the location-based targeted audience. Therefore, it can be easy for you to explore your services among the maximum areas intended to increase revenue or earn extra money.

#2. Plan For Future Expansion

Targeting your niche specific audience might limit your business’s revenue and upcoming growth opportunities. Therefore, do not forget to include more services in your business with the passing time. So, it will open up new business growth opportunities and ways to earn extra money from your existing business. Moreover, unlimited Linux Reseller Hosting is the best solution that gives you a compatible platform to add on the services as much as you want. So, you can explore more services to your customers.

#3. Position yourself in the Market

Once you finalize your niche, analyze your targeted audience, then next come to position your brand in the market. For that, you need to determine at least five of your competitors and analyze their site deeply. So, you will get to know what gap is left by your competitors and where you lack. Once you know these points, it will be easy to fill the left gap using different upgrading marketing strategies. Then, no one can stop you from positioning your business in the hosting market.

#4. Choose the Right Hosting provider 

As a hosting reseller, you are using a third-party resource. Therefore, it must be very imperative to choose a reliable web host provider. Thus, while selecting the Linux Reseller Hosting provider, ensure they offer 99.99% uptime. This is because you will also resell the services after use, so it can put your business into trouble if your web host server goes down. Therefore, give uptime a significant priority. Moreover, try to choose the web host that provides upgraded and latest technology-based services instead of a bundle of resources. This is because it is also a pivotal aspect to boost your business.

#5. Create a Strong Brand

You need to choose a unique and attractive brand name because it reflects your opted niche or business. So, it will be easy to expand your business while completely overshadowing your identity as a Linux reseller from your customers. Therefore, create your brand very wisely. At Serverwala, we provide 100% white labeling support enabling you to customize your user’s cPanel account, nameserver, and billing software. By employing these features, you can successfully create a strong brand name.

#6. Launch your Linux Reseller Business

Once you have done the web host provider, it now turns to create your Best Cheap Linux Reseller Hosting package. Therefore, create a package comprising WHM, hard disk space, control panel options, Random Access Memory, a tremendous amount of bandwidth. After that, using your WHM,, you can create multiple reseller accounts for your clients, monitor bandwidth usage, and create a Linux Reseller Hosting package.

#7. Excel at Customer Support

Customer support can potentially make or break your business. Therefore, you must choose a reliable web host provider that gives you 24*7 support. Moreover, having a Reseller Hosting Linux business, you can also provide your customers real-time support by ensuring various options to keep in touch with you. Such as you can answer your customer queries via live chat, best linux mail server, Whatsapp, etc. Moreover, you can give the option of a dedicated ticketing system for instant response. This is because happy customers rapidly help to explore your business and maximize revenue.

#8. Connect with your Ideal Customers

While retaining your focus on a large audience, it is good to connect with the ideal customers. It’s better to make your services available for the targeted areas or audience where they needed it most. Therefore, you can connect your ideal customers without making huge investments. You can find your ideal customers on Social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. This will help you to maximize your ROI

#9. Analyzing your website performance by Google Analytics

You need to constantly keep your eye on your site performance. You can use Google Analytics to know the statistics and growth of your business. Moreover, you can implement more strategies and take security measures to maximize your business. So, it will help you to increase revenue.

By following these 9 key aspects, no one can stop you from standing your Best Linux Reseller Hosting business in the hosting industry. Moreover, you can check out the simplest way to promote your business.

How to Promote Linux Reseller Web Hosting Business

Linux Reseller Hosting

To promote your Linux Reseller Hosting Business, you need to opt for the various offline and online strategies. These strategies help you imprint your brand among the maximum audience—some of the primary ones here for you are as follows:


  • Keep your website and blog up to date with the latest trends
  • Make a regular post on Groups, Forums, Websites having fewer competitors.
  • Do affiliating Marketing on multiple social channels.
  • Do guest posting for generating leads.
  • Use Social Media like Facebook, gravatar, Twitter, Pinterest to keep your audience up to date with your services.
  • You can use a local newsletter for your blog posting


These are the basic and simple ways to promote your reseller business. So, using these techniques, you can grow your business and generate a high RIO. After going through all the essential phases, it’s time to tell you about the web host we are talking about in the introductory. Let’s know!


Buy Best Linux Reseller Hosting by Wise Solution


To buy the Cheap Linux Reseller Hosting plans, you need a reliable web host. For that, I would like to recommend Wisesolution as one of the leading platforms for you. It gives you all the compelling and upgraded services at an affordable price. Along with that, the company provides you more incredible support, customization, 100% white label services, best hardware specifications, high uptime, various control panel options, and much more. Furthermore, you can have the best opportunity to become a reseller provider with the wisesolution. This is because it provides you completely powerful services that you can employ and resell to any third party at a profitable price.




Linux Reseller Hosting and its working well allow you to resell as many services as you can to earn extra money from your Reseller business. So, it’s time to start your hosting with the Linux Reseller Hosting plans by Wisesolution that accomplish your business requirements and help to maximize your revenue.


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