The Ultimate Guide to Sending SMS Messages Online

The Ultimate Guide to Sending SMS Messages Online

In today’s business world, you know how popular email marketing has been over the past decade. However, that popularity has resulted in poorer results for many businesses. Research has shown that when an email is sent to a group, the open rate for the email may be only 20% at best. So rather than wasting your time and money, focusing instead on sending SMS messages makes much more sense. So if you’re ready to sail past your competitors when it comes to online marketing, here’s what you need to know about SMS messages.

Sending a Text Online

Although SMS messaging has been in use for over 20 years, most businesses still need to learn more about it, which could hurt your profits. An SMS message is a text message, as you normally send from your smartphone. But in this case, you can use your computer to send text messages to customers’ smartphones. If you’re wondering why this is important, think about that open rate for marketing emails you read about in the opening paragraph. While the open rate for emails is 20 percent, the SMS message online open rate is a fabulous 94%, meaning nearly all of your customers will read your message.

Advantages of Online Texting Services

There are numerous advantages to using an online texting service instead of just using your phone or trying to rely exclusively on software. First, if you just rely on your phone for sending text messages to your customers, you’ll be spending hours and hours just on this task. If you buy and load a software package onto your computer, you’ll need to constantly upgrade and hope your software isn’t infiltrated with bugs or other problems. By relying on a dedicated SMS messaging service, you can text everyone on your marketing list with just the click of a button, improve your customer service, and keep the texts you’ve sent and received easily organized in one place.

Reach Current and Future Customers

Remember that when you use SMS messaging to send texts from your computer, you are reaching both current and future customers who will ultimately help you grow your business in terms of profits and recognition. SMS messaging is also an excellent tool for managing a nonprofit organization since it makes reaching donors and getting their attention much easier. In fact, research has shown that nonprofits that use SMS messaging tend to see higher levels of donations than groups that rely on phone calls or emails.

Customizable Marketing

When you can use SMS messaging to customize your marketing capabilities, this makes it far less likely that any of your customers will fall through the cracks. For example, should you have a customer who leaves their online shopping cart before placing their order, SMS messaging can be used to send a quick and automatic text message that will recapture their attention and allow for the completion of their transaction. By taking advantage of automated SMS drips, you’ll never have to worry about what might have been in terms of sales and profits for your business.

Build Your Company’s Team Culture

When you send your employees an email, there is a much greater likelihood that it will be ignored rather than opened and read right away. However, that’s not the case with SMS messaging. Research has shown that online texting services allow businesses to reach employees more personally, which helps build and foster team culture. This is a  more personalised approach to messaging. It can be used with your customers since it allows you to do text polls and surveys, giving you insight into what aspects of your business are most popular and which areas may need improvement.

There’s no doubt that SMS messaging is the wave of the future for online business marketing. Featuring much higher open rates than traditional emails and the ability to be customized in numerous ways, you can move to this popular marketing method and watch your sales and profits soar.

Written by Enaa Mari

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