What Impact is Technology Having on the Environment?

technology effects

Technology is something we use and develop as a society in order to improve our lives and the planet. This means that we are always seeing and hearing about the ways technology is helping lessen our environmental impact or improve it. The media and news outlets often do pieces on electric cars, renewable energy, and smart technology. However, while technology is doing a lot to help the environment surely there are ways that hinder this progress. Check more: skip bins for hire sydney.


The Negatives

This is where e-waste comes into the argument. E-waste made up of any electrical equipment, tool, or appliance that ends up in the rubbish and landfill. Away Today Northern Beaches rubbish removal experts have informed us that they are seeing more and more e-waste show up during rubbish collection, and people need to be educated on how to properly dispose of this waste instead of dumping it in a landfill.


The growing quantity of waste is not the only problem, due to the make-up of these appliances and equipment they contain a lot of toxic substances that once dumped in landfill seep into the environment poisoning soil and waterways.


Following on from this, e-waste doesn’t need to end up in landfills. About 95% of e-waste can recycle and often just re-used (or sold). If people simply donated, sold, or re-used electronic equipment they would save tons of e-waste ending up in landfills.



The Positives

Renewable energy is a major positive for the environment. It’s known as ‘clean energy’ as it comes from renewable sources that can be replenished. These sources include sunlight, wind, and water (rain, waves, and tidal movement). Traditional energy sources such as coal are not only sustainable but also release massive amounts of carbon dioxide. Clean and renewable energy is slowly overtaking these traditional energy sources and restoring natural resources and reducing carbon emissions.


Smart technology is also helping but in a different way. Using the internet of things or IoT technology used to monitor, analyze, share information and make decisions autonomously. Major implications in energy-efficient buildings, having smart lighting, heating, and cooling stop energy wastage making homes and businesses more energy-efficient.


Electric cars are stopping huge carbon emissions created by the automotive industry. Major leaps in technology in recent years have seen massive improvements in performance, battery life, and size of electric cars and their batteries. While electric cars will only be 100% green if renewable energy is being used to power them. They are still reducing carbon emissions in a big way, and making electric cars more affordable and accessible to the average person is only improving this situation.


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