3 Ways to Supercharge Your Career as a Salesforce Platform App Builder

3 Ways to Supercharge Your Career as a Salesforce Platform App Builder


Career in Salesforce has been an adventure for the most and aspiring for the others but nonetheless it can e said a worthwhile effort.

Once the career path is decided in the different credentials in Salesforce, it is only a matter of time that the career starts to require a serious boost. To embark on the blazing adventure, one must know the way. Only way is the way forward!!!

Salesforce platform builder is an exquisite niche that has a lot of potential in terms of creativity and innovation at the same time with a lot of futuristic technologies and philosophies.

A Salesforce Platform App Builder attains the experience and skills finding place in:

  • Designing the data model, user interface, business logic, and security
  • Customizing applications for mobile use
  • Designing reports and dashboards
  • Deploying custom applications

There are three possible ways to have Salesforce platform app builder career, move on full throttle for the better and to develop new aspirations and skills along the way.

  • App builder Super Set

The three tracks in the superset learning curve are:

  • App Customization Specialist

By going through the customization super set it will be able to lead you through the exciting challenges of app customization with all the creativity and aesthetics you can muster as the time to develop authentic products

  • Process Automation Specialist

Salesforce has the core benefit of building automation into products and processes that holds also true and firm for the app builder scenarios that ultimately lead to better business processes in B2B and B2C lines

  • Security Specialist

The key knowledge and skill in security specialization in the App builder super set revolves around making processes and business transactions more secure and managing permissions while tracking changes across the platform.

App builder Certification

The most authentic way to advance in the Salesforce Platform App builder career path is to acquire certification in it because it justifies the learning made by the professional.

The certification also helps to provide the professional with the sense of confidence and application needed to track through the difficult and complex business environment present today.

To achieve the certification there is a resource based, carefully thought out and planned way to maneuver through:

  • Exam Guide

The exam guide is an essential component of the certification journey as it provides much benefit in terms of preparation for the certification exam.

The major advantage of going through the exam guide id the familiarization with the exam procedures and syllabus covered that helps the candidate a lot.

Also, the exam guide develops a notion of confidence in the exam taker because it contains a deep level of the understanding regarding the topics that get scored in the exam and the modules in the exam guide are super helpful for preparing to ace the test.

  • Trailmix

Then there is the trailmix for the certification. Trailmix is the repository that contains the modules that help in preparation of the certification exam with the understanding that gets built by tasks and projects that provide hands on experience and practice for the ultimate certification test to come.

It is advised to go through the trailmix very thoroughly for better comprehension of the subject matter.

  • Virtual Bootcamp

Just like any other bootcamp, virtual bootcamp for the certification in salesforce app builder track is an exceptional source to prepare and build the aptitude necessary for the certification exam. The boot camp is different n respect to other resources as it provides rigorous practical application in the platform/app builder to simulate for the real deal as in complex business problems.

  • Trailhead LIVE

To the fond of the videos instruction mode trailhead brings Trailhead LIVE. It is different in the sense that it presents tactical topics in video format for the keen to learn and prepare for the Salesforce certification training of their liking.

Salesforce Certification Webinars

The webinars are extremely important in certification preparation as they are mostly interactive and widely accepted and participated by the beginners and experts in the certification tracks to facilitate the exam preparations and other useful activities to trigger professionalism and sense of community inclusion

  • Register

The last step is to register and muster up all the learning and call up the full strength that resides within to sit in the certification exam.

  • Community Interaction

Community is the people with the same aspirations and professional practices that gather about to reminisce on the same interests that bind all the participants together and move them to the same strategic goals that transcend the individuality. Same is the salesforce community that build up the core of Salesforce ecology.

  • Local Community

Becoming an active member in the Salesforce community makes the professional in app builder credential the choke point of the information flow that helps everybody in the community, so it becomes essential to cultivate a sense of inclusion and harmony to excel better in the career by actively engaging in the community activities.

  • Study Groups

Other aspirants in the certification and learning activities are actively engaged with each other through study groups that are easy to join for leaning and growth in the platform builder credentials.

  • Training Groups

After learning comes practical training and that can also be achieved in the training groups that make up the core part of the knowledge management and information exchange for the Salesforce App builder credentials career track boosters.


The three ways to Supercharge Your Career as a Salesforce Platform App Builder are as doable as the motivation that the professional holds with in either new or experienced in the app building environment. These are industry relayed energy boosters that can help anybody that is looking to further climb the ladders in the path. CRS Info Solutions is a best institute for salesforce course and career building program. They have highly skilled faculty and real time project based course.

The way forward can be difficult but true guidance and motivation the community in  salesforce is happy to help everybody to lift the spirits and skills.

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