Unexpected things to expect in The Burning Crusade

the burning crusade

The Burning Crusade is a part of the World of Warcraft series – an expansion. It has been a classic game and it still draws many players. Because the game has been around for a while, may find familiarity with it. 2010 saw its peak audience size. When The Burning Crusade was launched a lot of people participated in it whole heartedly. Some players still believe that The Burning Crusade was the pinnacle of raiding in the World of Warcraft series. The Burning Crusade has added some changes to the original game and here are the unique things added or changed.

-Two new races have been added to the game – Blood Elves of Horde and Draenei of Alliance.

-There is no exclusivity for the shaman or paladin class. One can be a Draenei shaman or a Blood Elf paladin.

-A new planet Outland is available with associated raids, dungeons, creatures, cities, zones and quests.

-The PvP has a new battleground called the Eye of the Storm. It is available to only those who have the expansion. Those who have expansion can take part in rated matches.

-Arena stages are introduced in The Ruins of Lordaeron in the Undercity, Ring of Trials in Nagrand and Circle of Blood in Blade’s Edge Mountains.

-New gears and equipment come in The Burning Crusade like the Avenger’s Shield and Improved Holy Shield. The Seal of Blood and the Seal of Vengeance are also powers that are added for this game.

-One can use wow tbc boosts to add a paid character boost.

The Burning Crusade is ready to deliver some nostalgia. Here are some of the best quests available in The Burning Crusade.

Dark Portal

This is a quest chain of the new expansion and for Horde’s it starts at a notice in Orgrimmar and Alliance players find this at a notice in Stormwind bulletin. You travel through most of the Hellfire Peninsula to complete 10 quests.

Sanctum of the Sun

This quest is for new players and characters who aren’t familiar with Sin’dorei. The questline has eleven steps and involves killing a traitor. The players see some new transport options and the politics behind some relationships.

Duty Calls

The quest chain is different depending on the faction you are with. It begins in Shattrath City and the first quest is available at level 70. The chain has 4 quests and the final reward is a gem that bestows agility or intellect buff.

Apprentice Tasserel

This is a 13 step quest chain that takes you to the caves under Deadwind Pass. The Entry into Karazhan is the official starting point. Players need to move through before they get the Mater’s Key to access Medivh’s Tower.

Caverns of Time

This allows players to experience some notable historical events and deliver some nostalgia. It includes 2 vintage locations. The players visit Old Hillsbrad Foothills and Black Morass. You will learn about how the WoW came to be as it is today.

Written by Enaa Mari

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