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These smart glasses created by a 16 year old teenager

A young man from Arizona has designed his own homemade Google Glass based on Arduino and they promise a great future ahead.

These smart glasses have been created by a 16 year old teenager

It is common to reach a certain age and consider that today’s youth are lost, that they are doing nothing of benefit or that they will lead us to disaster. However, that idea falls apart when examples emerge like Mars Kapadia , a young man from Arizona who has designed his own smart glasses from an Arduino chip .

And best of all, the results far exceed the first versions of Google Glass . It would not be strange if we would see Kapadia in the future in technology giants such as Google, Apple or Microsoft .

Another interesting detail is that, in principle, anyone can recreate the glasses designed by Kapadia, which shows its operation on its YouTube channel of the same name. The slogan of his channel says it all: ” Technology At Its “. And although he has hardly published videos, the most recent shows us his great invention, smart glasses that integrate an Arduino chip and a small screen on the right lens to show us information.

Handmade smart glasses

At the beginning of his presentation video, Kapadia says that his glasses are the first smart glasses in the world with TOLED technology, an acronym for Transparent Organic Light-Emitting Diode and which allows data or information to be viewed through a transparent screen. Perfect to integrate into smart glasses, as is the case.

The screen can be obtained from SparkFun Electronics , which provides all kinds of components such as sensors, chips and all kinds of components for robotics or gadgets, home or professional.

TOLED smart glasses

Starting from a plastic mount with lenses that can be lifted and placed back in their original position, Mars Kapadia has added the screen on the right lens and an Arduino Nano Every chip , which is in charge of doing all the work that makes these. glasses can be considered smart. The choice of Arduino is due to the possibility of using open source software such as the SPI ( Serial Peripheral Interface ) video library .

In addition, to make everything work, the glasses integrate a lithium polymer battery and a Bluetooth module that allows you to control it from your phone. The result, glasses that can be used inside or outside the home and that have cost him about 200 US dollars . That and 18 months of work.

A promising talent

Although the Mars Kapadia YouTube channel has a few followers, 273 subscribers at the time of writing, his invention in the form of smart glasses became very popular this summer thanks to several factors. First, his post on Reddit , where he quickly won the sympathy of readers. And then, with the Arduino herself publishing a post on her blog talking about the project of these smart glasses.

The result, that specialized media such as Popular Mechanics echo an emerging talent that has made open source Google Glass possible with only 16 years. According to that outlet, Kapadia lives in Gilbert, Arizona, and already has experience building her own electronic gadgets . Specifically, he has been participating in science fairs since the age of 13 and has come to create a prosthetic hand or a mind-controlled car.

These smart glasses are your science project for your junior year in high school. And for inspiration, Kapadia relied on Tony Stark’s EDITH system for his Iron Man suit.

In her Popular Mechanics interview , Mars Kapadia says she wants to patent her smart glasses and hopes to post more interesting projects on her YouTube channel . As for his future, he aspires to start his own artificial intelligence company in the style of Neuralink , Elon Musk’s neurotechnology startup .

Written by Shoaib Irshad

Shoaib Irshad is 21 years old SEO experienced person from Punjab Pakistan. He is currently the founder & CEO of TeamRockie blog. He is a Bachelors's student doing freelancing and digital marketing from years.

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