When is the Right Time to Repair Your Sash Windows

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Best time to get windows repaired

A double-glazed window must reliably protect your house from the negative effects of the environment. These are ultraviolet rays, rain, snow and much more. Some people prefer a complete reinstallation of windows, but if there is an opportunity to restore damaged elements, why not use it?

We advise you to contact Chameleon. Our experts work at any time of the year. They will tell you when it is best to add glazing or soundproofing. Replacing a window can be too expensive or illegal. Therefore, choose sash windows renovation – this will help keep your family budget and extend the life of your windows for tens of years.


In winter, it becomes much colder in your house if you have a damaged glass unit. Many people think that it is better to wait until the warm period for fixing the windows. But all the planned work will take place in the summer, so the workload of the specialists is much less. You can verify this by going to the page .You can easily order the restoration of your double-glazed unit and enjoy the warmth again in a few days. The most popular renovations for the winter are:

  • double glazing;
  • adding protection against drafts;
  • heat and noise insulation.

You will notice that your heating bills will be much lower. Each room will maintain a comfortable temperature, and drafts will no longer bother you.


Many owners wish to perform timber windows restoration in spring. This is because it gets warmer outside and you want to prevent heat from entering your house. Calling a specialist can be more difficult as the demand for such services grows. But the result will be worth the wait – you will not overpay for electricity, and reinforced window structure will not let hot air into your house. You won’t need to turn on the air conditioner all the time.


In the summertime, UV rays can enter your house. To avoid this, you just need to replace standard glasses with low-emission ones. You can also order the installation of additional glazing. This design will not allow your premises to heat up. It will also bring you benefits in winter – warm air will not leave your room. Our specialists can enhance your sealing. It’s easier to use the sealant, it dries faster, and the installation of additional glazing is easier.

If your window stops opening correctly, you will need to identify the problem. This can be thread breakage, dried paint on fittings, and much more. Experts will find the reason and solve it promptly.


The autumn period is also great for refurbishment. You can use the services of restoring a wooden frame damaged over the past seasons. This should be done before the rainy season begins. Cracks in the wood will quickly absorb moisture, which will lead to deformation of your glass unit.

Hurry to restore your window to avoid getting cold into your rooms. If it gets cold enough outside, you will have to close part of your rooms. This will help keep the rest of your rooms warm, so install additional glazing quickly and restore your window structure.


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