4 Amazing Experiences to be Had in Venice, Italy

4 Amazing Experiences to be Had in Venice, Italy

The sun sets over the stunning expanse of Venice’s Grand Canal

Venice is a city full of charm and wonder. With that being said, it’s no surprise that most people recommend travelers to get lost in its quaint streets and magical canals before doing anything else. That’s because no matter where you turn, beautiful settings are just a snapshot away.

However, after spending some time wandering carefree, there are a few specific Venetian experiences which will take any tourists breath away in the Italian city. Here are four of them.

See the Best Views of the City from the Campanile

To start the day off in Venice with a spectacular panoramic view, head to the top of the Campanile, the city’s bell tower that has an incredible 1,000-year-old history. Located centrally in St. Marks Square, the Campanile is Venice’s tallest structure, standing at 98.9 m tall.

Here, visitors can see all the major landmarks from the tower’s observation deck. Open daily with an affordable price of 8 euros, this experience is not one to miss. Just don’t forget to pack your camera as this is arguably the best photo opp the city can offer!

Have a Gondola Adventure on the Grand Canal

Have you really been to Venice if you haven’t ventured onto the city’s largest waterway, the Grand Canal? This experience may be touristy, but it is frequented for a reason — there is simply nothing quite like it. A gondola ride on the Grand Canal will ensure you see all the most historical Venetian buildings as the banks are lined with an abundance of important 13th century structures.

The Ca’ da Mosto is one of these, a Byzantine-style palace that is the oldest of its type on the Grand Canal. There’s also the world’s oldest casino, the Casino di Venezia, which still today welcomes visitors to tour its sophisticated interiors. Originally introduced as a theatre which opened its doors in 1638, the Casino di Venezia rose to gaming prominence in the ‘50s when it changed locations to the waterway. In fact, the most efficient way to access sites like these today is gondola.

4 Amazing Experiences to be Had in Venice, Italy

The Doge Palace, shown above, is undoubtedly one of Venice’s most popular landmarks

Explore the Gorgeous Doge’s Palace

Next stop on the Venetian tour is an exploration of one of the city’s most beloved sites, the Doge’s Palace. As its name suggests, the landmark once belonged to the Doge (Duke) of Venice, or the leader of the Venetian republic that was formed in the early 7th and 8th century. In 1923, the palace was converted into a museum and has been a main stop on city tours ever since.

Located in Venice’s biggest square, the Piazza San Marco, Doge’s Palace is easily recognizable by its impressive Gothic-style architecture and arches which line the exterior side of the building. Expect to see large crowds of visitors surround the palace as its courtyard is a gathering spot for those attempting to take the perfect shot of this historic monument.

See a Show at the Teatro La Fenice

No trip to Venice is complete without enjoying all that Italian theatre has to offer. And at the Teatro La Fenice, opera is the main attraction. Founded in 1792, the theatre has seen the likes of major world-famous premieres such as Stravinski, Britten, and many more.

Even if opera is not something you fancy, it is still worth it to explore the interior of the Teatro as its main room is ornately designed with endless gold decorations and a ceiling of soft baby blue where a gorgeous chandelier hangs from its center.

So, all in all, traveling to Venice means venturing off to a destination full of history and elegance that is accessible in the modern day.

At the end of your trip, consider documenting all these experiences in a travel journal so that you can process all these Venetian memories and moments while they are still fresh in your mind.

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