20 of the Best Walks in the Yorkshire Dales

Rolling hills, limestone gorges, magical waterfalls and wild moorland make the Yorkshire Dales a wonderful place for hill walking! There are many incredible hikes in the Yorkshire Dales! Whether you want a strenuous hike or a pleasant stroll, there are many beautiful walks in the Yorkshire Dales to choose from. You can pick from an array of hikes from fabulous waterfall trails and car-free hikes to hikes with caves or the famous Yorkshire three peaks challenge! Here are 20 of the best hikes in the Yorkshire Dales national park.

Where is the Yorkshire Dales National Park?

The Yorkshire Dales national park is in Northern England. The national park covers parts of West Yorkshire North Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cumbria.

Walking in the Yorkshire Dales

Ingleborough Girl Hike

The Yorkshire Dales is a walking paradise! Hikers love exploring the Yorkshire Dales on foot. With a huge variety of trails to choose from you are spoilt for choice! Whether you fancy tackling an easy hike with pretty waterfalls or embarking on an epic day hike on the fells – here is a list of the best walks in the Yorkshire Dales!

List of the Best Walks in the Yorkshire Dales

1. Malham Cove Circular

Location: Malham
Length: 7 Miles
Difficulty: Moderate

Recently voted as the UK’s third most favourite walk, it is understandable to see why this Yorkshire Dale walk is so popular! This Yorkshire Dales hike includes two spectacular waterfalls, a collapsed cavern, a deep blue tarn, glacial valleys and incredible limestone paving! What else do you want on a hike in Yorkshire?!

You can park in the Yorkshire village of Malham but we would recommend starting your hike by Janet’s Foss. You can park there for free.

Janet’s Foss is one of the best waterfalls in Yorkshire. The beautiful woodland waterfall is said to be the home of the fairy queen Janet. The great thing is that this is just the start of this epic Yorkshire Dales hike!

After Janet’s Foss, head towards Gordale Scar. Gordale Scar is a spectacular spot in the Yorkshire Dales. It is a collapsed cavern and Gordale Beck tumbles down the cliffside. If there has not been much rain before your visit, it is possible to scramble up Gordale Scar and make your way to Malham Tarn from there. Yet in wet weather, the waterfall may be too large!

Now you have witnessed two beautiful Yorkshire Dales waterfalls, head on to Malham Tarn. Malham Tarn is another wonderful place to visit in the Yorkshire Dales.

Even though your Yorkshire Dales hike is nearing its end, there is still one incredible Yorkshire dales landmark to see: the mighty Malham cove!

Malham Cove is the remains of an ancient waterfall. You can admire wonderful views and hop across the bizarre drystone paving. What a way to end your hike in the Yorkshire Dales! From there carefully walk down the steps and follow the beck into Malham.

You will probably be peckish and most definitely thirsty! There are several lovely cafes and pretty pubs to relax in before walking back to your car.

The Malham Cove circular is a classic Yorkshire Dales hike. Whilst you will by no means have the walk to yourself, you won’t mind sharing such wonderful treasures with others!

See the full description of this Yorkshire Dales walk below.

2. Grassington to Coniston Dib

Location: Grassington, Wharfedale
Length: 9.6 Miles
Difficulty: Moderate

Wharfedale is a wonderful part of the Yorkshire Dales national park. Grassington is situated on the River Wharfe and there are many great hikes to do in Grassington! One particularly spectacular hike is the Grassington to Coniston Dib loop.

Start your Wharfedale hike at the old Grassington Bridge. Follow the river upstream. The blue waters of the River Wharfe will accompany the first part of your Yorkshire Dales hike. Follow the public footpath through blossom groves, shady woods until you reach fields full of sheep.

Have a quick rest at the village of Coniston before entering Coniston Dib. Coniston Dib is an old waterfall which has carved out a narrow gorge in the hillside. You can walk through this picturesque gorge and a little scrambling is required. It is so narrow at one point you will only be able to pass through one person at a time!

