24″ Vs 27″ Monitor: Which Monitor is good for Gamers? 

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A gaming monitor is an essential component that is a one-time purchase. Gamers do not buy gaming monitors regularly. That is the reason why gaming monitors are pretty much expensive when compared to regular desktop monitors. 

So while choosing a gaming monitor, you have to be very careful. There are a lot of factors to look out for when purchasing a gaming monitor. One of the most important ones is the size of a gaming monitor. 

In the world of gaming, there are only two gaming monitor sizes that are quite popular. The first one is a 24 inches monitor, however, the other one is a 27 inches gaming monitor. To choose between these two there are some things you should look out for. We will be discussing them later on in this article. 

So let’s get started with today’s post to help you determine which gaming monitor size you should choose. 

24 inches Vs 27 inches Gaming Monitor 

The 24 inches and 27 inches gaming monitor sizes are the most sold in the gaming industry. The reason why is because every gaming monitor company focuses on developing a size that is easy to utilize for gamers. 

So, here are the things you should know while comparing a 24 inches monitor and a 27 inches monitor. 

  • Dimensions 
  • Eye and Head Movements 
  • Graphics Quality of Both Sizes
  • Installation Process (Check if it is easy or not) 

So, let’s discuss these factors in detail. 

  1. Dimensions: 

Most people think that the monitor inches size is vertical and horizontal. However, on the other hand, the inch is the diagonal length of the overall display. 

If you compare these two gaming monitor sizes, you will notice that they only have a diagonal difference of about 7.5 cm. This does not feel like a huge difference. But the 27 inches gaming monitor is of course quite large as compared to a 24 inches gaming monitor. 

  1. Eye and Head Movements 

Another important factor to look out for while purchasing a gaming monitor is to understand the eye and head movements of the user. 

In simple words, you need to determine the distance of your eyes from the monitor. If the size of the monitor is suitable, and it is placed at a decent distance from your eyes, then this will typically decrease your head movements and help you do eye movements. 

Head movements involve the moving of your head and this takes a lot of time as compared to eye movements. During aggressive gaming sessions, users should focus on eye movements. A one-second delay can badly affect your win or else you can also lose the game due to head movements. 

  1. Graphics Quality of Both Sizes 

Most of the users have reported that the 24 inches monitor size with full HD is in the mainstream. However, what we noticed is the pixel roughness in a 27 inches full HD monitor.

On the contrary, if you compare a 24 inches monitor resolution with a 27 inches monitor, you will notice that the first one delivers a rough resolution. 

I am not saying that the resolution is completely dull, but as compared to a 24 inches monitor, the 27 inches one displays better quality images and media. 

  1. Installation Process (Check if it is easy or not) 

The 24 inches monitor is no doubt more beneficial in terms of installation as compared to a 27 inches monitor size. 

We know that the 27 inches monitor is a little wide which is why it needs more depth in order to get the view action. 

Most people think that the installation process does not depend on the size. However, installing a 27 inches gaming monitor is much more difficult as compared to a 24 inches gaming monitor. 

Outcomes of Comparison

Here are the key takeaways from the comparison we have performed above. 

  • Both the 24 inches and 27 inches gaming monitor uses a screen size of 1920 x 1080 (HD) resolution. You can also modify your display from the display settings of your monitor. 
  • It does not matter which size you are selecting. Just remember that both of these monitors have a different price. The bigger screen costs more. So if you are under budget consider buying a 24 inches gaming monitor. 
  • Before buying a gaming monitor, remember to check the number of ports of your device. If you are fond of playing high-end games such as GTA V, etc, then you will need more USB ports. So go for the size that supports more USB ports.
  • If you want a small-sized HD display at a reasonable price for gaming, then you can go for purchasing a 24 inches monitor. 

So Which Monitor Should I Buy? 

If you are a casual gamer who enjoys gaming occasionally or in your free time then I recommend you to buy a 24 inches gaming monitor. 

If you love gaming, or if you are a streamer who plays constantly for hours, consider buying a 27 inches gaming monitor for high-end resolution and more significant HD graphics on the screen. 

In the end, it all depends upon your budget, and the space you have on your desk. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is a 27 inches gaming monitor size too large? 

No, the 27 inches gaming monitor size is not that big. It is quite fine for multitasking and gaming purposes. 

How far should I sit from my gaming monitor? 

Well, it is necessary to maintain a certain distance from your gaming monitor. If you have a QHD monitor then you have to maintain a fine distance of 3 to 3.5 feet. Your distance from the monitor depends upon the screen resolution of your device. 


I hope that you will enjoy reading this article. This will clear your doubts about buying the right gaming monitor that suits your budget and gaming needs.

I have tried my best to solve all of your queries in this piece of information. Still, if you have some feel free to drop your questions down below in the comments.

Written by Frederick Jace

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