Sling TV Alternatives 2020: Best USA Cable TV Alternatives

Sling TV Alternatives 2020: Best USA Cable TV Alternatives

Hello Rockers! I hope you are doing well. Before I draw your attention towards the topic of this article, I think it is important to tell you about some drawbacks of Sling TV. Although it offers reasonable channel selections and reliable streaming performance, the other demands they make can frustrate the user, and that’s why you are here. The pricing plans of Sling TV are bit confusing and maybe irritating because it comes with a monthly subscription of $20 that is expensive compared to its competitors. In addition to this major problem, you can worry even more about Sling TV due to the following. If you subscribe to the “Blue+Orange” plan for $40 a month and expect a built-in free cloud DVR, you are wrong. You have to pay another $5 to get 50 hours of TV recording storage in the cloud. Disgusting right?

So you will not get the right value for your hard earned money and hence you are paying more for small things. And today, I am here with the Top 5 Best Sling TV alternatives, that will give you some real entertainment instead of wasting your money. Here is the list.

Best Sling TV Alternatives in 2020 to get network without cable:

1. Direct Now

Direct Now TV

With no extra cost, Direct Now TV offers the best plans for you with four tired price system. For this, you have to pay $35 per month for 60 channels in the ‘leave a little’ package, $50 for more than 80 channels in the ‘just right’ package, $60 for 100 channels in the ‘go big’ package and $70 for more than 120 channels under the package ‘gotta have it.’ They have a unique relationship between AT&T, and if you are choice only subscriber, you can also enjoy the service for just $10 a month. The 72-hour rewind function they offer can help you catch-up with favorite TV shows broadcast during this period.

English language closed subtitles/captions are available within the video player and you can also customize the size and font of the captions. Also, with Direct TV Now, you can restart programs that are already in progress, and therefore you will not miss any joyful moments. All programs are streamed with HD format with Dolby digital 5.1 on Apple TV devices. They lack the cloud-based DVR feature and the parental control feature is also not available at the moment but will be added soon. We would also like to mention that the simultaneous streaming function also needs to be improved for Direct TV Now. In short, this is one of the best alternatives for Sling TV.

Visit: Direct Now TV

2. Set TV Now

Set TV Now

My next choice as an Sling TV alternative is Set TV Now. This comes with a very low monthly package of $20, and you can enjoy more than 500 channels at this price. If you are tired of cable’s TV claims everywhere, then the best option is to Set TV Now. They give you control by including 3 devices per house with very low subscription package. Now you can also enjoy 73+ premium channels in Spanish after paying an extra $5 per month. Isn’t it interesting? The streaming on Set TV Now is always in HD format and it also features thousands of on-demand entertainment options.

They also come with plug-and-play technology that can encourage anyone to use their services. The subscription comes with a monthly package, which means that you have to pay if it expires from month to month. There are no hidden costs while using Set TV Now services because it has no long-term commitments: no activation fees, no cancellation fees, or credit check. You can also receive professional support while using this alternative. I think Set TV Now is the best premium TV with IPTV service with all these functions.

3. Netflix


I don’t think this is a simple choice for Sling TV alternatives. The great-granddaddy serves the best and will be an excellent selection of streaming services. It allows you to watch TV programs anywhere, anytime, as it is available on TV, telephone or tablet, and even on your computer. They offer unlimited streaming of movies, TV shows, special comedies, and other entertainment for a free monthly subscription. The optimized interface that Netflix has can delight users. Regarding selection, quality, and consistency in performance, no other services in the market can give an honest-to-goodness run to Netflix.

With Netflix, you can create 5 profiles in one account that ensure that your favorite content is not affected by recommendations for loved ones and friends. Once you have subscribed and you think that Netflix is ​​not for you, you can cancel it, and no extra costs will be charged. There are three subscription packages for Netflix, and the lowest starts with a rate of $8 per month and extends to $10 and $12 with some additional features. The disadvantage of Netflix is ​​that titles often come and go and that you sometimes feel that they only offer new and limited content.

Visit: Netflix

4. FuboTV

Fubo TV

Some people may think that FuboTV is just a sports package, but that is not the case. You can enjoy many non-sports channels, including FX, SyFy, A&E, and HGTV. You can log in to almost 30 TV applications anywhere to watch videos on demand. There is no need to pay more for DVR function, but same is limited to only 30 hours of recording. With an extra $10 per month, you can upgrade to 500 hours of storage. Please note that simultaneous streams are limited to two and that there are no updates for this feature.

The main menu of FuboTV often highlights the most important events that will be aired soon. And here the channels run horizontally, and the broadcast schedules run vertically. Fubo’s Fire TV and Android TV applications do not have the same elegant design, but they are similar in functions that they offer. Fubo TV claims to be the best of the table in low-latency streaming, and this was undoubtedly proved by our tests. FuboTV is a competent streaming service with a distinctive combination of channels, and if we ignore the lack of video playback of 60 frames per second, it is one of the best streaming service in the market.

Visit: Fubo TV

5. Hulu Live TV

Hulu Live TV Hulu live TV is currently in the beta phase, but it is the best alternative to Sling TV. It allows you to watch thousands of movies and shows anywhere, anytime. Unlike Sling TV, Hulu Live TV has an easy-to-understand package system that comes with $40 for premium membership access. It is an ad-free account and has access to more than 5 live channels and can be streamed up to different devices. With an extra $15 per month, you can stream on more than two devices. This gives you access to the current season of a program, along with access to a handful of cable programs and important network programs.

50-hour storage is free with Sling TV. But you can also upgrade to 200 hours with just a monthly fee of $15 with the improved DVR package. Keep in mind that the line-up arrangement of your channel can vary greatly depending on your location. This service presents a series of original programs, classic anime series, and a surprising number of original films. When I talk about the limitations, you sometimes feel bad because of the inconsistency in the selection of older television seasons and the cumbersome interface. But with all the other positive aspects to emphasize Sling TV, Hulu Live is the best solution.

Visit: Hulu Live TV

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Final Thoughts on Sling TV Alternatives:

I think Sing TV is only interested in squeezing your money and is not committed to giving you the best. I am pretty sure that the list I have selected will undoubtedly serve the best streaming alternative to Sling TV. If you have other suggestions, please let me know via the comments field below.

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