After the gorge, you walk through a nice valley. At the top of the valley is spectacular dry-stone paving. Admire the view before following the Pennine Way back to Grassington.

This is a great Yorkshire Dales hike with plenty of variety and wonderful geographical features to enjoy.

The walk from Grassington to Coniston Dib is one of the best hikes in the Yorkshire Dales!

See the full description of this amazing Yorkshire Dales walk below.

3. Garsdale to Kirkby Stephen

Location: Garsdale, Eden Valley
Length: 12 Miles
Difficulty: Moderate

The walk from Garsdale to Kirkby Stephen Yorkshire Dales hike!

While this Yorkshire Dales walk is a long walk, it is a thoroughly enjoyable one. Usually, it is also mostly downhill as it starts in Garsdale which is higher up than Kirkby Stephen. You also go past two castles! Whilst most of this walk is technically in Cumbria, it is still part of the Yorkshire Dales national park.

Start your walk on the Pennine Bridle path in Garsdale. You will be his well-defined bridle path for much of this Yorkshire Dales walk.

The first highlight of this walk will be on your right. The 12 arches of Dandry Mire viaduct (also known as Moorcock viaduct) stands proudly on the wild Yorkshire moorland. Originally, there was not going to be a viaduct here. During early construction work, the workers moved around 750,000 cubic feet of earth to the spot to create an embankment. Yet all of this dirt mysteriously disappeared and sunk into the mire! Seeing that an embankment was not going to be possible, the decision was made to build a viaduct on this spot.

After the Dandry Mire viaduct you will reach the cross roads where the Moorcock Inn is. This is the last place to stop for a beverage before embarking on the walk.

Pass two little waterfalls and follow the path upwards. Once you reach the top of this hill the rest of the walk is downhill!

Jump over little streams and over windy moorland. Either side of the valley are picturesque hills. You will even go past a sculpture as you enter the Eden valley. Continue downwards on the Pennine Bridal way until you reach the road. From there you will follow the little public footpath northwards along the river Eden.

Stop off at Pendragon Castle to admire this ancient ruin for a while. Said to have been built by Uther Pendragon, King Arthur’s father, a terrible murder is said to have occurred at this site as the mill was poisoned killing all its inhabitants. The castle had been repaired over the centuries but it has finally fallen into the romantic ruins it is today. Whilst it is on private land you can visit for free but please don’t climb the castle walls.

You will probably be quite tired by this point. Kirkby Stephen is not too far now. You can stop off in the quaint market town before getting the train back or make your way straight to the train station which is a little way out of the town.

This is a long but great walk with many wonderful things to see on the way! Make sure you add this walk to your best hikes in the Yorkshire dales list!

4. Dent to Knoutberry Hill

Location: Dent, Dentdale
Length: 9 Miles
Difficulty: Moderate

The walk from Dent village through Arten Gill viaduct and onto Knoutberry Hill is a wonderful Yorkshire Dales hike!

Start in the village of Dent which is full of white-washed cottages, cobbled streets and pretty gardens that will melt your heart. After exploring some of the lovely spots of Dent village look for the River Dee. The first part of this walk is a wonderful flat stroll along the Dales Way. Follow the little arrows along the river all the way to the village of Cowgill. If you like your walks with the sound of trickling water, this is an excellent riverside walk in the Yorkshire Dales!

In Lea Yeat you will leave the little riverside footpath and follow a quiet tarmac road into Stone House. Once you reach Stone House, your hike really begins! Get ready to start going up! From the village, you will spot the beautiful Arten Gill viaduct. Arten Gill viaduct is not as long as the famous Ribbleshead viaduct yet its setting with a waterfall flowing through the centre arch is just as dramatic.

