10 Baby Shower Gifts for the Proud Parents-to-Be

Anticipating the arrival of a baby is an exciting time filled with joy, wonder, and of course, a bit of stress! Especially for first time parents the 9 months leading up to baby’s birth is a time for changes in lifestyle and reorganization of the home and family (and pet!) dynamics.  Baby showers are friends and family’s way of saying, “We are here for you and the baby, and we’ve got your back!” Grace them with one of these baby shower gifts for an “ooh” and an “ahh” and heaps of appreciation.

  • Montessori Soft Toys. These toys are designed for little ones 6-12 months old and crafted with food-grade, highly durable silicone. They are 100% BPA-free, nontoxic and can also be used as teethers for babies 0-6 months old. This is a 3 in 1 set that generously comes with 22 individual pieces including 6 soft stacking rings, 12 different colored blocks and 4 sensory toy balls. They are sure to provide hours of fun and meaningful motor skill development.
  • Egift Card. What do you give busy parents-to-be? Give them gift cards so they can choose what they want to buy! No more duplicates and no more returns, an egift card is fast, convenient, safe and is always sure to please even the fussiest of parents. You can have it sent directly to their email or text and they will be able to track their balance online.
  • Portable Sound Machine. This HoMedics on-the-go Lullaby Portable Baby Soother available at Target is not only affordable; it’s also highly functional and will be a lifesaver for the new parents. Choose from 4 different relaxing sounds: ocean, lullaby, heartbeat, and white noise. The hook makes it easy to latch onto play yards, strollers, and cribs so parents can take it with them wherever they and baby go.
  • Wipe Clean Changing Pad. If there is anything parents of a newborn need, it’s a changing pad that doesn’t add to their laundry list. This foam changing pad doesn’t absorb liquids or smells and is so easy to wipe clean they’ll feel like they’re cheating the system! Made by Skip Hop, the base is non-skid and there’s a tuck away bar so baby can be distracted while you’re busy changing them.
  • NutriBullet Baby Food Prep System. Most parents are, at some point, interested in making their own food for baby. And with recent formula shortages and questions about the quality of jarred baby food, it may be just what some parents prefer. The system comes complete with blender, batch bowl and lid, storage cups, silicone freezer tray with lid, recipe book and more. A great step toward more wholesome and organic food for their little one.
  • Fridababy Bitty Bundle Healthcare & Grooming Kit. This kit is the perfect blend of items for baby and items for mom. Included are postpartum peri bottle and hospital bag, a nose Frida the Snotsucker, instant gas relief tubes, Mom washer, and a clipper set all in a waterproof pouch. All of the necessities mom and dad might not have even realized they needed!
  • If My Pet Could Talk Book. Available at Uncommon Goods, this adorable keepsake will be read over and over as baby grows into toddler hood. Personalized to depict the family pet, the book translates what might happen if their pet could have silly conversations. Sweetly illustrated, it’s a wonderful way to encourage the love of books and reading.
  • Calming Bathtime Duo. For lots of babies, bath time can prove to be a traumatic experience. Being ‘plunged’ into a bath, even if it’s warm and filled with bubbles is a different sensory experience that takes a little time for them to adjust to. The Pipette shampoo/wash and lotion set features a rose and geranium-infused scent that will comfort and soothe baby so they can be all smiles instead of screams.
  • Graco Sway Swing. Babies love rocking motion because it simulates their feeling in the womb. The Graco Simple Sway Swing is designed to keep baby comfy and cozy while providing a 2-speed vibration that keeps them content. The small frame makes it easy to transport so you know baby will be happy wherever they go.
  • Baby Book. The Baby Book/The Story of You by Artifact Uprising is a gorgeous interactive journal that highlights every mini-milestone for the first year. Elegantly designed using premium materials, this modern baby book will be cherished for a lifetime.

Baby showers are the ideal time to support the parents to be in their new venture. With the perfect baby shower gift you’ll make a positive impact on their life by easing stress and adding comfort.

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