3 Tips on Buying Recycled Plastic Clothing

3 Tips on Buying Recycled Plastic Clothing

Perhaps taxing plastic bags and encouraging paper straws can help reduce plastic pollution in the ocean. Plastics can cause harm to the organisms that ingest them. The fashion industry is trying to solve this problem by producing recycled plastic activewear. Eliminating plastic that is presently polluting the earth is a brilliant solution.

There was a certain point when plastic bottles were considered a threat to the environment. Now, it is used for manufacturing garments. The fact is, a lot of people love to wear these eco-friendly garments, which are made from used plastic bottles. In the fashion world, those brands who choose to manufacture green clothing are considered responsible and concerned about the environment.

Green clothing refers to garments that are made from sustainable materials such as recycled plastic bottles. Additionally, the process used in manufacturing these fabrics is sustainable. It is advantageous since it can potentially lessen carbon emissions. Since the use of raw materials is minimized, there is also a reduction in energy and natural resources. This way, you can opt to wear recycled plastic clothing without compromising your choice or fashion.

When buying recycled plastic clothing, there are certain things to consider.

  1. Ensure That the Brand Is Not Simply Greenwashing

When it comes to recycled plastic clothing, some companies are not doing the right thing. They buy new bottles rather than eliminating the existing plastic that is harming the environment. This practice is also known as greenwashing. They are cheating to sell their products to consumers looking to buy “eco-friendly” products. However, there are ways that you can avoid these companies that are using these dirty tricks. Check their website and verify if they are posting some information on how they obtain their plastic. At the same time, you can also search for brands devoted to other moral practices such as using natural dyes or giving fair wages to their employees.

  1. Use a Filter Bag for Clothes That Needs to Be Machine Washed

Many great brands offer garments that are made from recycled plastic. They have a variety of sizes of their recycled plastic activewear, such as leggings. Producing activewear that is made from recycled plastic bottles only shows that these brands are environmentally conscious. Since you have to regularly wash your leggings, you can prevent the microfibers from going to the ocean by using a filter bag.

Filter bags only cost less, and they have fine filters that can trap microfibers, preventing them from entering the ocean. If you plan to buy recycled plastic clothing, it is greatly recommended that you also buy filter bags; otherwise, your eco-friendly purchase could cause more harm.

Furthermore, since swimwear and activewear are generally made from synthetic fibres, why not choose those made from recycled materials. Always remember that you should only use filter bags on garments that are made from synthetic fibres.

  1. Avoid Buying New Clothes

Perhaps one of the most sustainable things to do is to avoid buying new clothes. Minimize your purchase. However, if you want to buy something new, then choose sustainable brands.

Opting for recycled plastic clothing will be the best decision that you’ll ever make. However, it would be best if you are also wary of choosing the brands to ensure that they are sustainable. Be sure to use filter bags in washing your green clothing to prevent the microfibers from entering the ocean.

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