What to look for when buying a shepherd huts


As people seek more places to relax, work or play, shepherd’s huts are becoming increasingly popular. They have a wide range of purposes, from a garden office, a tiny home, to a luxury hideaway. For campsite owners who want to expand their offer, provide additional living space for the property, as well as increase its value, these huts are an excellent option. Regardless of how they are used, it is essential that these huts are of the highest quality and have the necessary components. These include the insulation components of the hut, its size, and interior features. This guide contains the basic attributes that a hut should possess, as well as guidelines to consider when choosing shepherds hut company.

What does a traditional shepherd’s hut look like?

Traditionally, shepherd huts were made of corrugated iron side panels, corrugated iron roof, and mounted on four cast iron wheels. Each hut will have a drawbar for easy transportation across the farm or countryside. Note the smaller front wheels in the image above for better maneuverability. Of course, other materials were also use to build the shepherd’s hut. After World War I, metal was in short supply throughout the UK, so the wood used as a material for the chassis as well as the side panels of the hut.

They will be built from intertwined larch or spruce plants, two types of trees that have been brought in and planted in forests across the UK for use in timber. Traditionally, curved corrugated iron has been use to make a roof that allows rainwater to drain. But sometimes the roof made of felt and lined with sheep’s wool to keep the living space warm. As for the wheels, it was only natural to use recycled cast iron wheels from other agricultural equipment that did not meet the requirements.

Inside a traditional shepherd’s hut

  • Bed at the back or side (for narrower huts) with straw mattress
  • Folding table
  • Tool and medicine storage box
  • Stove for cooking and heat. It will be mount on a thick steel plate to prevent fire accidents.
  • A window on each side to see the herd
  • Lamb cage
  • Swing main door
  • Cast iron wheels for portability


Interior of the shepherds hut

Depending on the use of the hut, its interior will largely depend. If you are using the hut for a comfortable stay, such as a bed and breakfast or a luxurious getaway, a TV, bed, shower room. And kitchen needed in the room, and if the hut used as a garden office then a table and office chair. Required. Some users want to use their huts for more sophisticated purposes like a spa, so the hut must be made up of special equipment, so you can build a custom hut.

Shepherd’s Hut chassis

When buying a hut, the chassis is a key element to consider. To help preserve the condition of the hut, and also make transportation less hassle (which is very handy if you need to move to another location in the future). When moving the hut, cast iron wheels used, with which you can move the hut with a 4 by 4 tractor or a small tractor. A steel chassis highly recommended, although some huts made on timber frames, which can swell, curl, and are susceptible to insect attacks. The steel chassis help to increase the longevity of the hut, they are much stronger and not affected by weather conditions.

How big is a shepherd’s hut?

A traditional shepherd’s hut is 12 feet (3.6 m) long and 6-7 feet (2.2 m) wide. The main reason for this rigorous sizing was that farmers could place the hut through the farm gate. Huts now come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, from more traditional-style huts to full-fledged houses, the size of which often depends on the use of the hut. A modern shepherd’s hut can be up to 20 feet in length. By today’s standards, the 12-foot hut considered small and can be use as a secluded garden, writer’s hut, or a main holiday proposition.

The length of a shepherd’s hut usually starts at a minimum of 12 inches but can go up to 24 feet. Smaller huts will weigh at least 1.5 tonnes, and large, high-end huts up to 3-4 tonnes. Luxury huts like this one on Brosterfield Farm or this one on Benlech, with a fixed double bed at one end, a kitchen and living space in the middle, and a toilet and shower at the other end, will start at 16 inches. Long to fit everything.

Final thoughts

Shepherd’s huts come in a variety of designs, sizes and can be custom built to suit your requirements and specifications. It is up to you how to find shepherds Hut Company that will allow you to purchase high quality shepherd’s huts. There has been an increase in the use of shepherd huts as more people use them as a holiday haven like Airbnb to generate income for them, while others want them to be a comfortable refuge for their family. Whatever the use, these huts are comfortable and enjoyable.


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