Walk under the wonderful Yorkshire viaduct and keep heading upwards. The path is good under foot but this will soon change. Shortly after crossing the Pennine Bridal path there is a small footpath leading to the summit of Knoutberry Hill. You can follow the fence all the way to the top. The ground will probably be a bit boggy so wear good waterproof shoes. It is quite steep but the views at the summit are worth the climb!

Knoutberry Hill stands at 672m. From the top of Knoutberry Hill which is also known as Widdale Fell, you can see all of the Yorkshire three peaks as well as across to the Howgills. It is a magnificent view and you almost forget how out of breath you got on your way to the top!

This is a great Yorkshire dales hike which takes you through a pretty village, along the lovely River Dee, under a magnificent giant viaduct and ends with an epic view across the Yorkshire Dales! Dent to Knoutberry Hill is one of the best walks in the Yorkshire Dales! This is also a great car-free hike in the Yorkshire Dales!

5. Troller’s Gill

Location: Wharfedale
Difficulty: moderate
Length: 6.5 miles

Troller’s Gill walk is a great walk in the Yorkshire Dales! Just watch out for trolls!

Troller’s Gill is a beautiful limestone gorge near Appletreewick which is popular with climbers. To reach Troller’s Gill embark on a beautiful Yorkshire Dales hike over rolling fields.

Start in Appletreewick, which is popular in warm weather due children playing in the River Wharfe. There is a lovely pub too but we will leave that until we finish the hike.

Follow the river Wharfe towards Howgill. There is a lovely path by the river and in springtime the trees are covered in blossom.

Once you are in Howgill head towards Skyreholme. In Skyreholme you can stop for a coffee at Parcavall Hall gardens if you like. Cross the little stream by Parcevall Hall and head into a very pretty valley before entering Troller’s Gill.

Troller’s Gill is a mysterious place and you can imagine a troll or giant lurking amongst the rocks. There are little caves to explore too!

After Troller’s Gill cross the moorlands and head back to Appletreewick where you can enjoy a well-deserved pint at the Craven Arms pub. Hill walkers will love this hike in the Yorkshire Dales!

6. Dent to Whernside Hike

Location: Dent, Dentdale & Ribblesdale
Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 13 miles

Whernside is a mighty peak in the Yorkshire Dales. Yet most people ascend and descend this peak via its long southern or northern flank. Few attempt to climb it from the West. If you would like a less busy route up to the summit of Whernside consider hiking from Dent. You will also see wonderful views of the Howgills and Great Knoutberry Hill from Great Coum on your way!

Start in the beautiful village of Dent. After admiring the pretty cottages and cobbled street head to Flinter’s Gill. Follow the stream and after a while you will be treated to your first view with a poem!

Carry on upwards until you reach the summit of Great Coum. You may even be able to see the sea! What a great spot to stop for lunch.

After Great Coum you will be heading downwards and you will have your first view of Whernside. It looks mighty and you groan slightly that you have to go down before heading up again. The path goes steeply downwards until you reach the old drover road “Occupation Road”. Follow the muddy path until you reach the base of Whernside. You won’t be taking the slowly sloping flanks; you will be going straight upwards! Your calves will groan. It will be worth it!

After a steep climb you will be standing at the tallest point in the Yorkshire Dales national park! Whernside is the tallest peak in Yorkshire at 736m. Enjoy a well-earned rest at the top before heading down. Again, you could follow the well-trodden paths or head straight down to Ribblehead train station. You can see the mighty Ribbleshead viaduct in the distance and need to head towards that.

Follow little public footpaths downwards until you reach a farm and then walk under the viaduct itself. What a spectacular site to end your Yorkshire Dales hike! There is a lovely pub called the Station Inn where you can enjoy a tasty pint before catching a train home. There is an extensive gluten-free and vegan menu making this a great place for all! What a great way to finish this epic hike in the Yorkshire Dales national park.

7. Ingleborough Walk

Location: Ribblesdale
Difficulty: Moderate to Strenuous
Length: 12 miles


Ingleborough is arguably the most iconic peak in the Yorkshire Dales. It would be impossible to write a list of the best hikes in the Yorkshire Dales without including Ingleborough!

