10 Best Online Signature Generators for Your Business (Free & Secure)


Signature generators provide you various tools and benefits to create the best e-signature and download it for later usage. So, creating a digital signature becomes pretty straightforward nowadays.

Innumerable signature generators are available in the market, offering valuable digital signing services. These sites provide features, such as additional security, document signing, payment collection, and multiple user support.

But how to pick one among the thousands of other online e-signing apps for your business?

Well, it’s necessary to conduct some research prior to settling on a signature generator. Let’s get started with the top 10 free and secured generators.

10 Free and Safe Online Signature Makers for Businesses

  1. Signature Generator

Signature Generator is the best free signature generator for your business. Being a user-friendly and user-vetted tool, it has acquired immense eminence in significant publications like BBC, TechCrunch, and Medium.

Signature Generator comes with premium features suitable for offices, enterprises, individuals, and organizations. Apart from being the top-notch cloud-based e-signature generator, flexibility is what made it stand out among all.

How to generate a signature with a Signature Generator?

  • Visit the signature generator After that, drag and drop or upload your document there for signing.
  • You can place your signature over there and sign those documents digitally.
  • Once over, send the document, and the recipient will receive the document instantaneously. You might opt for keeping the signed document on its cloud storage or download it on your device.

What does Signature Generator provide you?

  • Audit trail
  • Cloud storage
  • Document tracking
  • Wet-ink like signatures
  • Manage the sequence

You can sign up in Signature Generator for a free trial and, after that, upgrade it as your demand increases. Also, you can type your signature online for free in Signature Generator.

  1. CocoSign

Are you a small-business owner and self-employed professional? CocoSign helps you design your signature as your heart desires. Being the best-in-class e-signature generator site, it can offer you almost everything you require to conduct your internet-oriented business.

Its built-in tool lets you prepare legitimately binding contracts from the start.

Willing to use contract templates?

CocoSign offers abundant templates, which you can effectively download and use with ease. If you are from the HR, sales, legal, or procurement department, the signature generator service of CocoSign comes in handy for you.

  1. Smallpdf

Smallpdf, being the most renowned PDF creation and editing tool offers handy and premium features for all business professionals. Now, generating a signature becomes easier with Smallpdf, and it usually takes a few seconds without the account needing to sign up.

In brief, with this signature generator, you don’t need to work on email anymore. It means lesser chances of cyber-attacks and data breaches.

  1. DocuSign

Do you want to create documents from scratch by utilizing a hassle-free drag-and-drop interface? DocuSign is the best and pretty reputable signature generator, suitable for larger businesses. Its office suite possesses:

  • DocuSign eSignatures
  • DocuSign Agreement Cloud

You can belong to any part of the world to use DocuSign, which allows users to sign and create documents electronically.

  1. value=”5″My Live Signature

It is not only a top-notch web-based signature generator but also an Android app, which lets you create signatures on your device. You can efficiently type your signature, upload an image, or even draw it. Its exclusive services enable you to generate eSignatures within a few seconds.

After availing of this free eSignature generator tool, you can draw your signature. Moreover, its’ Android app is highly convenient to use if you want to avail of on-the-go signatures.

  1. Docsketch

If your job is to always deal with sales covenants, then Docsketch would be an amazing solution for you. It helps you generate sales agreements and send them out for signature. Furthermore, you could also sign in person on a tablet or a mobile device.

In order to sign those documents, you might either utilize its built-in signature generator or draw your signature. If you are not satisfied with your signature, Docsketch will provide you with 4-5 different versions.

Moreover, it will keep notifying you every time the documents are signed. So, it’s hassle-free to track the whole e-signature process.

In brief, Docsketch is a top-notch sales automation platform for all the businesspersons out there. You can avail of its free or secured plans as per your preference.

  1. Approve Me

Approve Me is often termed “WP E-Signature,” an organization that creates an eSignature plugin for WordPress websites. Therefore, it’s quite easier to combine the plugin into your website and get customers’ signatures on the page.

The most amazing fact is that you don’t need any external software for generating signatures. So, with the help of this free tool, you can compel your customers to sign your documents or contracts. However, in brief, this top-notch plugin underpins countless signers’ out-of-the-box.

  1. Eversign

Are you looking for a committed online signature generator, which allows both small and big organizations to sign in the document over the internet? Eversign can ease this process as it solely focuses on the cloud environment.

Furthermore, Eversign enables you to make your sign by providing your name, uploading a PDF sign, or drawing it. All the documents, which you will create here, are legally binding.

  1. Online Signature

Online Signature is a clickwrap agreement management software, which eases the decoration and creation of legally binding documents within a few minutes. It offers users a premium, easy-to-use digital signing solution if they are reluctant to draw an e-signature.

  1. Wondershare SignX

Get an efficient, credible, and genuine online signature with this free document signing tool, Wondershare SignX. You can rapidly generate your signature by taking a photo, drawing it, or even typing it in. You will be happy to know that this app supports modified document signing specifications, including:

  • Bulk send
  • Encryption
  • Reusable templates
  • Various signatories

The Final Word

The top 10 aforementioned online signature generator tools can be reused rapidly for e-signing documents for your business. Most of the tools mentioned here provide a free trial of 7 or 30 days. It’s recommended to avail of their free trial and assess their performance before paying for it.

Written by Enaa Mari

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