How to Choose a CBD Oil Shop

There are several aspects to look out for when choosing a CBD oil shop. Not all CBD products are built equal, so being an informed shopper is one of the best ways to ensure that you don’t end up supporting a company that isn’t reputable. Additionally, even with a reputable CBD store, you might not be able to access the type of CBD product that you want or need. That’s where these tips can come in handy. 

A CBD oil store can be either a physical brick-and-mortar shop or a digital online store. This article focuses on online stores, as most individuals buy digitally rather than searching “CBD oil store near me.”

1. Does the store have third-party lab test results available?

Third-party lab tests help consumers determine what exactly is present in a specific product without bias getting in the way. “Third-party” is the key because then we know that the CBD products are being reviewed by unaffiliated scientists and aren’t being paid off by the company being tested. 

Full transparency with lab testing also matters because then it’s possible for each product batch to show exactly what was found in the sample, meaning that consumers have informed consent when it comes to knowing exactly what they’ll be putting into their bodies. It can be deeply concerning if a brand acts suspiciously about their lab testing, does not offer lab testing at all, or refuses to hand over lab results to customers. 

2. Is the store transparent about its ingredients and labeling?

If a brand is proud of their products, they should be transparent about both their ingredients and labeling. After all, there should not be anything that they want to hide. That’s why this information being easily accessible is often a good sign that an online CBD oil store is a reputable option to shop with.

If you want to consume products with cleaner constituents, check to see if there are any artificial ingredients or preservatives. Additionally, CBD oils often include a carrier oil. Carrier oil quality can vary greatly from brand to brand, but MCT oil is a wonderful option for top-quality cannabidiol products and is often the go-to for some of the most reliable CBD oil stores. 

Additionally, some CBD oil shops offer products made from organic industrial hemp. Having this organic origin means harmful pesticides and other chemicals weren’t used during the hemp cultivation process. This, in turn, results in a cleaner finished product without potentially damaging byproducts.

3. Has the online CBD store been around for a while?

Who would you trust more, a store that’s been operational for 4 years or one that just opened up two days ago? If the store is in person, perhaps you’d trust both equally as much. When it comes to online, however, where every corner of the internet is rife with scams, you’ll probably trust the 4-year-old CBD oil shop a lot more than the brand-new one.

Of course, every brand has to start somewhere, so just because a company is new doesn’t mean that it automatically shouldn’t be trusted. Operational age, however, can be an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to brand reputability, even if it doesn’t need to be the only marker of authenticity and quality. 

4. What is the CBD oil shop’s reputation?

Arguably, a CBD oil store’s reputation is far more important than its selection, prices, and other factors. That’s because when a company is a scam or dishonest, people start to talk. Those are also real people, and not fake reviews, so you can know the reality of their experience. 

That’s why paying attention to a CBD oil store’s reputation is the key to ensuring that you get reputable selections that won’t be a waste of money.

5. What range of products does the CBD store stock?

A CBD brand doesn’t have to stock a plethora of products to be a fabulous quality and reliable brand. A brand with a very small selection of products, however, just might not have what you’re looking for – and that’s OK. Finding a CBD store that also has the products you need, might mean the difference between whether or not you buy from them. Just imagine two highly reputable CBD brands – one has CBD topicals, but the other one doesn’t. You’re in the market for CBD topicals. Which store do you think you’ll choose?

This is a part of why we really like the brand Premium Jane. It contains enough products to have options for everyone, but not such a large selection that it becomes overwhelming. 

Written by Francis Underwood

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