Top 4 Rolex Watch Models In Singapore

Top 4 Rolex Watch Models In Singapore

While some people take immense pleasure in sumptuous clothing, a considerable portion of the people of Singapore prefer watches to spice up their looks. The degree in magnificence goes deep down into the pricing of these watches, and the fancier they are, the better you would look. One way of turning heads in the streets is rocking in Rolex watches, known to be the most extravagant. But, while rocking in these watches is an indulgence, a large majority of the people have little idea of their prices.

Average Rolex prices in Singapore

For decades, Rolex watches have symbolized prestige and class, and most upper and middle-class people have used them to sum up their worth. Luckily, the Rolex price in Singapore has dropped significantly, and people in the middle and low class are joining the “Rolex League.” Today, Rolex watches are worth between $3,500 and $75,000 in Singapore. Here’s a list of the best Rolex watches in Singapore that are worth the bang of your dime.

Top Rolex watches in Singapore

  1. The Rolex oyster perpetual watch

This watch model premiered back in 1953 as the world’s pioneer waterproof watch and has since retained its refined value and magnificence. This chronometer watch features a series of closely resembling mini-models, including the oyster perpetual 41, 28, 31, 34, and 36. Of all these mini-models, the Rolex oyster perpetual 36, released in 2020, is the best fit for anyone who loves fitting the description of luxury and elegance.

Rolex watches can be used underwater up to a depth of 100 meters, justifying their all-weather prowess. Besides, who won’t feel endeared with its sleek and eye-catching design? This watch’s price ranges between $3,600 and $41,000 in Singapore, depending on a person’s preferred pre-model.

  1. The Rolex submariner watch

This Rolex model launched back in 1953 and has forged a perpetual connection between luxury and marine diving. Its makers originally meant them for use by divers but allowed for luxury with additional aesthetic designs. The watch features incredible attributes, including a rotatable bezel that’s unidirectional and a solid-link oyster bracelet as well. Since it originally premiered for divers, it has engraved 60-minute markings to track time underwater during compression stops safely.

Variations in its mini-models usually come from their ornate calibrations and coloring, but they aren’t too many and come as submariner date variants. Prices for this watch usually range between 12,800 and 40,000 in Singapore.

  1. The Rolex explorer watch

These watches mainly suit luxury sports and have a highly polished stainless steel top ring, and a frame made up of stainless steel. It announces its presence with a shiny glitter even in the dimmest lighting ambiance and gives away your taste of luxury. The original version launched in 1953 as a souvenir for climbers – and of course, keeping track of time. An incredible model to make anyone stand out is the Rolex Explorer II, which fits every description of luxury and class. Rolex prices in Singapore for this model range between $5,000 and $40,000.

  1. The Rolex lady date-just watch

This feminine 18 CT gold-coated watch also launched in 1953 and mirrored the taste of luxury and class. This classy watch also features other types that are silver coated or made with oyster steel, with others having diamond embroidery to depict elegance and class. If anything, getting this watch turns every head in town and elevates your look as well. The prices range between $5,000 and $53,000 in Singapore.


There you have it, our four best Rolex watch models to turn heads as you clad in every town in Singapore. Rolex watches have existed through history and will continue to grace the taste of anyone who loves style and elegance in Singapore. And, we hope these few models will help you stand out.

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