Surprising Ways To Vent Out Your Stress

Surprising Ways To Vent Out Your Stress

When you get anxious and stressed out, or you get bored by the same periodic routine, you want a change. A change in routine doesn’t necessarily need trips and hangouts, but you can simply enjoy yourself by riding a hoverboard in your street while listening to your favorite music. And, if you are a fan of content that is created with an ASMR microphone, then it would be a perfect combination.

ASMR content is popular for treating depression and anxiety because of its soothing effect. If you have headphones with an ASMR microphone, you can also create content as well as ride your hoverboard enjoying the music. And, you will have no idea where you lost your depression.

Things To Know About ASMR

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is generally referred to as ASMR, is the tickling sensation in the back that one feels when they hear or see something triggering. Different people get triggered by different things, and different artists have different triggering sounds on which they can give their best content to the viewers. To about your triggering sound, read more.

What Is The Reason Of My Microphone’s Noise?

I have observed that many ASMR-tists are not exceptionally happy with their sound quality. They keep wondering why their mic is so noisy. If you are one of those, then you should consider shifting on a microphone that generates little to no noise. The noise that is produced by the microphone itself is called self-noise.

If the microphone has a self-noise of 15dBA or less, it is a perfect microphone for creating ASMR content because it will record the sounds that you want your viewers to listen to and not the extra noise.

If the product doesn’t say anything about self-noise, then the signal-to-noise ratio is another factor that can tell you if that is the microphone for you or not. The S/N ratio of the mic above 80dB is preferable, and it would do great in the field of ASMR.

Binaural Microphone

People who want to create ASMR content usually think that if they are using a high-end microphone, they will be able to create quality content. Binaural microphones provide the 3D sound, which is becoming a fan-favorite. But, it doesn’t matter which microphone you use or whether it is branded or not. If you have proper skills, you can excel in whatever you do.

Do you need a stereo mic arrangement?

The vast majority listen to ASMR with earphones and can appreciate the impacts of recording in stereo. The rotating center from ear to ear is normal across ASMR recordings. However, this can be accomplished by recording separate left and right channels.

While you can make tingly recordings with a single quality mic, a stereo mic or a pair of mics is a wise investment for any ASMR artist.


Many people prefer a USB microphone for its benefit, yet if you need to utilize a mixing board, a mic with an XLR connection will prove to be useful. XLR mics are also common among experts, which means they have a more strong design and can usually be fixed easily without any problem.

Dynamic or Condenser Mic?

The two types that are viewed as ASMR mics are; dynamic mic and a condenser mic.

The dynamic mic doesn’t require any external power source and is exceptionally quiet. Subsequently, these are best for ASMR content.

The condenser microphone is not suggested for creating ASMR content because it generates some noise and also uses a power source.

Weight Tolerance

Before you make your purchase, you should know the weight-bearing capacity of the hoverboard. Different hoverboards feature different tolerance, so check that if it is compatible with your weight or not. Most of the companies offer a weight capacity ranging between 80 to 220 pounds, but some companies don’t permit a wide range; on the contrary, they allow a specific weight capacity.

Safety Protocols

The safety of a person is of utmost importance, and this is something you cannot compromise on. There is a safety standard test under the name UL2272. If the hoverboard is UL2272 certified, then you should not doubt the safety. Moreover, buy from a company that offers helmets, elbow pads, knee pads, and other safety products.

Battery Life

Whenever you go hoverboarding, check the battery status beforehand. If your battery runs out while riding, an accident can happen. If the hoverboard contains UL2272 certification, it means that the batteries are of standard quality. On a complete charge, the average range is 6 to 10 miles.


The appropriate size of wheels is important as it affects safety in a way. The big wheels are better if you intend to ride off the road. The big wheels provide more stability and traction, and you can ride dauntlessly. The smaller wheels can cause you a little trouble with respect to safety.


If you are fond of riding outside your home and you intend to go around on your hoverboard, in that case, it will be helpful for you to check the heaviness of the hoverboard prior to making your purchase. Most brands produce hoverboards with a weight of around 20 to 30 pounds. So, before purchasing, check the weight, as a normal-sized hoverboard may turn into a burden on you later.


Now you have learned everything important about ASMR microphone and content, and also about hoverboards that you can buy under $200.

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