10 things to consider when buying a camping tent

10 things to consider when buying a camping tent

So you like a popup-telt? Well, these are fun and quality tents. To get and enjoy one, you have to know how to buy one. This guide serves as a comprehensive manual to easily purchase some of the premium and high-end popup tents in the market.

1). How many people do you wish to buy it for

Never think about buying a pop-up tent for four persons when buying tents for four people. It could be a tent for three people, where two people could only sleep comfortably. In terms of tent sizes, more is always better. You need some space for your luggage and items. If you need to buy a camping tent for four people, you should consider opting for a six-person tent, and so on. While you are at it, you might want to think about the heights of the users too.

2). Think about weather conditions

If you like to camp out in fine weather, then you do not need anything extraordinary. However, the weather could go from fine to ugly pretty fast. This is why you need to choose a pop-up tent that can hold up in pretty tough weather conditions. Your chosen tent should protect you from snow, violent winds, rain, and other adverse weather conditions.

3). Pop-up tents should be user-friendly

There are many excellent popup telt in the market. However, check very carefully, for some tents, it takes a village of a small army to set them up. You will need to opt for a smart pop-up tent that can be set up with minimal effort. When you are out there and close to nature, a user-friendly tent can be a lifeline.

4). What is the tent made of?

You need to get a tent that is made of waterproof materials. Then again, you should make sure that they are durable and are not heavy when wet. Certain tent materials are susceptible to sunlight. This means that you should choose a suitable material that works well in both conditions. Also, you should check the materials that the tent poles are made of. The tent should be properly hemmed at the seams. You should check every fly and zip to ensure that they will hold up for a long time.

5). How heavy is the tent?

The weight of the tent should be carefully considered. Is it something that you can carry in your backpack? Many tents are difficult to carry. Some can be too large for the roof rack of your vehicle. When buying one you will want to check for its weight.

6). Your tent should be well ventilated

Poorly-ventilated tents can become damp when you wake up in them in the morning. In the morning, you could have condensation all over the tent and all sorts of dampness. Ventilation is very important when choosing to buy pop-up tents to give you an enjoyable camping experience.

7). You should check for additional features

Besides the factors that have been listed above, your tents will be expected to come with more features. You might want to look out for the number of doors/windows, storage pockets, awning size, and compatibility with accessories.

8). Consider the flooring of the tent

If you are thinking of a good camping tent, you might want to opt for one with good and robust flooring material. You need a tent with a durable floor. The floor should be strong enough to keep out all forms of moisture.

9). Be ready to spend a good money

Quality tents come with a price. If you want to camp out in extreme weather conditions, be sure that quality tents will hold out in the weather. If you get a poor-quality tent, you will pay the price in the long run. You need to budget a good amount of money if you need to enjoy all camping sessions.

10). Consider after-sales service

You could have spent a lot of money on a tent but could run into several problems with it. You need to know what after-sales policies your sellers have. Some sellers will never listen to you after selling the tents to you. So you need a good retailer that listens to any product problems after you have bought the tent.

Written by Enaa Mari

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