Top 9 Benefits of Ionic Framework App Development

Top 9 Benefits of Ionic Framework App Development

Ionic refers to technology which allows the developers to build the full-fledged app in both the platforms, iOS (Objective C or Swift) and Android (Kotlin or Java). It is an open-source UI framework for hybrid or cross-platform development, which is built on standardized technologies like HTML, JavaScript, CSS and enables the skills of web programmers to be utilized for building the apps. Ionic App Development Company USA focuses on UI interactions and overall look and feel of the app. Ionic 3 is the recent version of Ionic which is developed using Angular.

Ionic was created in 2012 and is one of the most popular platforms today to develop cross-platform applications. Till date, more than 5 million apps have been built using the Ionic Framework. Some of the special features of Ionic includes mobile components, typography, interactive paradigms, extensible base theme.

Ionic App Development Company India ensures that the Ionic has all kinds of plugins, that too at the user’s disposal which enables the smooth interaction with smartphone hardware because of Ionic Native & Cordova. One need to make sure that the chosen plugins are available for the platforms being used by the user and are also well maintained. Usually, they work very well but sometimes error occurs which is resolved immediately by cleaning or rebuilding the project.

Cross platform Mobile application development makes sures that as the toolkit of the Ionic is growing and expanding as per the needs of the developers, then the apps are also developed so that it matches the requirement of the user as well its business.

The universal web components of Java pair with any of the JavaScript frameworks like Vue, Angular, React or no framework. Below mentioned are some of the major benefits of using the Ionic framework.


1) Cross-platform app development

Ionic was built on various frameworks like Apache Cordova and Angular framework, also CSS, JavaScript, and HTML 5 as their base technologies for developing the app. And thus, for developing Apps on Ionic, one does not need to hire the native developers. In fact, any developer who is well versed with the web technologies, can leverage their web skills to create a fully functional app. Developing a single codebase for different platforms have its own advantages:

  • Cost of development is reduced automatically
  • Maintenance becomes easier
  • Option of transforming the ionic application into desktop App
  • Quick Marketing

The ionic framework supports iOS 7 and above, Android 4.1 and above, Universal Windows platform (for Windows 10 apps). It helps to quickly build the apps and that too under expertise.

2) Easy adaptability and learning

As mentioned above, any developer who is acquainted with the knowledge of HTML, CSS, or JavaScript then they can easily learn the skills for developing apps through Ionic. Even from the organization point of view, they do not need to hire any specific ionic developers.

Ionic is referred to as one of the easy tools to learn where front-end developers can easily grasp the basics. Thus, it is also tagged as a developed friendly framework.

3) Equipped with complete suite of tools, that too with native compatibility

Ionic comes with a complete set of components and various plug-ins which includes app icons, UI components, front-end building blocks etc. which helps the users to connect to their native phone APIs like GPS, Bluetooth, or camera without actually integrating with it.

Offline storage data is one of the great features of Ionic which helps users to view the saved information at any point of time, whenever required without actually connecting to wi-fi. Some other features of Ionic includes Camera access, Text-to-speech recognition, Fingerprint scanner, NFS, push notifications, geolocations, sending analytics to Firebase or deep link plugin.

Cordova plugins is one option to check for more plugins. Which can be sorted as the availability of the platform.

4) User friendly Interface

The components and various themes available in the Ionic are highly customizable. Also, the Ionic platform allows the components to adapt as per the platform on which they are running.

Number of UI components are available like toggles, segments, cards, buttons, inputs, modals, grid of rows and columns, lists etc. and also, they are very easy to use.

5) Convenience of Testing

Till the time the Ionic Apps are working only for the web view, then it can be easily used for testing the applications. The web browser offers the built-in testing tools as well as the debugging tools which makes the process of software testing very convenient.  Thus, there is no need for any external testing device until it is required to test some kind of native functionality only.

Angular CLI is used to test the older versions while Ionic CLI is used to test the web components.

6) Precise documentation

The documentation can be referred to as a compiled data of various components of Ionic, the functionalities of different components and plugins. It covers all the important and useful topics, detailed guides to perform various functions like installing, configuring, launching, fine-tuning various instruments which is used with Ionic.

7) Tested and trusted by small to big firms

The ionic framework is that compatible that it is used by different sizes of organizations, be it small or large. Some of the companies who trusted Ionic framework to build their app on are NASA, Sworkit, Mastercard, Mac Donald’s, IBM, COMCAST, Uniqlo, Target, ING and similar many more brands.

This shows that this framework has that flexibility to fit in the requirements of all sizes of businesses.

8) Strongly supported by community

Ionic is an open-source platform where the original source code is available absolutely free. Thus, there is a strong community of the developers and the programmers who keep on guiding and supporting each other on the common platform.

The developers keep on sharing any new ideas, or ways to resolve the various challenges coming through the way. Along with the community there are several other platforms like a dedicated youtube channel, Blog, Forum, GitHub, these all channels are meant specifically for knowledge sharing and helping the Ionic developers community.

9) High Performance

When the Ionic framework is used with Native mobile App in Apache Cordova, it results in higher performance when compared to hybrid applications. Even CSS transitions are used by Ionic to leverage the GPU and maximize the processor time more than it is available. And AngularJS helps the Native to accelerate the hardware.

Apart from the benefits, the users of Ionic framework also have to counter some issues like the size of the application, lack of performance, plugin-dependent system etc.


If we compare the Ionic with the conventional app development process, then Ionic allows you to make a production-ready app which is way faster. It not just helps to develop fast but also the developed app is cost efficient and requires low maintenance. Delivering high quality experience again and again to the customers is made possible only through the Ionic framework. Despite of small drawbacks it is an optimum performing framework which one should definitely consider going ahead with.

Written by Addison Taylor

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