12 Ways to Improve Your Gameplay in League of Legends

12 Ways to Improve Your Gameplay in League of Legends

League of Legends is a fast-paced, team-based game with many different aspects to it. In order to be successful at the game, one must have a strong understanding of how their champion works and what abilities they can use to help themselves and their teammates. There are also many general tips that could improve your gameplay, such as learning how to lane correctly or knowing when you’re being ganked from behind. This article will go over twelve ways that you can improve yourself in League of Legends by playing smarter and more efficiently.

  1. Don’t be afraid to try new champions: When you first start playing League of Legends, it can be very tempting to always play the same champion over and over again. However, a big part of improving is learning how to play different champions so that you have more options in your pool when going into games. Playing many different types of champions will also help improve your understanding of each individual one and what kind of items or runes they need for maximum efficiency.
  2. Practice last hitting: Last hitting is an essential part of League of Legends that separates the good players from the great. Last hitting or killing minions to earn gold allows you to gain significant amounts of money without having to fight your opponents directly, which can give them an opportunity to retaliate against you and possibly take down your health points. The easiest way for beginners to improve their last-hitting skills is by playing custom games alone or with friends, so they have plenty of time to focus on practising this mechanic.
  3. Learning to kite: Kiting, or the act of moving around your opponents while attacking them with ranged abilities, is another important skill that can be difficult for beginners. If you’re just starting out in League of Legends, it’s easy to not have enough experience using champions who are able to kite well against their opponents, which makes this ability harder to use effectively.

In order for newer players to improve their skills at kiting, they should play custom games alone or with friends and focus on learning how some different champion kits work together as a team by trying new strategies until you find ones that seem like they could work efficiently.

  1. Get involved in the community: Whether it is by watching streams, reading articles or talking to other league players, being involved in the community can help improve your overall gameplay. Watching professional gamers play and seeing how they make their decisions on a constant basis can be very helpful when trying to learn from them.

In addition, discussing builds/compositions with other people could also provide some insight as well since different people have unique ways of playing certain champions that might not occur to you at first due to lack of experience. You can also enhance your skills at as it is a great way to learn from other players and improve your skills.

  1. Knowing what spells (and summoner spells) need levels: When playing any character within League of Legends, it’s important to know what abilities need levels and which do not. Some champions such as Master Yi or Nasus who typically buy “Stalker’s Blade” will want to purchase the upgraded versions of their items during the early stages of the game so that they can have a higher chance at successfully assassinating an enemy champion. Inversely, champions such as Kassadin, who typically buy “Nashor’s Tooth”, will want to not purchase another version of their items until the final stages of the game so that they can have a higher amount of ability power.
  2. Use wards for vision control (especially when you’re pushing): Wards become incredibly important in the later stages of the game when your team is pushing turrets or trying to take Dragon/Baron. Using wards correctly will give you vision control over certain areas, which could lead to an easy kill on a lonely enemy champion, spotting out where enemies are hiding so that they cannot ambush you from behind, etc. Additionally, using wards will prevent ganks from the enemy team.
  3. Gank lanes more often: When you do not have a vision on an area, it is best to go with another teammate to try and get a kill or pick up some farm off of your opponent(s). This can be done by either coming through the lane bush or by using certain champion abilities that give them a longer range than usual (such as Jax’s leap strike ability.) Doing this also has the added benefit of drawing attention away from other parts of the map, which could lead your teammates being able to take out turrets/neutral objectives without much trouble.
  4. Minimize farming time when necessary: While killing minions gives gold and experience, there are times when you need to prioritize helping a teammate over-farming. For example, if your teammates in the top lane are getting ganked by an enemy champion(s), it is important that you help them out instead of continuing to farm minions since they may end up winning/losing their matchup depending on whether or not you come and save them. This also applies in cases where one team has gained a significant gold lead over another (you don’t want it to become 10k for 10 minutes).
  5. Learn how every ability works: Most abilities have cooldowns, so knowing when an opponent’s most powerful attacks/abilities might not always work out for them since their previous move is on cooldown. Knowing each of your own moves’ potential also allows you better decision-making skills during fights, such as saving certain abilities until after another one has been used by a teammate or enemy, depending on what situation arises.
  6. Avoid playing too passively or aggressively: Playing too passively can result in your lane opponent playing more offensive than they should because of how little pressure you are putting out onto them. Playing too aggressively is just as bad since it leaves openings for enemies behind you to attack or gank, which results in unnecessary returns to base and gold lost by dying.
  7. Be prepared for enemy ganks: Just because you are not in a lane doesn’t mean that the area is clear of enemies. In fact, this is when most people will attempt to get kills from behind or by ambushing unsuspecting players simply due to how much less vision they have on the map compared to before level 10, where their ultimate ability becomes available. Be aware of your surroundings and communicate with your teammates if you suspect enemies nearby.
  8. Learn when to push lanes: Sometimes, pushing a minion wave into the enemy turret will result in an early kill if their champion/s overextend themselves trying to defend against the massive waves of soldiers running at them. If there are no minions around, though, this strategy isn’t very useful, so knowing exactly where every single map objective spawns (be that dragon/baron) could give your team major advantages over others who don’t pay attention to their surroundings.

Conclusion: Improving your gameplay can be a long and arduous process, but it is very rewarding when you play a match that goes exactly how you want. Good luck out there!

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