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How to immediately close PayPal account to avoid maintenance fee

PayPal has announced that it will start charging those who have an inactive account on the platform.

How to immediately close your PayPal account to avoid the maintenance fee

PayPal is one of the most used services to make payments online. However, there are a large number of users whose account is inactive. To avoid this, the company has announced that it will start charging a commission to those who do not use the platform for a long period of time.

Given the longevity of the firm, it is not surprising that there are accounts created over the years and that, for various reasons, they have been forgotten. The appearance of new forms of payment or even the creation of parallel accounts has led to this. Nonetheless, PayPal’s new warning is a good reminder to end one’s presence on the service if it is not intended to be used in the nearest future.

Cancel a PayPal account

Fortunately, closing your PayPal account is very easy . The service makes things easy for those who want to do it quickly, thus preventing any of the aforementioned maintenance charges from occurring in the future.

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First, one must go to the PayPal website , since this management cannot be done from the application . Before proceeding to cancel the account, the platform advises that it is advisable to transfer the money that may exist in the account to its counterpart in the bank and delete the financial information that is registered in the service.

The latter can be done from the Portfolio section, where the chosen payment methods are registered. It is important that this be done, in order to put an end to any traceability or financial data that could remain online. Once completed, you can proceed to the final withdrawal of the account.

To do this, go to the settings section (the icon that simulates a gear, located in the upper right area) and click on Close account –at the bottom of the column on the left). After that, PayPal will request a confirmation that you want to close the profile permanently. After completing the steps, the cancellation will be processed successfully and no payment or charge will be made from then on.

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