The health benefits of Soy wax candles

soy wax candles

The wax is an essential candle making kit. Soy wax and paraffin wax are two of the most commonly used waxes for candle production. However, soy wax is mostly preferred due to its many health benefits. Soy wax has been recommended by various experts due to its many health benefits.

The dangers of paraffin candles

On the other hand, candles made from paraffin wax can accelerate the development of health-related problems among adults. In a recent study, South Carolina state university-based researchers recently conducted a study into the use of paraffin wax candles. The outcome of the test revealed that prolonged exposure of humans to common paraffin candles can spoil the quality of the air and become hazardous to health. Paraffin wax candles emitted toxic chemicals like toluene, alkenes, and alkanes. These chemicals are toxic and pose a great danger to human lives. Extended exposure to these chemicals can exacerbate one’s vulnerability to such conditions as asthma, some forms of cancer, and common allergies.

The health benefits of soy wax candles

Lesser probability to get scalded: Soy wax is known to burn at a much cooler temperature. This leads to a longer burn time. When hot, the wax never causes any scalds or burns when touched accidentally.

Soy wax candles for vegans: People who are vegan can easily find out that soy wax candles can be used easily. Various candle waxes are made from animal products. Soy wax is made from vegetables and does not need any animal products during use or production.

Aromatherapeutic benefits: Scented candles are known for their aromatherapeutic properties. These aromatherapeutic features of the candles make them such a good option to be used for healing and recovery purposes. Soy wax candles are widely used for their aromatherapeutic properties. Whether used during dinner, used in the spa, or the bath, it is a known aromatherapeutic element.

Soy wax candles are equally friendly to the environment. They produce a soothing smell by using natural oils. Soy wax candles retain more scent compared to paraffin candles due to their slow-burning process. This means that they produce prolonged aromatherapeutic benefits. They are known to trigger recovery and healing in human beings through their scents.

Safe dye: Most soy wax candles are produced from soybeans which gives them a natural cream wax colour. Other candles like coloured paraffin wax might look pretty, but they contain some toxic compounds that are dangerous when inhaled. Soy wax candles are made from natural dyes which make them a much safer option than paraffin.

This is why people should be careful about the type of dyed candles that they purchase. Many dyed candles are made from toxic and hazardous materials.

The wicks are made from safe materials: Soy wax candles come with wicks that have been made to promote human health. However, there are certain commercially available candles that may have harmful wicks.

These candles come with wicks that burn to give off toxic smells which can become hazardous to the health. Many soy wax candles use the non-cored variety of wick that is produced from cotton or hemp. These are simply safe for burning and they do not produce any pollutants.

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