Keeping Your Sales Team Ethical Through Hard Times

The emergence of the pandemic forced the whole world to shift to the new normal. Given that some time has already passed, most operations and institutions have adjusted operations to better adapt to these trying times. Despite the efforts, COVID-19 still left a negative impact and is still giving people a hard time. While in some cases, desperate times call for desperate measures, this should not be applicable in the workplace.

Maintaining an ethical workplace was already a challenge before the pandemic hit. The virus is not an excuse for businesses to neglect their ethics. Considering how the pandemic has affected the globe, work ethics are as important now more than ever. Companies and corporations should not let hard times compromise their integrity and compassion.

Sales teams and employees might find working ethically stressful since they could be juggling struggles of their own, but here are a few ways to maintain ethics within your business.

Take The Lead

Businesses should already have a code of ethics and orient employees and staff of its contents and importance. Take the lead and be a model example for the employees. Most of them look up to senior management to reference how to act and handle professional matters. Continue to emphasize company values in every step of operations by incorporating them into your words and actions.


Documentation is vital in sales. Make sure everything is accounted for, and there is transparency with every transaction and deal. By having everything recorded, you are showing your team how meticulous the business is. A good monitoring and tracking system will make your team think twice before doing anything against the company’s code.

Communicate With Your Team

Compassion should not be exclusive to the customers only. Acknowledge that your workforce has hardships of their own and extend kindness to them as well. Communication and healthy work relationships in the office significantly affect employee morale and productivity.

Let it be known to your team how important ethics is to the business. Instead of emphasizing the need to reach a certain number in sales, prioritize the quality of product or service and catering to the customers’ needs. The change in goals will ease the pressure on employees to go out of their way to meet a certain quota and preserve the integrity of the business.

Provide Ethics Training And Seminars

Promote ethics in the workplace by holding workshops, training, and seminars. Employees will become better-versed in how to deal with situations and transactions ethically. By having these activities regularly, company values will be reinforced and actively exercised. These opportunities allow your team to practice business ethics instead of passively reading the company code.

Create A Feedback-safe Space

According to Got Legs Digital, a digital marketing agency commited to ethical practices, show your team that unethical behavior is intolerable. Create a feedback-safe space with protective mechanisms for employees to open up and report any ethical problems they find in the workplace or with coworkers.

In line with this, carry out a positive reinforcement system for the workforce. Those who show exemplary behavior should be praised and rewarded. It will encourage employees to continue their commendable work. On the other hand, those with unethical actions should be reprimanded and dealt with accordingly.

By initiating the means to deal with ethics-related issues appropriately, you are showing your team that it is not something the company overlooks or takes lightly.

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