[UPDATED] 15 Best Putlockers Alternative To Stream Movies Free 2020

Top 15 Putlocker Alternatives 2020

The Internet community is growing at a great pace, and the popularity of video streaming websites has increased at a great speed. Now everyone at any age might Watch Online TV shows and movies.

There are different movies to watch your favorite TV shows and movies, but unfortunately, these websites come with a subscription-free. Today we are come up with some best Putlocker Alternative websites to watch online movies for free.

According to Putlocker’s Wiki page, this website originated in the UK in 2012 and it had engaged millions of daily users. However, the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) of UK took it offline due to some security issues. Then the visitors started decreasing. This website changed its domain several times as the working website of putlocker is putlocker.kz. But no one knows, how far it will be working.

While keeping all of this in mind, one should think of some good putlocker alternatives.

Today we come up with a blog on the topic of websites like Putlocker to stream movies and TV shows online.

How to Watch Online Movies Free Safely:

One thing which I would like to mention here that some websites that are used for streaming movies online are considered to be illegal. That’s why sites like putlocker are turned down.

But if want to watch movies online safely then these are some tips for you to consider:

  • You should use a VPN. A VPN is also known as a Virtual Private Network that is used to stream movies online. It creates a tunnel between you and the internet. You can visit the public internet privately and anonymously.

VPN will protect you from being tracked as long as anyone who doesn’t have access to this tunnel. Even your service provider won’t know what you will be doing.

That’s why VPN is the best option because they provide you an environment to watch and lets you to stream online movies privately.

15 Best Putlocker Alternative Sites:

1. 123 Movies

123 Movies Watch Online Movies Free

As you would probably know that there are many streaming websites that offer movies like Putlocker, but it is important to choose free and safe site. 123 Movies is a safe site that has quality stuff related to entertainment, along with user safety and convenience.

123 Movies is a network of file streaming website which is operating from Vietnam which allowed users to watch movies for free. Your question might be:

Is 123 Movies a user-friendly website? Yes, it is. It has a search box available also to search for your favorite movies at any time. It also offers all the latest movies available on the internet. 123Movies is also known for the best movies and Seasons to watch the website. It has a massive index list of movies and TV shows for its users.

It has categorized menus which will help you to find movies and other stuff easily. There are categories like Favorite, Most Viewed and Popular. You can sort your search results using filters like This Year, Previous Year, Most viewed, etc.

At last 123 movies is one of the best alternative to Putlocker sites for streaming movies and TV shows.

Visit 123 Movies

2. MegaShare

MegaShare Watch Movies Online

Second in the list would be Megashare. It is considered to be another best streaming website to watch movies online. Its another simple streaming service availabe in the market. It also has a massive customer base and a user friendly interface. You can use it to watch online movies and TV shows free of cost.

You can watch movies here in different qualities. This website has another brilliant feature which is subtitles. Yes, you can enjoy reading subtitles while watching the movie.

It also works well on the smartphones. Wanna visit it? Sure I have given the link to the working website below.

Visit MegaShare

3. Popcornflix


Another amazing website to watch free movies online is popcornflix. This website is in the market from a long time and they better know which is better content for you to watch. They also have different categories in the menu of the website. You can check out them as well.

It has the index of both old and classic movies but that doesn’t means that you can not watch the latest content. Surely you can watch the latest movies uploaded on the site.

One of the best feature that makes this website in the list is that you don’t need to sign up for any account on the website. You can watch your favorite movies without signing in or registering your new account.

It works well on the desktop computer and on the smartphone devices. It is completely compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Visit Popcornflix

4. Popcorn Time


After popcornflix, Popcorn Time is another similar website which could be an alternative to the Putlocker website. You can easily watch your favorite movies on this website. It has a similar level of popularity among Online Movie Streaming Websites.

It is similar to other popular streaming websites like Netflix and Prime video. You get a massive collection of movies and TV shows in its library which you can watch free of cost.

