10 Surprising Facts about Twilight Movies you don’t know!

Did you know your favorite horror vampire movie is likely hiding some trove of secret you never know about?

Over a decade now, Twilight movies have paved their way to becoming one of the best franchises in the film industry. Despite the critics, there are still some memorable parts in the Twilight saga that makes it enjoyable to re-watch the series.

The Twilight series has a lot of artistic aspects, and for the duration of each film, viewers’ real-life problems can be suspended to enjoy the magical powers of vampires.

Why do you think some of the franchise stars, the likes of Kristen Stewart, had to avoid the crowds every time they were in the limelight?

There is still more to mug up about the series. And even if the final movie premiered in 2012, we still have to learn from the lifestyle series.

Like other movies, the Twilight series has some mind-blowing facts that almost leave the Twilight obsessive fans (Twihard) in awe.

If you use the right order to watch Twilight movies, it will be impossible to deny that the series had a profound impact and great appeal.

Read on for some of the surprising facts in Twilight movies that even most cinephiles never know about.

10 Surprising Facts about Twilight Movies

1. Kristen Stewart change of style

Did you know that Kristen had to change the color of her eyes to brown to play Bella?

Initially, she had green eyes. The change was to help her match the description of a vampire.

Funny enough, the contacts were very uncomfortable, as she confessed this to MTV. “They give you a dead face, I can’t wait to say goodbye to the contacts”.

2. Stephenie Meyer appeared in the film twice

Stephenie Meyer, who wrote the Twilight series, could not miss the golden opportunity of appearing in the films.

In the first series, the chemistry between Bella and Charlie comes to manifestation. Where they can be seen taking dinner in a local place. Here, the cameras seem to focus on Meyer who is seen eating at the counter. In Breaking Dawn, Meyer presents herself as a wedding guest. It was an Easter egg!

3. The Breaking Dawn budget

The Breaking Dawn budget was to be kept reasonable. And for that matter, the film was shot around Baton Rouge.

4. Robert Pattinson used to go to the gym to prepare for the filming

Robert Pattinson has to do a lot of exercises and stick to a strict diet for six months to prepare for the filming. He stopped later after the sex scene.

5. Twilight series came from a dream

Stephenie Meyer got the idea of the Twilight series from a dream. She dreamt about a girl and a vampire lying in a meadow. Surprisingly, the dream came true as the scene can be seen in many events in films and books.

Amazingly, Meyer can even recall the date of the dream, which was on 2nd June 2003.

6. Vampire eye color changes with diet and age

Denali and Cullen were vegetarian vampires; their eyes would dilute to golden color. This means they were peaceful vampires. If a vampire has black eyes, it means that they have not fed.

7. Twilight was filmed in Forks Washington

Fork, Washington was the primary setting for the Twilight series. Forks is a real place with so much rain.

But did you know that there was no single scene shot in the real Forks town?

According to Meyer, the Forks climate was ideal for the Cullen vampire clan to camp. One main reason is because vampires would not sparkle in such a climate.

8. The Quileute were unhappy with how they were portrayed in the Twilight series

Quileute are a Native American people who live in Washington.

The Quileute tribe has been heavily featured in the Twilight Saga. But it seems this raised a contested debate. The movies and books never gave any royalty for the use of Quileute history. Even though this happened, the tribe swore to continue with their culture of welcoming and being hospitable to people.

9. Renesmee’s appearance has been digitally manufactured

Baby Renesmee was introduced in Breaking Dawn: Part 2. It was very tough to come up with the love child on camera. A contest of adaptation made it practically impossible to come up with a faultless result.

Twilight used CGI to come up with Renesmee. But it didn’t come out as expected though they tried to hide this fact.

10. Robert Pattinson hated the Twilight Franchise more than you could imagine

It’s interesting how one of the franchise stars would negatively talk of the Twilight films. In one interview, he said that his mental progress had slowed down during the duration of acting in the films. The statement seemed to be one of his sympathetic statements over the franchise.

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