3 Letter Logos: The Best Ever Made

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Three lettered logos are being widely used and admired all around the globe. Instead of using long names of companies in logos, brands prefer use of lettered logos for easy recalling. Also, why use long names when the short ones are better and convey the essence of brands perfectly?

The three letter ones are especially most popular among them. Many famous brands are using it. Below is mentioned list of 3 Letter Logos: The Best Ever Made.

  1. CAT

CAT or Caterpillar company is a manufacturer of earthmoving and construction equipment. So, the logo of this company exactly suits its bold and strong personality. This logo is generally seen in household and project sites.

Another element that is present in this spectacular logo design is the yellow triangle. This adds a little mystery to the brand’s logo regarding its meaning.

According to the team that worked in designing this logo, the yellow colored triangle is a symbol of optimism, support and energy. This addition was made in 1989 by the company. After this, in 1996 the brand extended its business into clothing and footwear from rugged, high traction products.

  1. KFC

The next amazing 3-letter logo that we have on our list is KFC. Surely you all would be familiar with this one.

This food company uses red colour in its logo design. Food chains usually use red or orange colour in their restaurants or logos for revving up their audience’s appetite. Also, it makes people purchase more food than they intend to do.

Effective colour psychology is used to trigger particular emotions in people’s mind.

The Kentucky Fried Chicken uses sans serif font called Daily News Extra Bold Italic. This makes the logo more eye catching and dominant.

  1. MTV

MTV has a powerful and structural logo design that was created by start-up design studio Manhattan Design in 1981. This brand is fortunate enough to start its career with a great and well designed logo. However, after 1981 till now it has undergone few revisions.

The bold letter ‘M’ is overlapped by ‘TV’ in a fashionable manner. The three dimensional ‘M’ look big and bold. The ‘TV’ part looks as if it is painted by spray and it adds a creative highlight to the logo.

  1. YSL

Yves Saint Laurent let their logo be popularly known as ‘YSL’. Although they changed the brand’s name to Saint Laurent Paris but this elegant and beautiful logo still remains to be used on their products like fragrances, bags, jewellery and in secondary applications too.

These three letters beautifully intertwined with each other, convincing the brand to use it as it is even after the change of name.

This hand-made logo was designed by Cassandre in 1961. She made the logo to be a minimalist statement. The colours chosen in the logo make it adaptive for different applications.

  1. IBM

This impeccable logo design with 8 bars in its design was created by Paul Rand in 1956. It left a great impression on the nascent tech industry. In 1972, he made certain changes in the existing logo of IBM. He split the slab serif type horizontally.

The balck bars also referred to as the positive space are little thicker than the white ones or the negative space. This brand’s logo symbolises honesty and integrity. Moreover, it is simplistic and timeless.

  1. HBO

Home Boxful Office channel has a simple yet admirable logo design. Using it on platforms and marketing materials is quite easy because of its simplicity or less complicated design.

This logo uses a sans serif font called Avant Garde Gothic. The letters B and O are quite eye-catching.

  1. BBC

This broadcasting company has beautiful three lettered logo designs. It has been used since 1997.

The logo was designed by Lambie-Nairn. He wished to create a design to fight the challenges of the digital age. Such use of blocks and black and white colour make the logo timeless.

  1. CNN

CNN aimed at delivering non-stop news to their viewers. The founder Ted Turner and the board realized the need for a logo and got it designed. He thought of a concept of a cable running smoothly through smooth and modern designed letters. Ever since the logo was launched on June 1, 1980, it has been used continuously. Also, the fact is it was designed in 48 hour.

  1. LSO

The LSO logo is of The London Symphony Orchestra. It captures the exact essence of the orchestra and portrays through its red colour and unique lettering.

It seems as if the logo has been drawn in air because of the way it is presented.

This one is centred around the notion of motion. It was designed in 2004 by The Partners.

  1. SAS

The logo is used by an airline company. The Scandinavian Airline Systems came up with the basic three letter form placed in a blue box in 1998. It was designed by Stockholm Design lab.

The effect of being solid and light at the same time is generated by thick and thin strokes at different regions of the letters. The logo has an expertly handled geometry and the colour palette adds a modern touch to it’s identity.

If you wish to create such for your company too, online logo maker tools are a great platform to try out.


Written by Addison Taylor

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