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How to sign out of Twitter on all your devices

From time to time, it is convenient to check on which platforms and devices you have logged into Twitter and close it when you use it too much.

How to sign out of Twitter on all your devices

Although Twitter has defenders and detractors in equal measure, there is no denying that it has become a loudspeaker for politicians, celebrities and professionals in all fields. And unfortunately for trolls and hoax spreaders too. But the latter are quickly detected.

The fact is that if you are a Twitter user, either as a mere reader or also as a message or tweet publisher, you can log in to Twitter on different platforms, Web, iPhone, iPad and Android . However, you have to watch where you log in , in case someone accesses your username and publishes on your behalf or accesses your contact list.

Here we go over the simple steps to log out of Twitter on supported platforms. In addition, we will see how to know from where you have accessed Twitter and close all sessions except where you are at that moment.

Close your Twitter session on the Web

The simplest way to access Twitter is from its online version, compatible with both PC and Mac as well as tablets and smartphones.

Logging out of Twitter for the Web is as easy as tapping on your profile name in the lower left corner and then clicking Log Out .

The same happens with the alternative and official Twitter application, TweetDeck , also available in a web version. To log out, click on the icon above your profile photo, in the lower left corner. Then you will have to click on Log out .

Sign out of iPhone, iPad and Android

If you want to close your Twitter session in the official applications for iPhone, iPad and Android, you must enter your user profile and go to Settings and privacy . Then click on Account and, finally, on Close session .

In the case of using two or more Twitter accounts in the same application, to close session in each one of them you must go to Configuration or Settings of the operating system and within Twitter select those that no longer interest us and then click on Delete account .

Sessions opened with your account

To check all the sessions you have open on your Twitter account, you can do it from one place instead of looking at devices manually.

From Twitter for Web, once you have logged in, you should go to More options> Account> Applications and sessions . Another possibility is to access directly from this link .

Log out of Twitter

In Applications you will see the list of games, pages and apps that you have given permission to use your Twitter account. If you no longer use them, you can enter them and click on Revoke access . If they need to use Twitter, they will let you know.

From Sessions you will see precisely that, the sessions open on Twitter. It will indicate the platform, when it was accessed for the last time and the approximate city and / or country. Entering each one you can log out remotely.

Finally, if you want to log out of all your devices at the same time, except where you are at the moment, you just have to click on Close all other sessions .

Written by Shoaib Irshad

Shoaib Irshad is 21 years old SEO experienced person from Punjab Pakistan. He is currently the founder & CEO of TeamRockie blog. He is a Bachelors's student doing freelancing and digital marketing from years.

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