Ingleborough is a wonderfully shaped hill with distinctive steps and a plateau. The view from the summit is breath-taking as is the walk to reach it! There are several routes to the summit. You can go along the ridge across Simon’s Fell before climbing onto Ingleborough. Another popular one is to start in Ribbleshead, go via Great Douk’s Cave and join the main 3 peaks path up to the summit. On the way back down head towards Gaping Gill to see if you can catch a glimpse of England’s tallest single drop waterfall! You also see limestone paving, go through limestone valleys and over wonderful moorland. This is truly an iconic Yorkshire Dales hike which makes for a very enjoyable day in the hills.

8. Pen-y-Ghent Walk

Location: Ribblesdale
Length: 6 miles
Difficulty: moderate

pen y ghent girl hiking

Pen-Y-Ghent from Horton in Ribbleshead is a fantastic hike. This Yorkshire Dales hike only takes a few hours but rewards hikers with scrambles, lovely views and occasionally a waterfall!

Starting in Horton-in-Ribbleshead you will be able to see the iconic peak from the village.

Start walking towards the wonderful Yorkshire hill via Brackenbottom Farm. There is a well trodden footpath next to drystone walls. You climb steadily upwards before reaching the base of Pen-Y-Ghent. Now the fun begins!

It is quite steep in parts and you will have to use your hands to scramble up parts of the path to the summit. Once you reach the top you will be able to see into Littondale, across to Ingleborugh and spot Whernside in the distance.

On your way back down, you can go onto Plover Hill or head straight down towards Hull Pot. Hull Pot is essentially a big hole which occasionally has a waterfall tumbling into it!

The route back into Horton is lovely along little paths next to sheep with stunning countryside views.

The Pen-Y-Ghent circular is one of the best hikes in the Yorkshire Dales!

See the full description of this Yorkshire Dales Hike below.

9. Settle Waterfall & Cave Walk

Location: Ribblesdale
Length: 9.6 miles
Difficulty: moderate

Discover two of the prettiest waterfalls in the Yorkshire Dales on this Yorkshire Dales walk! You also see some great caves on this hike.

Start in the charming market town of Settle, where you can grab a coffee or baked good before setting off on your Yorkshire dales waterfall walk. Leave the town of Settle behind you as you head up onto the fells towards your first waterfall, Catrigg Force. This is a lovely, fairly flat walk to the first waterfall.

Catrigg Force is a beautiful waterfall set in a secluded woodland area. Spend a little time here admiring the dramatic setting before continuing on your waterfall walk. You can check out the video here.

After Catrigg Force waterfall, head south towards your next waterfall! You will pass several eeire caves on the way. Feel free to stop and explore Jubilee Cave, Victoria Cave and Wet Cave. Jubilee Cave is particular fun for children and big kids alike as you can enter through one entrance, crawl under some rocks and leave from another. After Victoria Cave there is a type of crossroads. If you are feeling tired at this point, there is the option to go straight back into Settle and leave the second waterfall for another day. Yet if you still have energy, you will be treated to one of the most spectacular secret waterfalls in the Yorkshire Dales.

Scaleber Force is a gorgeous Yorkshire Dales waterfall which is particularly beautiful in autumn.

After Scaleber Force, walk back into Settle for a nice bite to eat before heading home.

Check out this Yorkshire Dales walk by using the description below.

10. Ingleton Falls Walk

Location: Ingleton
Length: 4.3 miles
Difficulty: easy to moderate

Thornton Force

Ingleton Waterfalls walk is one of the most famous walks in the Yorkshire dales. The Ingleton waterfall trail is a well-defined footpath which follows two river past several wonderful waterfalls!

The Ingleton waterfalls walk is on private land so an entrance fee is charged. Once you have paid follow the path and soon you will spot your first waterfall! You pass several more waterfalls before reaching the mighty Thornton Force which is the biggest waterfall on this Yorkshire dales walk.

