Is It a Good Idea to Consume HHC Gummies with Breakfast?

By now, you have probably heard about HHC, an intoxicating cannabinoid found in the Cannabis sativa L. plant. As it is only available in tiny quantities, manufacturers elect to create it in a laboratory from hemp-derived CBD via a chemical process called hydrogenation.

If products such as HHC gummies come from the CBD found in hemp and contain a maximum delta-9-THC content of 0.3%, they are federally legal. However, several states have prohibited the cannabinoid, so check your local laws before buying HHC.

Proponents of wake-and-bake marijuana strains often point out the benefits of using weed in the morning. The pros of including HHC gummies in your morning routine are similar, and we explore them in this article.

Should I Use HHC Gummies in the Morning Before Work?

Before we go into the benefits of using HHC gummies in the morning, let’s analyze whether you should use them before work. Some people claim it is ok to use HHC before entering the workplace since it is a federally legal substance. Furthermore, HHC provides a high that’s about 70-80% as potent as delta-9-THC, so the high is more controllable.

We’re here to tell you that legality, and a controllable high don’t matter! If you’re intoxicated at work and a colleague or manager finds out, you could lose your job; it is that simple! Alcohol is also legal, but it doesn’t mean you’ll get away with drinking before work!

Therefore, you should only ever consume HHC gummies in the morning when you have a day off from work.

The Benefits of Using HHC Gummies with Breakfast

Here are three often-cited benefits of HHC gummy consumption in the morning.

Alleviates Stress and Anxiety

The high you experience from HHC gummies is often described as relaxing and extremely pleasant. If you have used delta-8 or delta-9, you might find that the HHC high is quite similar. However, it is slightly stronger than D8 but less potent than D9. Any morning stress you feel will likely melt away, enabling you to enjoy a positive start to the day.

With benefits such as a gradual mood boost, you’ll feel ready for whatever the world throws at you.

Improved Energy

Users of HHC gummies often report feeling more energized and creative. This is great news if you want to complete whatever tasks you have for the day nice and early. It is also an ideal product if you’re due to complete a project that requires creativity, as long as you’re working from home!

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Like many other cannabis compounds, there’s a possibility that HHC has anti-inflammatory effects. It seems as if the cannabinoid induces apoptosis, leading to cell proliferation and suppressed cytokine synthesis. In layperson terms, using HHC gummies could help your body fight inflammation and reduce pain.

How to Use HHC Gummies in the Morning

Using an HHC gummy is as easy as popping it into your mouth, chewing, and swallowing. It is best to consume it on an empty stomach as this process should decrease the time it takes to have an effect. Even in this instance, you may not notice any effects for between 30 and 90 minutes after consumption.

A growing number of people use HHC gummies with their coffee to cement the process as part of their morning routine. Others opt to blend HHC gummies into smoothies, but eating them right out of the packet is far easier.

A single HHC gummy with 25mg of the cannabinoid is usually enough for most users. Novices should consider using a half or a quarter at first and gauge the reaction.

Final Thoughts on Using HHC Gummies in the Morning

There are many benefits to using HHC gummies with your breakfast. You can enjoy an energized start to the day with an improved mood. You may also find that the cannabinoid helps ease chronic pain.

However, please note that HHC is an intoxicating substance. This means you shouldn’t use it before or during work hours. Your employer can terminate your contract if they find out that you’ve used HHC and been high at work. Therefore, when adding HHC gummies to your morning routine, only do so when work is not part of the agenda!


Written by Francis Underwood

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