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How to log out of Facebook on multiple devices at the same time

You can use Facebook on any compatible device. And, for your security, you can close that Facebook session of your devices from just one, remotely.

How to log out of Facebook on multiple devices at the same time
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If you are a Facebook user, it is more than likely that you have accessed your profile from two or more devices. Normally, from your smartphone. But surely, on some occasion you will have done it from your home computer and, who knows, from work .

So far no problem. Facebook does not put limits on you and you can log into Facebook on any supported device and platform. What’s more, to make it easy for you, you can see which devices you signed in to from one place.

But it is advisable to be cautious. As we saw in a previous article , someone may access your Facebook profile on your behalf. To avoid this, it is advisable to close your Facebook session where you no longer use your profile. You will prevent someone from discovering your password, or at least make it more difficult for them.

Where are you logged in?

From the Facebook configuration options you can check this information. Specifically, from its Security section , which receives the full name of Security and login settings . You can access it manually or from its own direct link.

Then you should look at a specific section, where you have logged in . This will show the devices where you logged into Facebook in the past. Some will be the ones you use daily, others occasionally, and some last, you used them once and you forgot about it for a long time.

Log out of Facebook

To help you, in addition to the type of device, it shows other interesting data such as date, time and location . This way you will be able to differentiate the devices that you usually use and those that you no longer use.

To log out of Facebook on those abandoned devices, you don’t need to physically access them . Simply, from your Facebook profile, you can log out remotely. Very useful if you do not know or do not have access to that device or if it is a profile theft and, of course, you have no idea where the thief is.

So, from Security and login , we go to the list of Where you have logged in . Next to each device, you will see a drop-down menu indicator. Click on it and then Exit . From now on, when you access Facebook again from those devices, it will ask for your username and password again .

Quick, simple and painless. By closing the Facebook session on devices that you do not use, you will ensure that your Facebook profile is safe and does not fall into the wrong hands .

Written by Shoaib Irshad

Shoaib Irshad is 21 years old SEO experienced person from Punjab Pakistan. He is currently the founder & CEO of TeamRockie blog. He is a Bachelors's student doing freelancing and digital marketing from years.

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