This is a very popular walk for families and is great to visit after a period of wet weather to see the waterfalls at their best!

Check out this wonderful Yorkshire Dales walk by using the description below.

11. Buckden Waterfalls Walk

Location: Buckden, Wharfedale
Length: 7 miles
Difficulty: moderate

Forget the crowds of the Ingleton waterfall walk and go for this much lesser known waterfall hike in Buckden!

Buckden is a small village in Upper Wharfedale. This walk takes you past several beautiful waterfalls and best of all – you will probably have these waterfalls to yourself!

Park your car in Buckden and follow Buckden Beck through a narrow valley. The path is narrow but you can’t get lost as you can only go up! Next to you, a little stream gurgles and jumps over little ledges. This is just a taster of what is to come. After a while you will come to your first proper waterfall!

The first waterfall is pretty, a perfect photo spot! After that is a short scramble which will require you to use your hands. The path up here gives you a great view of the waterfall below! Continue along the valley until you reach the next waterfall! This Yorkshire waterfall is even bigger!

You almost forget you are going uphill as you constantly look at the little waterfalls and listening to the trickling water.

Sadly, you will have to leave the stream as you head onto the moor to reach Buckden Pike. Buckden Pike is one of the tallest points in the Yorkshire Dales national park. For those undertaking the Yorkshire 30 you will be able to tick one off on this Yorkshire dales hike!

After Buckden Pike you head back down but there are still more waterfalls to come! Wonder down into the village of Cray. There you will find more very pretty Yorkshire Dales waterfalls.

Stroll past the church in Hubberholme and follow the River Wharfe back to Buckden.

This is an epic hike in the Yorkshire Dales which has a bit of everything: summits, waterfalls, valleys, rivers and wonderful views.

12. The Strid Riverside Walk

Location: Wharfedale
Length: 4 miles
Difficulty: easy to moderate

The Strid circular walk is a beautiful walk in the Yorkshire Dales.

This is a fairly flat 4-mile walk along a magnificent stretch of the River Wharfe through beautiful ancient woodland.

Park in Barden next to one of the prettiest bridges in the Dales. From there you cross fields towards another very pretty bridge. Soon after you enter the wonderful Strid wood full of old oak trees.

While the river is very picturesque this is one of the deadliest rivers in the world. As the river is forced through a narrow gap it changes from being over 6m wide to just 1m. It is so narrow people attempt to jump across. Yet, if you misplace your foot though you will be dragged deep into the narrows below. Therefore, stick to the high ground and admire the river from above! There are plenty of lovely viewpoints and benches along this route. It is also wheelchair accessible as the path is very compact and there are no stairs.

Once you see a sign saying Valley of Desolation you can choose to follow it to a pretty Yorkshire waterfall and go up onto Simon’s Seat. Alternatively continue on the flat route and cross the river at Cavendish pavilion and walk back along the other side of the river.

There is plenty to see from pretty wildflowers, little insects to wonderful old oak trees. This is a lovely walk in the Yorkshire Dales.

This is one of the best Yorkshire Dales walks that you can visit by using the description below.

13. Aysgarth Waterfall Walk

Location: Wensleydale
Length: 2.2 miles
Difficulty: easy

Aysgarth Falls Yorkshire Dales (Lower Falls)
©Martin Bishop

Aysgarth is one of the most famous waterfalls in the Yorkshire Dales. The cascades have captivated artists, TV crews and of course hikers for centuries!

This is a lovely Yorkshire Dales walk and you can make it bigger by combining a visit to Caldron Falls. Otherwise the 2.2-mile circular Yorkshire dales walk is perfect for families and those looking for an easy hike!

Starting at the Aysgarth Fall national park centre you follow the River Ure to one of the three flights of cascading water. The path takes you through pretty woodland which is beautiful year-round.