It has a user friendly interface and navigational menus. One of the best feature that Popcorn Time offers is that you can simply download online movies for free to watch them later.

You can easily access its section of categorized content like newly added movies, old movies, upcoming movies etc. You can also watch movies on their app.

Visit Popncorn Time

5. Rainerland


Rainerland is another alternative to Putlocker website. It is also used to stream online movies. But its not very well cleaned. It may contain adult content as well. But still it is another option to watch free movies online.

You get variety of movies and popular web series also. You can just search the movies by the name of the actors. It also allows you to watch trailers on this website.

Take a look at Rainerland now!

Visit Rainerland

6. Fmovies

Fmovies Watch Movies Online Free

When it comes to watch movies online, my best choice will be fmovies. Because Fmovies has diverse list of movies from all around the world. It has categorized menus and you can watch easily.

It’s interface is modern and sleek. Easy to use and black background. This website has movies in good quality. If you are facing quality issues than you can use a VPN to get best quality available.

Since these type of websites are free, there might be some ads running on them too.

Visit Fmovies

7. GoMovies

GoMovies Stream Movies Online Free

Like other putlocker alternatives, this website has a variety to offer and works very well.

It also has thousands of Movies and TV shows available on the website which you can watch for free. The content is also updated frequently.

But will all the benefits there comes a downside too which in this case will be ads which are sometimes annoying.

You will still find some movies very entertaining to watch so Visit now.

Visit GoMovies

8. Los Movies

Los Movies Watch Online Movies Free

On number 8 of the list, we have yet another good website to watch online movies for free is Los Movies. This is one of the popular movie streaming website available on the internet.

It has a huge amount of content in its library so you won’t run out of content. It has around more than 2000 movies and TV shows. You can also search for a specific movie in the search box.

But again if you choose this website to watch movies, you will be annoyed with a lot of pop-up ads. But for this, you can use an ad-blocker to block all ads before watching movies.

Visit Los Movies

9. MovieWatcher

MovieWatcher Watch Online Movies Free

The best thing about this website which brought it into the list of this article is its library. Yes, it has well-organized playlists and categorized content which will help you to find your favourite movies. You can even diversify your search results with different filters such as top movies, favourite movies and upcoming movies.

Its main page has a lot of content which is fully organized which has good navigation. It has entirely different sections for latest movies, most viewed movies and other movies available at that time.

This website is also compatible with both desktop and mobile versions.

Visit MovieWatcher

10. Solar Movie

Solar Movie Stream Free Movies Online

Solar Movie is yet another website which also streams online movies on their website. It is one of the best alternatives to putlocker alternative. It has a good collection of movies and TV shows.

The featured movies of that time will be shown on the homepage. It has a search box available which can be used to search your favorite movies. Its navigational menu will also help you to see movies across different genres.

Visit Solar Movie

11. Yes Movies

YesMovies Stream Movies and TV Series Free Online

Yes Movies is another amazing putlocker’s alternative website. It has a huge amount of around 9000 HD movies and TV shows and documentaries. Yes Movies is another great place to find movies of your choice.

Yes Movies has a good homepage designed interface, which is completely categorized. It has different sections such as Genre, Comedy, Action, Horror and TV series etc.

Visit Yes Movies

12. CMovies


Cmovies is another great website which is considered to be putlocker alternative for watching different movies and TV shows online. It has every type of movie for movie lovers.

It has all the latest movies listed in the featured movies section of the homepage. Cmovies brings different Top movies and TV shows all together. Cmovies has IMDB top movie list also which you can easily see.

It has a vast database of movies and shows. You can even search your favorite movie in the search box. It has categorized sections like horror, comedy, action biography and much more.

Visit Cmovies

13. Movie4u

Movie4u Watch Free Movies Online

Similar website to putlocker, Movie4u is another great source to stream movies online for free. It is a movie streaming website having a lot of content available.

