3 SEO Trends to Look Out for in 2021

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2020 was a roller coaster year for the digital marketing industry. In an industry that was marred by widespread disruption with many businesses looking to scale up (or down) their marketing efforts, SEO, it was a year that was defined by constant change. So, in 2021, what are some of the trends that we can expect to define the search engine optimization field?


Well, if you’ve been around the SEO industry for any period of time, you would know that May is always a big month for Google with the May 4th Google update. This year expected to be a significant update with Google providing an early warning that; for the first time ever, page experience will be a ranking factor. We expect this update to have wide-reaching ramifications on the SEO industry over the next twelve months with many businesses moving quickly to adapt to the update. We have taken advice from a leading SEO Adelaide Agency on some of the other trends that we should be looking out for over the next twelve months.


User Experience will Matter More than Ever

As we have already touched on, the page experience update that Google will roll out in May is set to have a wide-reaching effect on the search engine optimization industry. Further to this, we expect to see businesses take a more UX-centric approach to the kinds of websites that they are creating. In turn, we expect that these businesses will see improved traffic as well as improvements in the conversion rates from this traffic as a result. Read more about the Professional SEO Services Company in USA


Voice Search Will Begin to Take Control

Back in 2019, 23% of respondents to a UK survey admitted to using voice search with an at-home or mobile device. In a time when technology is enabling us to conduct searches without the need for touching a keyboard, we will see more people utilize this new technology and begin to use it to make faster, on-the-go searches. More strict driving laws mean that drivers must be hands-off with mobile devices which is also a catalyst for the rapid growth of this area of search.


Conversion Rate Optimization Will Matter

Conversation rate optimization has been on the lips of marketers for the better part of five years. Over the next 12-months, we expect to see this area of digital marketing grow further as more companies put a higher emphasis on making the most of the traffic that they have rather than simply attracting more traffic. Recent studies found the CRO can improve conversion by as much as 47% across the board.


Final Thoughts

Things are moving quickly. 2021 will be a big year for search engine optimization. Just like any facet of digital marketing, fortune favors the brave. We expect to see companies that take risks and make early changes in line with forthcoming Google updates to be the big winnings in the next year. You must hire an SEO Company that will have well trained and expert SEO professionals in the digital marketing field.


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