This is a very popular walk in the Yorkshire Dales which is well deserving of a spot in the best easy hikes in the Yorkshire Dales!

See the full description of this Yorkshire Dales walk below.

14. Cautley Spout Waterfall Hike

Location: The Howgills
Length: 5 miles
Difficulty: moderate

Cautley Spout is the tallest waterfall in England!

Well, some argue that that is not the case as Fell Beck is the largest single drop waterfall below ground, Scale Force in the Lake District is also pretty big but Cautley Spout is the longest cascading waterfall in England.

Start this amazing Yorkshire Dales hike in the village of Low Haygarth. Cross the River Rawthey and follow Red Gill Beck. This is a great warm up before you start the climb! The path is well defined and steps lead you to Cautley Spout. You walk next to the tumbling waters and admire this water Yorkshire Dales waterfall.

Once the path flattens out continue following Red Gill Beck into another little valley before reaching the summit of the Calf, one of the tallest peaks in the Yorkshire Dales. From here you will be rewarded with magnificent views of the Howgills. The Howgills are somewhat of a hidden gem. Most visitors turn into the lakes and skip the Howgills making this a great Yorkshire Dales hike to avoid the crowds.

Cautley Spout is one of the best hikes in the Yorkshire Dales – grab your hiking boots and plan your trip with the help of the full description below.

15. Arncliffe to Litton Circular

Location: Littondale
Length: 6 miles
Difficulty: moderate

Littondale is a beautiful part of the dales. Few hikers seem to visit Littondale making this a great place to walk if you want to avoid the crowds.

Starting in Arncliffe follow the river Skirfare towards Litton. This is a lovely path over fields full of wildflowers.

You will see Litton on your right and must cross a very narrow bridge to reach the pretty dales village. Admire the wonderful stone houses, bright red telephone box and more wild flower fields before heading upwards towards Birk’s Fell. Now your hike really begins!

As you go up onto the fell, don’t forget to look behind you as the view over to Pen-Y-Ghent is one of the most instagrammable spots in the Yorkshire Dales!

The path to Birk’s Fell is straight up along the moorland. If you don’t fancy the detour to the summit, once you reach the ridge turn right and go south along the top of the ridge. You have done all the hard work! The views from the ridge into Wharfedale are spectacular. You can see across to Buckden Pike and down into the villages of Buckden and Starbotton. There are still a few spectacular views to come though!

As you turn right to begin your descent into Arncliffe, look across the valley to see the beautiful winding Cowside Beck, weaving its way into Littondale.

Continue downwards until you reach the beautiful village of Arncliffe. What a gorgeous hike in the Yorkshire Dales!

16, Hardraw Force

Location: Wensleydale
Length: 4.4 miles
Difficulty: easy

The mighty Hardraw Force

Hardraw Force is a mighty Yorkshire waterfall! The huge single drop waterfall is in the grounds of a pub! Whilst you can just visit the waterfall, why not combine this with a walk?

Start from the village of Hawes before you enter the woody gorge on the way to Hardraw Force. Once you reach the Green Dragon pub, pay the small entrance free to see the lovely waterfall! Afterwards head towards the village of Sedbusk for lovely views of Wensleydale.

17. Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge

Location: Horton in Ribblesdale, Ribblesdale
Length: 25 Miles
Difficulty: strenuous

The Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge involves hiking Pen-Y-Ghent, Ingleborough and Whernside within 12 hours. It is a 25-mile hike. This is the ultimate Yorkshire Dales hike and is on many people’s Yorkshire bucket list!

18. Muker to Thwaite

Location: Swaledale
Length: 7.5 Miles
Difficulty: easy to moderate

DSC_0017 - Field Barns at Muker, Yorkshire Dales
©Stephen Johnson

This is a wonderful walk in the Yorkshire Dales national park. You pass stunning fields of wild flowers, waterfalls and iconic Yorkshire dales villages.

