10 Great Python Project Ideas for Python Developers

10 Great Python Project Ideas for Python Developers

If you are ever going to become an excellent programmer, you need to work on your programming skills. This means that you have to practice regularly. One of the best ways to practice your skills to hone them better is to build python projects. There are several projects that you can try out. The good thing about these projects is that you can develop something useful while also learning Python as a programming language.

You could read books and watch videos to learn this language to a large extent, but if you don’t use it, then there’s nothing to prove what you learned. For you to improve your skills, you need to build python projects.

    Create a countdown calculator

This is a very easy and straightforward project to work on. It’s a beginner level project. What you need to do is write some code with two dates on the calendar being input. Then calculate the total time that’s between the two dates. This project helps you to get familiar with the DateTime module of Python, said John O. from Mimy Online.

Create an nteractive quiz

The quiz might be a recommendation quiz or a personality quiz in which users are asked some questions, and their answers are stored. Afterward, it does some calculations that give each user a personalized result depending on their answers to the questions.

Tic-tac-toe by text

Tic-tac-toe is an easy and fun game to play, and building it isn’t much different from that. Create this game in a way that you can play it like a text adventure. You can also make sure that a text-based representation is printed after every move.

Create an alarm clock

It’s hard to tell if this project is one for beginners or intermediate-level Python developers. However, you should give it a try and try to create your alarm. Try to build different alarms and also see how you can add the snooze function to it.

Automate your habits

What do you do or need to do very regularly? Let’s say you need to take water every 1hr 30minutes, and you need to be reminded; you could write a code that creates a unique plan or outline based on your preference and goals. This means that you can build a simple app for yourself, which automates different things and parts of your life.

Build a web browser

You are just creating a UI on which one can enter a URL and also load webpages. It might be helpful to use PyWt here. You can also include a ‘back’ button and other features such as bookmarks, etc.

Create a Wiki Explorer

This project is about developing an app that displays random pages from Wikipedia. You need to pay attention to details here as it can be challenging. Are you able to add categories for users to select? Is there another “rabbit hole” version that you can try where the articles are chosen randomly from the links in the last article? Although this sounds simple, it is not as simple as it requires you to do some web-scraping chops.

     Build an interactive map

This is an advanced level project. The map display can be anything you like, from crime reports to data traffic, bird migrations, etc. You have to make sure that it is interactive. Do you think this is something you can pull off?

Create a chatbot

Creating a chatbot is quite a challenge, but then the idea is to challenge yourself with this project idea and try to develop your Python skills. The problem with creating a chatbot isn’t about creating it at all; it’s about creating it well enough. For example, would you be able to implement Natural Language Processing techniques so that it doesn’t sound too spontaneous but can sound more natural?

Build an app that predicts the stock market

There is no doubt that this is an advanced level project idea for Python developers. Building an app that can predict the stock market is quite tricky but not unachievable. Firstly, you need stock market data, and you need a good source for it, and then you need machine learning chops before you can build this app. The good thing about this is that many developers have tried to do it previously. This means that there’s an abundance of source code that you can use to get to work.


Once you find your way around these projects, you can be sure that you know what you’re doing as a developer.

Written by Addison Taylor

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