[Fixed] Hotstar Not Working Or Not Available In Your Region Error

Hotstar Not Working

[Fixed] Hotstar Not Working Or Not Available In Your Region Error

If you were looking for Hotstar Not Working or Hotstar is currently not available in your region. Then you are in the right place. Today we are up with the complete guide on how to unblock hotstar app and make it work.

The name Hotstar is well known by Indians, a digital platform for media streaming, and also an entertainment center. It was released in February 2015 by Star India for bringing all Indian entertainment to Indians. Within two years after the launch, Hotstar is one of the most essential sources of home entertainment and sports broadcasts. Just like Netflix in other countries.

Just like Netflix, Hotstar is not available worldwide. Access to hotstar is limited within India. It means that if you want to see a hotstar outside of India, this is not directly possible. When you try to access the platform, you will receive a warning with the message, “Hotstar is currently unavailable in your area.” A national content filtering has also been started in hotstar. You have access to the website with content that you can view in your ISP country, for example, the United States. Hotstar is now available in the US. UU. With a warning “Videos on are not available in the US to Go to to view videos available in the US.”

How to unblock Hotstar and bypass “Hotstar is currently not available in your region” message?

Hotstar is the only option to view almost all Indian games such as the Indian Premier League, Indian Super League, and other sports games that take place in India. Unlike Cricket, these games are not broadcast on other television channels or websites outside of India. So, the limited way to view IPL, ISL, cricket games, and other fan-based games is through Hotstar. There is another problem. You cannot see Hotstar directly outside of India. To do this, you must perform certain steps. Let’s see how you can get access to Hotstar in the US. USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and other Gulf countries.

Access Hotstar outside India – The general logic

The general login to unlock hotstar is through the use of proxy tools. A proxy is a third-party platform between the person who surfs the internet and the website from which he opens the content. All information sent between these two entities is forwarded via the proxy server. For many reasons, the desired website blocks traffic from your location. Here in our case, hotstar blocks all traffic outside of India due to copyright. It means that they only allow visitors with IP locations from India. To improve the geographical filter of a website, it is necessary to select a proxy-based on the desired country. You can use the VPN tools to tunnel the internet to 100% encrypted mode.

Unlock Hotstar on your computer – Use VPN tools

You can easily unlock hotstar on your computer it hotstar is not working, using VPN software. There are hundreds of VPN tools available on the internet. Among them, less than ten is worth it. IPvanish, hidemyass, tunnel bear, expressVpn are some of them. I personally use tunnelbear for all my tunneling purposes. That is why this guide is completely dependent on skipping the website using TunnelBear VPN.

However, it is not mandatory to use Tunnelbear. You can choose any of your favorite VPN tools to avoid Hotstar.

Step 1: – Go to the Tunelbear website and download the latest version.

Step 2: – Register your tunnelbear account to access the VPN tool. You get 500 MB of data every month, and there are also some update options. Choose the best that suits you.

Step 3: – Now, you have the option to connect to different countries. You must choose India to gain access to all the services that you send from India.


Step 4: – After connecting the tunnel bear to India, you can see the user interface changes to a greenish color, as shown below.

Hotstar is currently unavailable in your area unlock hotstar

You now have internet access from India, and all services that are only available in India can be accessed from any country.

Again, Tunnelbear is just one of the VPN software on the market; you can choose any VPN tool that is right for you.

Unlock Hotstar on your Android Mobile – using the VPN tool

Here too, the method is the same as on a PC. Using the VPN tool.

Step 1: – Go to Play Store and download the Tunnelbear application.

Step 2: – Install it and complete the registration process.

TunnelBear App

Step 3: – Now select India from the list of countries and connect. You can see the movements of the bear from your country to India and connect your network from India.

Open the hotstar application now and enjoy streaming movies and events which shows the message “Hotstar is currently unavailable in your area.”

There are many other VPN applications available in the Play Store that perform the same process. You can try what suits you best. There may be free VPN applications that connect it via India. Also, Try those free apps if you are not willing to pay anything. Anyway, there is no other way to unblock Hotstar outside of India than VPN and proxy.

Fix Hotstar Not Working On Android or iPhone

Follow these steps to resolve the Hotstar error that does not work on your mobile phone within a few seconds.

Hotstar App Stuck on Loading Screen – Check Internet Connection

Sometimes the Hotstar app crashes on the loading screen due to poor internet speed or signal. Try to connect to a stable or fast WiFi or a 4G connection to solve this problem.

Update application
The Hotstar application no longer works if you do not update the application for a long time. Go to the Play Store or App Store and update the Hotstar application.

Clear cache data from the Hotstar application.
Go to Settings> Applications> Hotstar. Find the Storage option and click “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data.” This removes the previously saved data and starts the application as a new client, so this may solve the problem.

Reinstall the Hotstar application
If no solution works for you, go to the settings and remove the Hotstar application. Go to the Play Store or App Store and download the application again.

Hotstar in Google Chrome – Live streaming error – Sorry, we cannot currently answer your request. Try again later. [102100: 45] Error / Hotstar playback transmission not available Error [AP]

If you see that your 102100 requests cannot be met: 45 Hotstar error or playback stream playback error not available, follow these steps to resolve this issue.

  1. Change your browser. Use UC Browser or Firefox, and Hotstar will work.
  2. To resolve the problem in Chrome, go to the settings in the Chrome browser.
  3. Click on ‘Show advanced settings.’
  4. Scroll down and discover Network, under which you must click on ‘Change proxy settings.
  5. Click on LAN settings.
  6. Ready. Hotstar should start working now.


We hope that after reading this article you are now able to solve hotstar not working issues. If you are still facing any issue, please do comment below so that we may assist you. You can also discuss more error and issues like these we will try our best to find a perfect guide.

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