Start in Thwaite and head towards Kisdon Force. There are some lovely views of the valley on this stretch. After walking through woodland you can go down to see the dramatic limestone cliffs by Kisdon Force.

After the waterfall rejoin the pennine way and cross the river to Muker. There is a tearoom and pub in Muker if you need some refreshment.

The last stretch from Muker to Thwaite takes you over more pretty meadows and over gated stiles.

This is a wonderful hike in the Yorkshire Dales national park.

19. Wild Boar Fell

Location: Mallerstangdale
Length: 12 Miles
Difficulty: strenuous

This epic hike in the Yorkshire Dales is one of the most strenuous hikes on this best hikes in Yorkshire Dales list.

You will need a full day to complete this wonderful linear hike. Starting at one train station and finishing at another, you will go onto the 5th highest peak in the Yorkshire Dales national park, Wild Boar Fell. You will alos tick off another one of the Yorkshire 30, Swarth Fell on this amazing hike

Starting at Kirkby Stephen, you head in a southerly direction onto Small Fell, Wild Boar Fell and Swarth Fell until you descend into Garsdale. The first part of the hike goes uphill in a fairly gentle gradient. Once you reach the ridge, the views just keeping getting better. On your right, you can see the beautiful Howgills and on your left is Mallerstang Dale.

Once you reach Wildboar Fell you can stop and rest in the nice shelter. This is a perfect place for lunch. Alternatively, keep following the ridge to reach the cluster of ‘stone men’ cairns. These stone cairns stand proudly above the dale. This is one of the most beautiful spots in the Yorkshire Dales national park.

After admiring the stone men on Wildboar Fell, continue onto your next peak, Swarth Fell. You will have to go downhill slightly, past an unnamed tarn before climbing onto your final peak of the day.

Once you reach Swarth Fell rejoice as from here it is all downhill! Yet this challenging Yorkshire Dales hike is not over yet! Make sure you are wearing very good waterproof shoes! It is very boggy in this part of the Yorkshire Dales! Hiking poles will also come in handy to test certain sections.

Back in Mallerstangdale head into the Moorcock Inn for some refreshment before catching the train from Garsdale train station.

This is a long but very enjoyable hike in the Yorkshire Dales. Those looking for a great day in the dales will love this challenging walk in the Yorkshire Dales!

20. Gunnerside Trail

Location: Swaledale
Length: 2.5 miles
Difficulty: easy

Fancy exploring some of the Yorkshire Dales’ mining history? This is a great walk for those interested in the industrial side of the dales!

Start in Gunnerside village and head into Gunnerside Gill. The walk alongside the beck takes you past the remains of Bunton Ore Works and the ruins of Blakenthwaite smelt mill.

See details of the whole Gunnerside trail here.

Best time of year to walk in the Yorkshire Dales

Autumn is lovely

The Yorkshire Dales is magical year-round! In terms of what the best time of year to walk in the Yorkshire Dales, it depends what your interests are. Spring is magical for blossom and wild flowers. Summer is great for long days and long hikes. Autumn is spectacular for vibrant foliage. Winter can bring a blanket of snow and incredible waterfalls!

It does rain a lot in the Yorkshire Dales regardless of what time of year you visit therefore always bring a waterproof. It can also be quite windy on the open fells so wrap up in the cold and put sun cream on as it can mask how hot it really is.

Where to stay in the Yorkshire Dales

The Yorkshire Dales is a large national park. If you like the idea of basing yourself in a bustling market town consider staying in Skipton, Settle or Grassington. Otherwise, if the sound of staying in a sleepy village sounds more appealing there are plenty of quiet hamlets full of quaint b&bs to choose from. There is even a vegan b&b in Garsdale to stay at! Consider using the tool below to find the perfect place to stay!

Which Yorkshire Dales walk will you want to go on first?

Have you done any of the walks in this best walks in the Yorkshire Dales list? Have we missed your favourite Yorkshire Dales hike? Which hike will you want to try next Let us know in the comments below!

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