10 Ways to Upgrade Your Home’s Exterior

10 Ways to Upgrade Your Home's Exterior

Enhancing the exterior of your home not only boosts its curb appeal but can also significantly increase its value and efficiency. Whether you’re nestled in the vibrant heart of Memphis, a city renowned for its rich musical heritage and historical depth, or elsewhere, updating your home’s facade can reflect your personal style while honoring the unique character of your locale. Here are ten transformative ways to upgrade your home’s exterior, making it stand out in your neighborhood and providing you with a sense of pride every time you pull into your driveway.

1. Refresh Your Paint

A fresh coat of paint can act as a facelift for your home, instantly revitalizing its appearance. When selecting new colors, consider those that complement the architectural style and existing elements like the roof or stonework. In Memphis, where the weather can range from intensely sunny summers to chilly, wet winters, opting for high-quality, weather-resistant paint is crucial. It not only enhances the appearance but also serves as a protective layer against the elements, ensuring the longevity of your investment.

2. Update Your Roof

The roof contributes significantly to the overall look of your home. Beyond aesthetics, it plays a vital role in your home’s insulation and protection from weather conditions. With advancements in roofing technology, options now range from traditional shingles to modern metal roofing, each offering unique benefits in durability, energy efficiency, and style.

In Memphis, where the weather can be unpredictable, ensuring your roof is in top condition is essential. Partnering with a reputable roofing company in Memphis, such as ContractingPRO, can provide peace of mind and assurance that your home is well-protected. These experts can offer guidance on the best materials and designs to complement your home’s style while standing up to local weather conditions. They can also introduce you to the latest roofing innovations, such as reflective roofing materials that can significantly reduce cooling costs by deflecting the sun’s rays.

3. Landscape for Curb Appeal

Landscaping is a powerful tool for enhancing your home’s curb appeal. Thoughtfully designed gardens can frame your home beautifully, drawing attention to its best features. In Memphis, incorporating native plants can reduce maintenance and ensure your garden thrives throughout the year. Consider the addition of perennial beds for year-round color or ornamental grasses for texture and movement. Remember, a well-maintained landscape not only adds to your home’s beauty but also to its overall market value.

4. Upgrade Your Front Door

Your front door acts as a welcoming gesture to your home and can set the tone for your entire exterior design. Replacing an old or standard door with one that has character and craftsmanship can make a significant difference. Consider materials that offer both beauty and durability, such as solid wood or high-quality fiberglass. In Memphis, adding a door with glass panels can invite more light into your entryway while still providing security. Choosing a color that stands out yet complements the rest of your home’s exterior can turn your door into a focal point that catches the eye.

5. Improve Your Driveway and Walkways

Your home’s driveway and walkways serve as the introductory paths that lead visitors to your doorstep, setting the tone for their arrival experience. Over time, these pathways can become worn or damaged, detracting from your home’s overall charm. Consider the benefits of resurfacing your driveway with durable materials such as stamped concrete, which offers both longevity and aesthetic flexibility, or interlocking pavers, known for their elegance and ease of repair. Incorporating pathway lighting not only elevates the visual appeal of your home after sunset but also enhances safety, guiding guests to your door with welcoming illumination.

6. Add or Update Outdoor Lighting

Strategically placed outdoor lighting transforms the night-time ambiance of your home, accentuating architectural details and landscaping while improving visibility and security. Illuminate walkways with low-voltage landscape lights to create a warm, inviting path to your front door. Consider spotlighting focal points in your garden, such as statues or unique plants, to add drama and interest. Additionally, installing motion-sensor lights around your property can deter potential intruders, making your home a safer haven.

7. Invest in New Windows

New windows not only refresh the look of your home but also contribute to its thermal efficiency, potentially saving you money on energy bills. When selecting new windows, consider energy-efficient models that provide better insulation, reducing heat transfer and keeping your interior comfortable year-round. Styles such as casement or double-hung windows can be chosen to complement your home’s architectural style, whether it’s a classic Victorian or a modern minimalist design, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal.

8. Refresh or Add Siding

Updating your home’s siding can significantly impact its visual appeal and structural integrity. Modern siding materials offer a range of textures, colors, and styles, allowing you to customize your home’s exterior to reflect your personal taste while enhancing its protection against the elements. For those looking for an eco-friendly option, fiber cement siding provides durability and resistance to pests and rot, with the added benefit of requiring minimal maintenance. A professional power wash can also revive your existing siding, restoring its beauty without the need for replacement.

9. Install a New Mailbox

A mailbox, often overlooked, is a small but impactful element of your home’s exterior. Upgrading to a stylish new mailbox that harmonizes with your home’s design can add a dash of charm to your curb appeal. From sleek, modern designs to more traditional, ornate options, selecting a mailbox that reflects your home’s character is a simple yet effective way to make a positive impression.

10. Focus on Details

The devil is indeed in the details when it comes to home exteriors. Refreshing house numbers for clearer visibility, upgrading door hardware for a polished look, and selecting stylish exterior light fixtures can collectively have a transformative effect on your home’s facade. These seemingly minor changes can significantly contribute to the overall aesthetics of your home, demonstrating care and attention that resonates with both residents and visitors alike.


By implementing these tips, you can elevate the exterior of your home, making it a standout property in Memphis or wherever you may be. Each upgrade contributes to creating a home that you’re proud to show off, enhancing both its value and your enjoyment of it.

Written by Francis Underwood

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