It has diversified content that is completely categorized such as thriller, action, horror, etc. Movie4u has a good user-friendly interface that will help you to choose from a variety of content.

It has different filters available such as this year’s movies, latest movies so that you can sort out movies which you want to watch.

Visit Movie4u

14. Moonline


Is it Moonline or Moon Online ? Its Moonline. Moonline is online free movie streaming website which is another putlocker alternative. You can browse different movies from the categorized menu. You can sort out movies using different filters available there.

This website has different types of movies such as Horror, Thriller, Action, Comedy and much more to watch.

This website has some special features also available which is Replay Video Capture which you can use to capture and convert the movies which you have already streamed.

Visit Moonline

15. 5Movies


5Movies is another free movie streaming website. The amazing feature of this website is that you can not only stream movies online but you can also download them. It makes this website another best alternative to 5Movies.

It also has a good interface and user friendly design so you can easily find your favorite movies. You can also your favorite movies using search box without any hassle.

5Movies is also available on the Android and Ios devices. This website has huge collection of movies. You can also watch unscripted movies and dramas on this online movie streaming site.

Visit 5Movies


If you are a movie lover and you can’t compromise on this, then you must need a good movie streaming website.

That’s why we wrote this article for you. Putlocker is also available but its perfect time for you to find a suitable alternative that is not only legal but stream movies and TV shows online free.

In this today’s article we have listed some of the best putlocker alternative sites, so if one website is down or not working at your end, you will still have a backup website for you.

The important thing which you should keep under your consideration that while visiting any of these movie sites, you must protect your identity. For this you must use a VPN which will protect your identity and your internet connection.

Putlocker Alternative Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I watch movies online for free?

Online streaming sites offer the best way to watch movies online for free. Sites like Putlocker help you enjoy online movies without spending a lot of money.
Enjoy new and classic films at home. The only thing you need is a good internet connection and a movie streaming site.

Is it safe and legal to use Putlocker?

More or less, Putlocker is a legal website and is reasonably safe to use. However, there are various mirrors to this popular video streaming site.

Sites such as Pultocker are used as a good source of advertising, although most advertisements are legitimate and harmless, the same does not apply to the entire website.

There is a good chance that some advertisements contain illegal content. To ensure safety, you should avoid clicking on unknown ads and pop-up windows.

With a little caution and vigilance, you can be sure that you are using the free Putlocker movie site.

Is Putlocker legal in the United States?

Yes, Putlocker is legal in the US. UU. It is a site for streaming movies that does not itself host content but uses different third-party links to provide the source of multiple videos.

For people who only use it to stream movies, there is no risk. However, if you are considering downloading a specific video, you may be infringing copyright.

Is Putlocker legal in Australia?

Yes, Putlocker is legal in Australia and is one of the most popular websites for video streaming. Offer copyright-protected content for free.

For users who only use it to watch movies online, there are no legal issues; However, downloading can be illegal.

Will a VPN protect me when I use Putlocker?

Yes, a reliable VPN can help you guarantee security by providing a secure online environment for streaming movies. Since Putlocker sites host third-party content, this can lead to copyright infringement under local law.

A high-quality VPN encrypts your internet traffic, which means that nobody can follow your activities online, so if you violate a legal policy, nobody will know.

What kind of films can I watch on the Putlocker sites?

Well, with a vast index, the list of Putlockers movies and TV series is endless.

You can stream and watch almost all types of movies. From horror to romance and from classic to recently released, these incredible sites accommodate different genres of films.

You can search for your favourite movies based on different search criteria from the recent release, the most viewed, the last added, the year of release and the name of the movie.

What can I use instead of Putlocker?

There are various viable alternatives to Putlocker. In addition to streaming websites, there are various independent applications that one can consider.

Showbox, Crackle, Cinemabox and Playbox HD are some applications for streaming films that are quite active in the market and offer services on an equal footing for an uncomplicated film experience.

However, an important point to remember is that the legal warnings and implications remain the same for both websites and applications.


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